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My gallery! Please view! Most are pokemon. Please be nice! :D I will also accept request. 3 at a time only! If you want :iconespeon-plz: Then you came to the right person! I draw anything that involves Espeon, Ditto and Goomy! I'll also do Dragon ball, but i can only draw a few of it's characters. :icondaawplz: If I could draw Shippo (from Inuyasha) I would too. :squee:

Daleks chasing Ash Brock and Misty by Animedalek1Inuyasha by FazzolettoBiancoSupernatural Changing Channels Gif by MageStilesVegetto: goku vegeta DBZ MSN avatar gif by vegetto-vegitoStarburst Stream by Kajis93


Commission: Reunited at Last by RainbowRose912

Daaaaw. This really caught my attention very well. I love how you have the memories of each pokemon, and this really matches the descri...

Fakemon GRASS Starter by Zwiezda
by Zwiezda

I have to say, this is really good. I honestly LOVE grass starters (But not all of them) but this is definitely a pokemon i would choos...

Hah, these are some amazing people folks.

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All my favs. Mostly Pokemon. Please be nice to those who made these! :D


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Me with some awesome Pokemon! by Espeon804 Espeon Jewel by Espeon804

There's going to be a looong way down if you wish to comment! Trust me.
*pats you* thanks for visiting!

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Stamp - I speak spanish by elytSoN Yo no hablo espanol muy deficil.  I Speak English -american flag by MyStamps English is my language!
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Hello and welcome to Espeon804's page! That's me! feel free to browse through my art!

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Why not watch me. by Espeon804 Team Dasher, Espeon and Ninetales. by Espeon804

Stamp-Your Llama Is A Gift by Jazzy-C-Oaks and Give a Llama, Get a Llama by mushir :nod:

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But on this page, I may be nice, but if you make me angry, I'll use Psybeam on you and you'll be left with a permanent hole. Hey, this treat is less scary than the other one on my other page.
My name is Liana and I am 16 years old. I live in the United sates in the state of Georgia. I never moved out of Georgia before... really! I lived here my entire life! I am an 11th grader and this is my third year in high School and I draw art to express myself and I love to show my skills. I'm not a pro, but each and everyday i get a little better. I am a HUGE Pokemon fan and I love the Warriors book series. My favorite Pokemon is Espeon, and my favorite clan is Thunderclan. I also begun to REALLY like okay, i love Inuyasha, that show is very epic. And I certainly can't leave out my love for Dragon ball! I also had started watching Sword Art Online. I also draw animals and write stories. I've been here for quite some time and made great friends. I am very nice and easy to get along with. So enjoy visiting my page.

Age when I joined Wattpad: 15
Age when I joined Deviantart: 13
Age when I joined fanfiction: 13
Age when I joined fictionpress: 15
Age now: 16

Like my art? Be sure to :iconpikafavplz: and give me a :iconllama3dplz: And I'll pay you back! llamaroll badge by CookiemagiK

Sneak peek of my art: Fakemon: Katarazen 2 by Espeon804 Hikari in action (close up) by Espeon804 Team AquaSprout by Espeon804

Have a request? Let me know! But be on the lookout for my journal entries. They'll let you know if they'll close. So if i open them again, you better be fast, because I only accept 3 at a time! :D
Epic stamps: :iconlaplz: :iconepiclaplz: :iconlawooplz:
1 Espeon stamp by SilverLucario12 Neoshipping Stamp by KamisStamps STAMP: Go, Turtwig, GO by Graphrite Poke' Bitch Slap by MissLadyPokemon
2. Trainers Gonna Train by Fyi-Sus wikierrorshipping stamp by universalqueen Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-Nino Eeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter
3. Evolution Stamp by SquirtleStamps Pokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlex Pokemon by Daakukitsune Stamp - Pokemon: NotJustAGame by jennyrogue
4. Leafstorm Snivy_Tsutarja stamp by kiraradaisuki Girl Fight FAN stamp by kiraradaisuki Johto Starters by azianwolfdoll funny pokemon pachirisu by Xiahism
5. PKMN: Jun Stamp 2 by potato-stamps Pikachu - stamp by Tainted-DolL So Many Groups, So Little Time by Mintaka-TK Stamp: POKEMON BLACK WHITE 2 by Sitraxis
6. :Stamp: Animated N by EciiArisu PKM: Rival Trainers Stamp by Nozuki PKM: Female Trainers Stamp by Nozuki Pokemon Fo' Life Stamp by SweetDuke
7. -Epic Spongebob Stamp- by KnightofCandy What Really Happened in WW2 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me I support DEUEAUGH :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud
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13. Soul Silver Stamp by Riiarei Mega-Absol Stamp by CKittyKat98 White Kyurem Stamp by ingart15 Pokemon Y stamp by ingart15
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15. Sandstorm Stamp by VampsStock Graystripe Stamp by VampsStock Pichu HG SS stamp by HikariOkami Spongebob Stamp by OreoSpice
16. I Can't Explain This... by ImFeelingStampity The Ugly Barnacle Stamp by HikariKoboshi PMD Explorers of sky by Pharaonenfuchs Pokemon Stamp by WetWithRain
17. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Stamp by aquaharp 12/12/12 by DragneelGfx Shiny pokemon Stamp by Swamperts Pokemon: Axew vs. Scraggy by Kaze-yo
18. Espeon Stamp by SaintJoanofTheRoses Eevee vs Legendaries by leafeon-ex Get it right. by Monster-Boar Pokemon Stamp by SavannaH09
19. I love Pokemon: Stamp by Katze-Cat-KuroNeko llama llama llama by djSeragaki beyblade stamp by sakura02 stamp : fighting by DevilsClap
20. stamp : Ginga x Masamune by DevilsClap stamp : out of the waaaay /2nd by DevilsClap I hate op credits by DevilsClap MFB Ginga stamp by MFBeyblade-Fans
21. Lock Stamp by Tailwalker Monsuno Fan Stamp by Tailwalker Wumbo Stamp by Kataoi Chimney Chickens Stamp by TheStaticCling
22. Useless Cool-looking Stamp by X-wing9 Gimme more sleep by prosaix Llama love stamp by prosaix Slow interwebz by prosaix
23. Yu-Gi-Oh: Atem by st-stamps Yugi Atem Stamp by TigerShinigami YuGiOh stamp by prosaix Dragon Ball Stamp by Toni-the-Mink
24. Ill Fight, no I will by Dbzbabe Dragon Soul Stamp by Dbzbabe Team Four Star Abridge Stamp by Dbzbabe Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan
25. Cartoons Stamp by GreenFeline777 I Love Poof Stamp by DP-Stamps Cosmo and Wanda stamp by raldski5050 InuYasha Stamp - Animated by Astanine
26. Inuyasha acting like a wierdo by o0OInuyashaO0o +++Inuyasha stamp ++++ by Inuyashafanforever12 Kirara Stamp by KiRAWRa Sesshomaru Stamp by crezebart
27. InuYasha SIT Stamp by Megophone InuYasha Fan .:Stamp:. by Wolven-Sorceress Kagome Fan Stamp by Chibi-Gazimon Inuyasha Stamp by MacabreVampire
28. Dragon Ball Stamp by KRASH-ART Goku stamp by Sonike Left Or Right stamp by Dbzbabe Stamp - DragonBall KAI by NamekianKAI
29. You thought wrong by Dbzbabe WTF WORMS Stamp by Dbzbabe Wife by Dbzbabe Fusion Gogeta Stamp by Dbzbabe
30. Stamp: Bardock SSJ by wLadyB91 Vegeta .:Stamp01:. by PrinzVegeta VegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp11:. by PrinzVegeta VegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp10:. by PrinzVegeta
31. Oozaru Vegeta stamp by Dbzbabe Pan Stamp by Camilathemew Trunks Stamp by Camilathemew Briefs stamp by Allviran
32. Sword Art Online: Kirito Stamp by The-Nutkase Sword Art Online Stamp by LinaLeeL Sword Art Online Stamp by reyestsubasa18 KiritoxAsuna Stamp by Shiyui
33. -Stamp / Sword Art Online. by PrettyHappySTAMPS Kirito Vs Heathcliff|Sword Swing Stamp (SAO) by mooeybear2001 SAO: Embarrassed Kirito by FrostheartIsSiamese Stamp - Yui by Taorero

Aren't these stamps epic or not! Most are Pokemon! A popular Anime that i love to watch! :iconclapplz: nah... let's give it a better clap.. :iconepicclapplz:

Favorite Pokemon for each type (non-legendary)
Fire: :icontyphlosionplz:
Water: :iconswampertplz: (I liek Mudkipz)
Grass: :icontorterraplz:
Electric: :iconpikachuplz:
Ground: :iconflygonplz:
Dark: :iconhoundoomplz:
Fighting: :iconinfernapeplz:
Flying: :iconstaraptorplz:
Ice: :iconweavileplz:
Bug: :iconbeedrillplz:
Steel: :iconskarmoryplz:
Rock: :icononixplz:
Poison: :iconcrobatplz:
Ghost: :iconmismagiusplz:
Psychic: :iconespeon-plz: (duh)
Dragon: :iconhaxorusplz:
Fairy: :iconsylveonplz:
Normal: :iconeeveeplz:

Okay, so if it's possible, transfer a Pokemon from a pokemon game you have from the earliest generation to you most recent.


Let's say Sally has all pokemon games, here's how it works. (It's gonna be a pain in the neck)
Sally has a Charizard in her pokemon Red version. She trades it to her Green version, then Blue, then Yellow. She transfers it to her Gold version, then trades it to her Silver version, then Crystal. Then she trasferes it to her Ruby version, the Trades it to Saphire, then Emerald, then trades it into her FireRed, then LeafGreen, then trasnfers it to her Diamond version, then trades it to Pearl, then Platinum, then HeartGold, then SoulSilver, then Transfers it to her Black version, then trades it to White, then Black2, then White2, then Tranfers it to Pokemon X and trades it to Y.

Is that even possible? To put a Charizard from generation 8-bit games to generation 6 3D games? If you done something like that, let me know!
One thing for sure, this Charizard is gonna be time traveling.

Here are my pokemon teams for each poke-game!

1.)Pokemon trainer games:
*Pokemon platinum version:
My Sinnoh trainer card!  Pokemon Platinum! by Espeon804
Terra, the Torterra.
Batty, the Crobat.
Aqua, the Golduck.
Sunshine, the Espeon.
Darklia, the Houndoom.
Violet, the Weavile.

*Pokemon SoulSilver version:
My Johto trainer card! Pokemon SoulSilver! by Espeon804
Rita, the Meganium.
Feather, the Pidgeot.
Shocklia, the Ampheros.
Hornia, the Nidorqueen.
Golden, the Seaking.
Flarenia, the Ninetales.

*Pokemon White version:
My Pokemon White team! by Espeon804
Shelly the Samorott
Lilly the Stoutland
Zebrie the Zebstrika
Autumn the Leavanny
Archia the Archtops
Drillia the Excadrill.

*Pokemon White2 Version
My Unova trainer card! Pokemon White2! by Espeon804
Ivy, the Serperior.
Leopurrcia, the Liepard.
Barklia, the Arcanine.
Aireial, the Unfezant.
Spitricka, the Galvantula.
Artica, the Beartic.

*Pokemon Blue version:
My Friends (Me too) Pokemon Blue team!!! by Espeon804

Squirt the Blastoise
Gey the Pidgeot
Pie the Butterfree
Shrew the Sanshrew
Onyx (lol) the Onix
Eve the Jolteon

2.) Being a Pokemon games:
*Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky!
(Popular teams i often play)
Team Dasher: :iconespeon-plz: (leader) :iconninetalesplz: (Flarenia)
Team Kittyshock: :icondelcattyplz: (leader) :iconluxrayplz: (Shock)
Team Birdie: :iconblazikenplz: (leader) :iconempoleon-plz: (Leo)
Team Reptiles: :iconcharizardplz: (leader) :iconblastoiseplz: (Blast)
Team Sharpclaw: :icontyphlosionplz: (leader) :iconferaligatrplz: (Chomp)
Team Aquasprout: :iconswampertplz: (leader) :iconvenusaurplz: (Razor)

3.) Pokemon warrior games:
*Pokemon conquest:
Well the leader and a Espeon. :iconespeon-plz:

Favorite lines from Commander mars! :iconcommandermarsplz:
In the manga:
Mars: Hey!Hey! Give me those data files! *Gets them, looks at them.* Humidity? Temperature? Is all this even necessary?!

And another one:
Mars: The bomb will be launched! Next Saturday to be exact! (sigh) i hope i'll happen soon! *twirls around* It's B-O-M-B time!

And another

Mars: But Cyrus made ONE galactic bomb. And there are THREE lakes.

She's seems well planned.

And some lines from a game in platinum.
Mars: So you won't talk? Fine then! I'll bash you and make you talk!

And my most favorite one from the anime:

Mars: Sorry, I would love to chat, but as you can see, i'm a bit busy right now. So try not to stay in my way!
No. I don't like bombs nor violence. It's just that she's funny and crazy. Let's Dance! by Web5teR
More about me: :iconrollinglaplz:

Name: Liana! :heart:

Birthday: December 5! :iconyaayplz:

Age: 16 :faint:

Likes: Team Galactic, Pokemon, Espeon, Eevee, Drawing, reading, Painting, having friends, and having fun! :iconpokeballplz:

Dislikes: Team Rocket, mean people, school, and everyday suffer of my awful siblings! :iconcryforeverplz:

Favorite color: Green :squee:

Favorite warrior cats: :iconfirestar-plz: :iconsandstormplz: :icongreystripeplz: )
(Firestar) (Sandstorm) (Greystripe)
and :iconbluestarplz: :iconthunderclanplz: Go Thunderclan!
Submitts: Randomly. :iconexplodeplz:

Countdown until b-day! : 6 months! :iconcakeplz:

Requesting accepts: 3 at a time.
Online: often during school mornings: 5:30am to 6:30am eastern time. Rarely on afternoons! try to catch me if you can! :tears:

Lives: U.S.A, in Georgia. :D

Speaks: English! :)

:iconcommandermarsplz: :iconwashereplz:

Language learning currently: learning Spanish and only know a few French words. :X

Favorite animal: Cats. :meow:

Others: I dunno, just watch me! :eager:
:icongunplz: :iconteamrocketplz::iconexitplz: I REALLY hate them. :iconepicnuuplz:

:iconyaayplz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconteamgalacticplz: they are the BEST! :squee:

:iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon804: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz:

... I like pie.


One question;

It was always here in Deviantart! Did they take it out or something because I wanted to change it today but for some reason it is not on my page anymore. So I decided to re add the widget but it's not on the list. somebody please fill me in because I'm clueless and feel stupid at the moment.
yes, I am typing this at 6:02 in the morning. Can't sleep okay?
Remember when i told you guys that my school blocked this website. That explains why i had been offline for so long, and why i am so clueless and feel like an old lady right now...
Just browsing through pics and faving them since I can't submit any of my own... :(

I need some serious encouragement....
Okay, let me stop.

I can't believe it! Many of you have watched me for a long time. I've been on DA ever since I was in 7th grade. Look at me now! Going to 11th! I just get better each year!

So as usual, I ask many of you what to expect. In 11th grade, what should I prepare for? What is the hardest part? What to expect next year if I reach 12th? I'm so ready to take on my Junior year! CLASS OF @)!&! Oh shoot. I was using the shift button. I meant, CLASS OF 2017! Yep, that's right! :icon2017plz: <--- Hey! No icon?! That sucks! :iconcryforeverplz: I"M NOT READY YET!!!! I DON"T WANNA GROW UP YET!

Oh well, can't stop time. At least I made it! Wish me luck guys! I'll try to find a way to post my newest pics somehow!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
A/N: Espeon804 here with another great chapter! Man! I can't believe that this is Chapter 12 already! I never thought that I will go this far. Anyway, I have a few things to explain.

Yes, I understand that many of you are itching for Goku… or Kakarot to finally meet Frieza but, I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to rush things. It'll take some time. However, the Earth's fate is a guarantee!

Just so you are aware, I don't know a lot about Dragon Ball. Just Dragon Ball, not Dragon Ball Z. I watched many episodes and fights between the characters in the original series. I researched as much as I could so please don't get mad if I mess up on some information.


DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN DB, DBZ, DBGT, DBZKai, or DBSuper. All rights and credit go to Akira Toriyama, Funimation, Toei Animation, and whoever else is involved!



"Thinking/ Speaking another language"

- Chapter 12: The earthling Saiyans' hunting grounds. -

Last time on The wrath of the Earthling Saiyan:

"Please Goku… I'm sorry…"

"It's way too late to apologize Krillin. You are nothing more than a memory of the past. Memory that shall be burned from my head!" Kakarot snarls as he brings the monk close to his face. "Just accept the fact that you are about to die already! What are you trying to prove?!"

"PLEASE GOKU!" Krillin shouts.

"Shut THE HELL UP already!" He throws Krillin hard, sending him flying up in the sky.


Kakarot laughs out loud evilly as he cups his hands to his side. "DIE! KAAAA- MEEEH- HAAAA- MEEEE….. HAAAAAAAAAA!" The lethal blue blast shoots out of his hands and at Krillin. He continues to laugh as he hears his former friend's agonizing screams fill the sky before the explosion ends it all.

A few seconds of silence go by and it's interrupted with Raditz whispering. "Holy shit!" He wasn't expecting Kakarot to kill him like that. Not even close. It seems that his brother does have the guts after all.

Vegeta claps slowly. "Congradulations. You official made your first kill as an option. How does it feel?"

Kakarot smiles as he puts up two fingers. "Great!"

The Saiyans turn their attention to the Namekian.'

"Now Namik... I hope that you are ready for your interview…" Vegeta says.

- Now -

Piccolo just stands there with a dumb look on his face. How could he has let this happen? He had Goku for sure but the tables turned and now the man had killed his own best friend. Goku has changed so much since he last saw him. Then he had a pure heart and was always happy and goofy but now… Piccolo can feel an negative energy emanating from him. Obviously he lost all his pureness. He lost what was left of it after he killed Krillin. The former hero of Earth has fully embraced his Saiyan nature and has became as blood-thirsty for destruction as the rest of them. How did he allow himself to become this way?

Raditz crosses his arms over his chest as if he too was in thought but, only for a moment. "You must be wondering. The look on your face tells me. How could "Goku" turn against this planet now without second thoughts? The answer is quite simple. He is destined to eliminate all life here. As soon as he accepted that, he craves to get it done."

"Now… how about you tell us everything you know about the Dragon Balls. You can hand them over now." Nappa says.

"Like if I'll answer to you." Piccolo replies.

"Don't be difficult." Vegeta warns him. "I have a small number of patients. You do not want to get on my bad side."

He stays silent.

"No need to get answers from him. I know most of what he does." Kakarot announces.

"I had a feeling that you do." Vegeta says. "Tells us what you know, and we'll get more from the Namekian."

Kakarot nods and looks at his son. "Karot. You still have your hat right? With the Dragon Ball on it?"

The 5 year old nods once and races across the field. A couple minutes later he returns with his red hat with the orange orb with four red stars. He hands it to his father.

"This is a Dragon Ball." Kakarot starts.

"You mean the brat had that thing on his head the entire time I was here?" Raditz feels stupid. How did he not notice it? Then again, he never knew about the Dragon Balls which is why he ignored it and assumed that it was some stupid design for the hat. Good thing he didn't destroy it. Vegeta would have his head if he did.

"Yep. I keep it on there to remind me about my Grandpa Gohan…" He pauses and shakes his head, trying to forget about what he just said. "Well anyway, There are seven of these in all. If you look at it, this one is the four-star ball because it has four stars on it. I guess that you guys can say that this is the fourth Dragon Ball. I have two more back at home."

"Enough with the basics. What about the wish granting?" Nappa asks with a hint of impatience.

"Oh, right. You need to have all seven to do that. When you put them together, the sky will grow dark as midnight and the Dragon Balls will summon Shenron!"

"Shenron? Who the hell is he?" Vegeta aks.

"He's the eternal dragon. Once he comes out, he'll ask you what your wish is. He'll only grant one wish. After that, the Dragon Balls will scatter all across the world and become stones for a whole year until they are recognizable again."

"Sounds like a lot of work. At least we already have three." Raditz points out.

"Not like you'll have any luck anyway." Piccolo chuckles. "Even though you know about it it's still useless until you find all seven. I'm sure that Kami was smart enough to get those out of hands reach ever since he find out what Goku has become."

"So you're telling me that he has hidden them from us? That's not nice!" Kakarot says.

"If you know where he is, it'll be best if you tell us now. I won't hesitate to kill you now." Vegeta demands.

"No Vegeta. You can't do that!" Kakarot shouts.

"How dare you try to tell me what I can or can't do!"

"I know that it's wrong but listen for a minute! If you kill Piccolo, Kami dies too. You see, Piccolo and Kami use to be one, but their bodies split in two a long time ago. If you kill one, the other can't survive. Kami is the one who's in charge of the Dragon Balls!"

"Damn. Too much of a burden to keep watch of." Raditz grumbles.

"Goku is right you know. Kami is the one who created the Dragon Balls, so killing me means that you killed the dragon as well. Then, all your work to get here for that gets thrown away." Piccolo chuckles. "You Saiyans are more stupid than I originally thought."

Vegeta growls and chops the Namik's neck, knocking him out. "Kakarot. Take us to this Kami. I have a few questions for him too."

"Sure thing Prince Vegeta sir!" The low-class salutes before taking off to the skies. He pauses suddenly then looks back at his unconscious wife. "What about them?" He mentioned Bulma as well.

"I'm sure that they can't go far. We should be able to find them again in no time soon." Vegeta answers. "If I know the blue one, she'll try to escape. It's not like she'll get any lu-" His scouter suddenly beeps and a angry scowl grows on his face. "Oh no she did not!" He boosts his energy and soars away faster than Kakarot has ever seen anyone fly. The others fly after him.

"Hey Vegeta! Wait up!" Kakarot calls as he and his son tries his best to catch up but he keeps falling behind. This prince and the others can fly faster than them both. How is it that the others are so fast?

They eventually arrive in a city. Vegeta looks around furiously as if whatever he is looking for is extremely important… well, it has to be if he's going crazy about it.

The sound of of hissing is heard in the distance. The first thing that they see is a Saiyan pod like Raditz had, rising from the ground and shooting off into space. Someone stole someone's pod. They hear Vegeta shouting, "That earthling stole my pod!" A smirk appears on his face. "She thinks that she has outsmarted me. Well, too bad for her that she hasn't!" He reaches inside his chest below his breast plate part of his armor. His eyes go wide. "No! She stole the remote too! But how-" He thinks and he growls; "That blinding light back then! She used the advantage of us being blinded and stole the remote to my pod! Dammit!"


"Whew! That was too close!" Bulma sits back against the cushioning of the stolen pod and relaxes there for a minute. "I can't believe that I managed to pull that off. That crazy prince thought that he had me well, I'm not stupid." She takes out the remote from her pocket and sighs. "I bet that he's mad about it right now but it's not my problem! Score one for Bulma Briefs!"

She glances at the red window seeing the distant stars passing by. "This space ship must've been programmed to go whatever it was destined to go. As long as I am far away from those Saiyans because there is no way that we will be slaves to them! Right ChiChi?" A moment of silence and her face goes pale. "Oh no! I left behind ChiChi!"

-The city-

"Speak of the Devil!" Vegeta shouts.

Everyone stays quiet fearing that if they say a word, Vegeta would blast them to oblivion.


Vegeta's call startles the general a bit. "Yes Vegeta?"

"Change of plans. Call in for another pod. I'm going to need it. When I find that woman, she'll wish that she were dead from the very moment I stepped foot on this miserable planet!"

"Yes Vegeta." Nappa immediately turns on his scouter.

"Meanwhile Kakarot, I believe that you know what should take place. This planet needs to be wiped out as soon as possible. Take your son west from here and begin taking care of cities there. Karot may be a bit stubborn but he'll get use to it soon. Raditz, you take east. I'll be taking care of things down south. As for Nappa, that leaves him with north. By the end of this week we should have taken care of a decent number of Humans. Meet back here then, and my Power Ball should help us finish the job."

Everyone nods once in agreement and go off to their separate jobs…

"Another moment with you and your son Kakarot."

He is so ready to begin his mission. Just another moment. He can take it.

"Here. One for each of you." Vegeta tosses them both a green scouter.

Kakarot looks at the device strangely. "All due respect Vegeta , I don't really need this. I can sense others' energies and detect them like that."

"Really? I had a idea that you could. You still need it. They also serve as communication devices. Do you recall speaking to me on Raditz's scouter a year ago?"

"Oh yeah." Kakarot puts the scouter on and helps his son with his. He turns it on and already countless power levels appear on the screen all around just 5. It's a laughing manner. He can get rid of them without lifting a finger. Then the scouter picks up vegeta's power level that makes him feel uneasy. It ranges around 25,000… possibly higher but he turns it off, not wanting to know just how high it can go. "Okay then, I'm off! Come on Karot!" He flies off followed by his son. Looking into the prince's eyes told him that he had to do more. He has to get the last of the Dragon Balls. That means going to the lookout and confronting Kami, Korin, and Mr. Popo.

In a manner of minutes he arrives hovering above a city. The people down there seem to be at unease. They must have been expecting something bad to happen. Not several, but all. Scratch that, some of them are in panic. If they know about the Saiyans... then how do they know?

Well, no time to be wondering. Time for lesson one.

"Okay Karot. Listen." As soon as he has his son's attention, he continues. "This is your first time, so take it easy okay?"

"You mean... you want me to... kill all those people?!" Karot's face went pale in shock.

"Oh no. Why would I send you off to something something's hard like that? You're not use to your own power yet. I just want to give you a head start on the job so that you would get use to it." He rubs the back of his head seeing no change in the look on his son's face. "Uh, yeah! I know that it's very hard at first. Raditz had to knock some sense into me several times this past year... literally... and still does. I guess I shouldn't rush you into things so soon." His eyes lock on the town below and he grins darkly. "How about an example?" He lowers himself towards the ground catching many of the civilian's attention. Many of them give him surprised looks, clearly recognizing him.

"Wait a minute... Isn't that guy... Goku Son?" A man wonders out loud.

"Yeah. Only he has that hair! Isn't he the guy that has been at the tournament many times?!" Another says.

"He was that kid with the strange tail too! He saved us from King Piccolo, and fought Tien Shinhan! He even surpassed his own master! That's him alright! Even the boy next to him has a tail!"

"If that's him, then why is he wearing the same uniform those aliens were wearing?!"

"Hold on! He was there too with that boy! Did he... is he with them?!" A woman mentioned Karot as well.

Kakarot crosses his arms with a silly smile on his face. "Yeah. My name is Goku Son. You're looking at the right person! I do have a question for you guys though. How do you know about the aliens that came here?" It won't kill to let them have their last conversation with them before they die.

"Did you not notice?! It was on T.V! There was this guy with ridiculously long hair, and a bald guy, and a shorter guy with spiky hair standing straight up! Then there was Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, Chiaotzu, and..." The man speaking pauses as he takes a step forward to get a closer look at Kakarot. "No... You can't be... You were on the alien's side! I-I saw you turn into that same giant gorilla that appeared at the tournament all those years ago, and I saw you kill Krillin!"

"Y-you couldn't have! It must've been a guy that looks just like him! Right?!"

Kakarot laughs his little goofy laugh for a second. "To be honest, you guys are smarter than I thought. You have good eyes."

The Humans blink in surprise.

"Yeah. Everything you guys said is true. I was the same kid who saved the world and all, but recently... A year ago in fact, I found out who I really was. Turns out that I was sent to this planet as a baby from outer space. My real name... is Kakarot." He ignores the shocked looks that he is receiving. "The alien with the long hair... He's my big brother. His name is Raditz. I guess that you can say that I am an alien too. The aliens you saw on T.V. are called Saiyans. They are born warriors, which is why I had always been so strong. My brother helped me remember who I am. So yeah, I did turn into that monster. And yeah, I did kill Krillin."

"H-he has to be kidding!" Another man gaps.

"And this boy here..." He pats his son's shoulder. "His name is Karot. He is my son. It was Gohan but, what's the point of having a child named after a Human who turns out to not be even close to your Grandfather? I knew that he adopted me before but, as soon as I found out that I am a Saiyan, there was no point at all. My mission... to wipe out the Human race. Yeah, go ahead and tell your friends but I don't think that that'll help because you guys don't stand a chance anyway. You guys are on of the first... so..." He faces the palm of his hand towards them.

"He's going to kill us!" A woman screams. As soon as the others heard her, they run off screaming.

"Karot. Now!" Kakarot points at the fleeing Humans.

"W-what?! But I-"

"You can't? I understand. I couldn't either. But, the moment you make you pick out your first target and kill them... you'll realize how fun it really is." Kakarot's dark grin returns. "Trust me!" He fires a ki blast at one of the Humans and the poor guy explodes to pieces. "Hahaha! That was too easy!" He turns to his son. "Now you try it."

"Uh... Um..." Karot nervously looks at the ground. "I see that fighting can be fun but, killing people? Isn't that... wrong?"

"Every time I asked your uncle that same question. He punched me on the head. That was during training too so, you can say that it wasn't all that fun."


"Ow-haw-haw!" Kakarot fell to the ground covering his swelling head from the discipline punch he just received. "Aw, come on Raditz! Stop punching me!"

Raditz rose his fist as if he was about to punch Kakarot again. "Open your eyes Kakarot! There will be a day when you'll have to start killing these Human pests. If you don't stop with that stupid Human nature of yours, you'll never get it done! Fighting is in your blood! You have a thrill for it every day. Killing weaklings should be nothing more than an exercise to you. I doubt that you'll understand now but, as soon as you get a taste for it, you'll want a more. Don't feel bad brother. We Saiyans mess around with the weak and have a thrill with the strong. It's what we do!" He turns his back on his brother and starts to walk away. "That's all the training for today brother. Prepare for tomorrow's because it'll be in a whole other level. I'll warn you that you won't enjoy it. Hahahaha!"

*End of Flashback*

"It is all thanks to Raditz. He guided me to grow stronger and to fully accept myself as a Saiyan. I didn't really understand all then but now I do." He pats his son's head again. "Hurry now. You don't want to miss out all the fun do you? This is your only chance to prove yourself I guess."

Karot bites his lip. This is crazy to him. Why would his own father and uncle want him to do this? His 5 year old mind is still learning the new differences of right and wrong. Stealing is bad. Giving is good. Listening is good, being disobedient is bad. Killing is bad right? Not unless it's necessary so... is this necessary?

"Just do what my brother told me. Push aside your emotions for the Humans and just do it."

"That was easy for you. I'm Half-Human right?"

"But you are also Half-Saiyan. Choose a side. Are you with us? I don't want to lose you because you sided with the Humans. Just do it! They're getting away!"

Karot slowly rises both hands over his head and spots his target. A woman with a child clinging on to her. The two innocent Humans stare at him with pleading eyes begging for him to spare them. He doesn't want to do it.

"It's okay. Just ignore whatever feeling you are having and do it. You won't believe how weak they are!"

"What have they done to you daddy?" His hands are shaking hard. He tries to push the thoughts aside but they are burning in his mind. His Human side is screaming for him to not do it. His Saiyan side is pushing him to do so. It's like there is a war inside his mind. Both sides are evenly matched. He's stuck, not knowing what to do but stand there.

Then he remembers how his uncle mentioned how the Earth won't matter to him anymore. Thanks to him, he has become much braver instead of staying as a mere cry-baby that would had gotten in the way if he fought against the Saiyans. Those cry-baby emotions always had gotten in his way. If he decides to stay with the Humans, he'll revert to that sad side. His face is fixed as he focuses on the two victims. "Ma...m-mas-sen..k-k..." He closes his eyes shut and forces the words out his mouth. "MASENKO... HAAAAAAA!" He thrust his arms forward and sends a yellow blast at the victims. He hears the impact. Slowly, he opens his eyes and sees nothing but pieces of burning clothes. "Whoa..." He looks at his hands in fascination.

"See what I mean? What can you learn from them when they are so weak?" Kakarot says.

Karot stares at the small destruction he caused. "You're right. They really are weak aren't they? My attack vaporized them..." A small smile appears as he starts to laugh. "That was awesome! Can we do that again?!"

Kakarot is relieved now. "That's my boy! Let's go!"

On the east side of the Earth, Raditz's scouter beeps as it detects the sudden rise of two power levels and several weak readings dropping from the radar. He smiles evilly. "You're doing great so far Kakarot. How is your son?"

"He's enjoying himself." Kakarot's voice replies from the speaker.

"I have to say... you have officially impressed me. Turns out that you are the kind of Saiyan I was hoping for my brother to be. Even if sometimes he can be a complete idiot at times."

"Well that's not nice!"

"Who ever said I was? Just get the job done as much as you can. I'll see you in one week." His hand reaches for the button to change the transmission to Vegeta but Kakarot interrupts that.

"Oh and, Raditz?"

"What is it that you want now? I have work to do!"

"Thank you for making me understand." With that Kakarot disconnects with him.

"What?! I never asked for your thanks!" Raditz shouts at the scouter but he knows that his brother can't hear him now. He simply hovers in the air and crosses his arms. "Why does he care? Stupid Earth. These Humans need to be wiped out." On that note he gathers energy on his hands. "I think it's time for a Weekly Special!" He fires rapid ki blasts towards the ground watching several explosions destroying many parts of the city. "I'm sure that you are enjoying yourself Kakarot!"

Indeed he is. Kakarot flies around the city firing many blast, sometimes a few is enough to take down a single skyscraper. For some reason no matter how hard he tries, he cannot get that dark smile off his face as he witnesses his own power kill countless lives. His son is covering the other side of the city and his progress is much slower but he is getting there. "So this is what it's like to be a Saiyan. I cannot believe all the fun I was missing out all those years!" He send off a huge blast and destroys what remains on his side. A million down, billions more to go. He still has a small task to complete though. It'll be best if he does this as soon as possible. He turns on his scouter. "Karot! Are you finish yet?"

"Hold on dad!" The background sound of an explosion is heard. "Okay, now I am. What is it?"

"We have an important task to do. Find me and I'll show you." He shoots up higher in the sky so that it is a sure thing that his son will find him. It's barely a wait and Karot finds him. "Follow me." He flies off to a place that he has know since childhood. They'll be in for a rude welcoming.

As the sky becomes dark, Korin tower and the lookout above comes into view. He spots Kami and the others standing on the lookout so obviously he has to go up there. As soon as he touches down, Kami gives him a long hard look. "Hi Kami! How are you guys doing?"

"So you have finally arrived. I was expecting you to come here. You want the Dragon Balls I believe."

Kakarot nods once. "So... are you going to give them to me?"

"Sorry Goku. We won't allow you to have them. We know what you have done. You joined the Saiyans and killed the innocent. Kami knows it all." Korin says. He doesn't seem to tiny bit scared at all.

Kakarot scratches his head again. "Figures that you would say something like that. I have a question. Since it's obvious that I can't ride the Flying Nimbus anymore, do you have something that I can ride on to rest my body after flying once in a while?"

"And why should I provide you with something like that?" Korin challenges.

"I know that you have something that I can use. I knew it since I was a kid. Be easy and hand it over." He faces his hand at the feline and energy build up on it. "I'll hate to kill you over it you know."

"Will you leave the Dragon Balls to us if I do?"

"Sure! I'll keep my word!"

Korin stares at the Saiyan suspiciously before calling out for something that sounds similar to The Flying Nimbus. Seconds later a dark purple Nimbus cloud comes flies down and stops at Kakarot's feet.

"The Dark Flying Nimbus! I knew that you had something like this! This cloud allows the impure to ride it right?" Kakarot gives it a try. He jumps and his feet lands on the cloud as if it's solid. He is only going to use it to get around the Earth without flying as much. As soon as his mission is over, he'll leave it alone. The cloud starts to fly around in circles as he tests it. He stops in front of the feline. "Okay! Now lets see the Dragon Balls!"

"You gave me your word!" Korin protests.

"You must've forgotten that I am not pure anymore. One of the things that my brother taught me is that sometimes you got to lie to get what you want, or to survive. You are so use to me telling the truth, it makes you look so gullible to me!"

"I will not give them to you. The fate of our world will be doomed in your hands!"

"Okay. If you say so." Kakarot suddenly leaps from his new cloud and rushes over to the feline quicker than the Human eye can detect and kicks him off the lookout, sending him plummeting to his death. He looks back at the two who remains who stare back at him in disbelief... well, except Mr. Popo who still has that emotionless stare on his face. "Ready to tell me now?"

"I refuse."

"Wow. You are so stubborn. Sorry! Orders are orders!" He cups his hands together to perform his signature attack. "Now... I've been wondering Mr. Popo. It's been awhile since I last used this attack on you. Do you think that you can eat my Kamehameha Wave like you did when I was a kid? I doubt it but let's see!" He says the chant and fires the attack at the man. He watches with wonder. Will the man even try? He isn't dead yet so maybe he is. "Time to kick things up!" After a while, he grows bored and gives it its full power. He is satisfied to see that he is down. He has surpassed everyone.

"Wow. Dad is so strong!"

Kakarot tilts his head to the side. "How about now?"

"You can do what you want with me. I won't hand you the Dragon Balls. No trace of pureness is left in your heart."

"You are right. I'm just as heartless as the rest of them now huh?" His feet leaves the platform as he slowly rises to the ground. "I wonder... what will you do if I destroy this place you guard so well?"

Kami's eyes widen. He realizes what the Saiyan exactly means.

"You don't like the sound of that huh? That makes things more fun for me!" He fires a ki blast and it takes down one of the buildings. "Oops! Looks like it slipped!" He fires another and it creates a crater on the platform. "Hah! This is fun!"

"Goku! Stop it this instant!" Kami shouts.

"I have no reasons to listen to you old timer." Kakarot waves the elder Namekian's words away. He zooms down the the elder and attempts to kick him but it is blocked. "Oh! You still have some fight left in you! I surpassed you not long ago. Too bad I can't test my strength on you since we need you alive for the Dragon Balls to work and all. This calls for some convincing!" He yanks his foot away from the elder's grasp and shoots back up the sky and fires another ki blast through another building. He prepare to deliver another until he spots four shining orange orbs all gathered together near the pots of "sacred" water. "That was too easy!" He flies down to get it but Kami appears right in front of me. "Aw c'mon! This isn't fair!"

"Fair? What you are planning to do is something I see beyond unfair from how you changed! How could you allow that alien to convince you to join them?!"

"That alien is my brother and his name is Raditz! He helped me remember who I am! I was never suppose to protect this planet! Stay out of my business!" Kakarot stomps and the Namik's foot and punches him to the ground swiftly. His son flies over to him with the four Dragon Balls. "Good job son. Hold on to them while we fly to another city." He gets on the dark cloud again with his son. "I'll be back to visit you Kami! Next time you won't be alive long! Enjoy your last days okay?" The cloud flies off to the horizon.

Kami watches them disappear. "How can this man be so cruel and still has that same personality of his at the same time?" He shakes his head. "I'm aware that they are lead by a powerful Saiyan prince. The wish that they may wish to make may be even too powerful for the mighty Shenron to grant. They don't know that, at least not yet."

A/N: Finally finish! yay! 9 pages long! (This Author's Note makes it 10 but I don't count it.) This chapter was very hard to do because I had to do a lot of research. I recently learned about the Dark Nimbus Cloud so I had to put it in here.

To be honest. I don't really like this chapter because of how it turned out. The ideas I had were lacking. I don't know what you guys think.

I may put this fanfic on hold to work on my "Pokemon: the Reunion of 8" Fanfic. Check it out!


To be continued to Chapter 13!
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