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My gallery! Please view! Most are pokemon. Please be nice! :D I will also accept request. 3 at a time only! If you want :iconespeon-plz: Then you came to the right person! I draw anything that involves Espeon, Ditto and Goomy! I'll also do Dragon ball, but i can only draw a few of it's characters. :icondaawplz: If I could draw Shippo (from Inuyasha) I would too. :squee:

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Commission: Reunited at Last by RainbowRose912

Daaaaw. This really caught my attention very well. I love how you have the memories of each pokemon, and this really matches the descri...

Fakemon GRASS Starter by Zwiezda
by Zwiezda

I have to say, this is really good. I honestly LOVE grass starters (But not all of them) but this is definitely a pokemon i would choos...

Hah, these are some amazing people folks.

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All my favs. Mostly Pokemon. Please be nice to those who made these! :D


Yes, i still play Gen4 pkmn games. So what? It's my favorite generation.
So yeah, heres what happened.

Weeks ago:
Me: *goes to Lake of Rage, encounters Shiny Gyarados as always.* He has no value, everyone can get one. *sighs, catches it.* Whatever. I got a shiny anyway.

Days later:
*Desperately trying to get out of water in Dragon's Den after I ran out of repels.*
Me: God, god, GOD! Leave me alone stupid Pokemon! Ca't you se that I'm trying to see the dragon elder guy so that I can get my Rising Badge from Clair?!
*Almost makes it, wild Pokemon theme plays*
*Magikarp appears, escapes*
Me: Annoying...
*Takes two more tiles, theme plays again.*
Me: Grrr... If they don't leave me alone...
*Magikarp appears...*
Me: Wait a minute... is that...
Game: (Sparkle!)

So that was what happened folks. Yes, it's mine now.
I forgot to tell you guys abut my other accounts. I don't even have a quarter as many watchers/followers in my other accounts as this DA account.

Link to my FanFiction account:…
Link to my Wattpad (Yes, i recently signed up on that):
Link to YouTube account (Urrgh. I haven't been on it for a long time. It looks so childish. :(
I have a FictionPress, but I haven't done anything on it yet.

Check them out!
Lol, I just realized how long it's been. I signed up for DA when I was 13. Now I'm 16. For those of you who've been with me since then, comment on what changed with me. Art> Stories? Personalities? Please do!
Hello there people! Finally, after 2 freakin' years of doing NOTHING to these stories, a plot finally came to me. My handwritten series is waaaaay beyond the typed one here. In fact, this is season 1, and I've written 14 seasons, from Sinnoh, to Johto, to Kanto, and now Unova. Since I played X version, Kalos is next in line for the handwritten version. I have written the handwritten version of Platinum when I was only 12 years old. (I'm 15 now.) So there will be changes on what goes on and such. I started typing this when I was about to turn 13 so yeah...

I have NO clue when I'll finish this. I'll do my best.


Pokémon Platinum ch.6!

Galactic willpower, and the true past.

Later that day… I was getting ready in the Pokémon center. I never thought it would come to me, but this thought keeps… haunting me… why was… I brought here? Sure, I just begun my journey, but what happened to me in the past, I never thought I would end up in this world. The thought came to my mind again…

'It happened… 6 years ago.

I was just a small indecent girl with her own mind. Me and my brother, who was also brought here, we weren't born here. What I mean is… I wasn't born here, in this planet. In fact, I came from another universe. That's right, there are two separate universes.'

I glanced at the center's counter. Nurse Joy smiled as her Chansey cheerfully as the egg Pokémon danced down the hall with my pokeballs to heal them up. I sighed and dug into my bag and pulled out a sandwich that I made before I challenged the Oreburgh gym. As I took a bite, I begun to think over on what someone told me.

'Space… there are two separate universes. Each was created by its own god. They are Arceus, and of course, god. These two universes are never supposed to meet; therefore, they created a barrier that keeps from a being from one universe going into another. If they reach the barrier, they are simply teleported to another area in their universe.'

It's too hard for even me to believe, but that's how it works. I took another bite. The flashback of the past came to me again as I thought about the past.

' I came from the animal universe, were animals are inhabited. My galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy, was where I came from. My planet… Earth… I came from there, in the state of Georgia.

I was playing outside with my friends when suddenly a pink rift formed in the middle of thin air. We thought it was cool, until a pair of red eyes glowed and an odd roar was heard. My friends ran away, and I am a slow runner, so I wasn't so lucky. I saw a white dragon with plate-like wings fly out. It has a plate on each shoulder with a pink pearl on the center, and it stands on two legs. I thought it was going to hurt me, but I remember it looking at me as if, it needed me.

From the noise, my father arrived with my twin brother. My dad told me to run, but the dragon swept me and my brother up, and went through the portal. The last thing I remember seeing from my father was his horrified expression. He tried to catch up, but the portal closed.

It looks like my brother and I weren't the only ones. I saw some other girl with the dragon two. She was months younger than me. The dragon was unable to speak to us, but it used telepathy to give a message. I saw in the message that there was some kind of bright creature, but I couldn't see who. He said to us, we were chosen to be brought to another universe, in order to save both.

I was only 6, so I didn't understood what he meant, but I knew I was crying. He told me to not be afraid, and as soon as my role was completed, I could return to me own world again.

That dragon… who is able to travel through space brought me here… because the Pokémon world needed me. I was told, it was because I loved Pokémon. The games and the show were to simply see who could be chosen. They said I was chosen because they saw that I held the power of X… whatever that was supposed to mean. Chemical X? No, this isn't power puff girls, that's for sure. I thought the world of Pokémon was simply a made-up show just for entertainment. I was wrong…

Professor Rownman… I watched his show every morning in the care of Johanna's, Dawn's mother. She taught me everything I needed to know about this world. I wasn't allowed to become a trainer at the age of 10… they said I wasn't ready, until I hit 12… my parents? Well, my father was still able to communicate with me thanks to that dragon, which left me some strange device….

So here I am today, just having a journey all because I'm chosen. Isn't that something? What role do I play here anyway? And that dragon… who was it?'

"Your Pokémon has been healed to full health!" Nurse Joy's voice interrupted my thoughts. I jumped in surprise and my sandwich fell to the ground. How nice.

"Aw, man!" I growled, starring down at the now, un-edible lunch. "And I didn't had breakfast!" I crossed my arms hard, and stared at the sandwich. If I was still on Earth, ants would be crawling all over it by now.

Nurse Joy looked over my shoulder and gasped. "Oh dear, I am so very sorry!" She sighed and dug into her apron. Moments of struggling with the pocket, she pulled out a 5 dollar bill and placed it in my hand. "Forgive me for startling you like that. Here is 5 dollars, go to the Pokemart and buy you a sandwich for you. It's a little cheap, but it should be enough for you, since the money can also buy you and your Pokémon a decent meal." She patted me on the shoulder as her Chansey returned with the 3 pokeballs. I accepted them gratefully.

"Thanks" I said with a traditional bow. I clipped the capsules into the pokebelt around my waist and left through the automatic double doors. It was the afternoon. I went into the pokemart and brought what was needed. That nurse wasn't lying, the food here is cheap. I got myself a sandwich and 3 bags of pokefood, and left soon afterwards. Ahead of me was the Oreburgh gate, the area where I caught Batty and Aqua. I have no clue what the Pokémon egg holds though. I entered the rocky path and exited were I came, back to route 204. As I headed down the steps to reach Jublife city, that police officer Looker ran up to me.

"There appears to be no suspicious things going on around here, so I'll move on elsewhere. Let me know whenever you see something that's against the law!" And he zipped down the route into the Oreburgh gate.

I sighed and moved on. Within 10 minutes, I reached the city. I headed up another flight of stairs, but another interruption agitated me as I heard shouting. It sounds like an argument. I became positive something bad was going on.

"I won't allow you to do that you fools!"

That was Professor Rowman!

"Professor?!" I ran towards the direction of the racket, and became shocked to see the same two Galactic grunts I battled in Oreburgh to be standing at the stairs that leads to Route 207. "What the?!"

"Oh no, not you again." The female grunt growled. She elbowed her partner on the shoulder to grab his attention. The male grunt turned away from the professor and saw me. His expression obviously made it clear that he wasn't so pleased. He muttered something that I couldn't pick up on.

The professor turned to me. "You see, those two grunts are members of Team Galactic. I'm surprised that the organization returned. We arrested the commanders and most of the grunts. Plus, their leader disappeared into a void. How did they manage to come back after Ash left 2 years ago?"

"No surprise really." The grunts sneered.

The professor sighed and continued. "You see, those two tried to size me up and steal away my data about Pokémon evolution. Just because I am 62 years old doesn't mean I still can't fight back. I refuse to allow you to fools to steal away my hard work!"

"I'm a little disappointed old timer." The female grunt sighed. "We were asking nicely, and your blabbering attracted this brat here!"

"Hm?" Rowman looked at me strangely. "You, Liana… you already encountered them before?"

I nodded. "At Oreburgh city. They tried to steal this girl's Clefairy. I took care of that."

"Well this time things will be different! I had a rough time trying to explain my mistake to the commander, and it won't happen again!" The male grunt growled. He took out a pokeball, and stared at me in a challenging way.

The other grunt chukled. "Plus, we trained our pokemon, so good luck trying to beat us this time."

Just as they were about to toss the capsules, a voice grabbed our attention.

"Two against one is unfair! Especially if it's my sister!"

I turned around and saw my brother. On his shoulder was a Pichu with determination on its eyes. My brother walked to my side as he continued. "You think your slick? Going around Sinnoh, being little thieves? You see, that can become noticeable. I will call Officer Jenny if I have to, but first…" He paused and his Pichu leaped from his shoulder and landed a couple feet in front of him."You're going to be beaten like a level 1 Magikarp by a rookie trainer like me."

The grunts exchanged glances. "Is it me or did that boy said almost the same thing as the other brat said hours ago?"

"I'll team up with you!" I announced, taking out a pokeball as well.

"I hope you didn't slack off in training." My brother growled, apparently not liking me offer.

"Um, excuse me, but I didn't. I took good care of me 3 little guys, and I have a Pokémon egg, and I won this." I took out my gym case and showed him the gym badge I recently received.

"The Coal badge?" He nodded, and said. "Okay, prove it. We'll have a double battle with these grunts."

"A double battle?"

"I'm not wasting my time to explain, just watch and co-operate." He said.

"I see." Professor Rowman said, nodding. "I'll see how much you two improved since you left Sandgem town with your entrusted partners. Don't disappoint me, my research is in sake!"

"Research?" My brother repeated in question. "What do you mean? What happened?"

"Shut up and fight already!" I growled, seeing this as the grunt's opportunity to sneak away, which I won't allow. "I'll explain later!" I tossed the pokeball and my Zubat was summoned out.

"Go, Stunky!" The male grunt shouted, tossing his.

"Glameow! This is the opportunity to get your revenge!" The other one yelled, and both Pokémon popped out their pokeballs.

I smirked. "We'll see if those two really did improve. Since I don't have all three of my Pokémon battling them at once, things might be different. This is nothing compared to the gym battle, so it should be easy." I rose my hand to the air as a signal to the Zubat that she is about to receive an order. "Use Super sonic on Stunky!"

Batty, with a quick nod, flew high in the air, and then unleashed soundwaves. The waves hit the Stunky, and the skunk was waddling on its feet, confused as ever.

"Darn it Stunky!" The male grunt growled. "Arceus, dang it! Focus and use Fury swipes!"

The Stunky's eyes were glowing in a strange blue color as it tried to focus. It ran towards a light pole and smacked right into it and got knocked out. The male grunt facepalmed.

"You are such… and idiot." The female grunt grumbled. She sighed and pointed to my Zubat. "Glameow, get rid of that pest! Attack it! Use scratch!"

"Dodge it!" I warned, and the Zubat flew out the way. I faced my brother, rather annoyed than worried. "Boy! Give your Pichu an order already! I'm not fighting for myself am I?!"

"Let me think!" He snapped. He studied the Glameow for a moment. "Easy. Richard! Volt tackle!"

"WHAT?!" The rest of us shouted in shock. We all looked at my brother as if he was insane.

Richard the Pichu begun to run in all fours. Static begun to build up on the red circles on each cheek. The static became small lightning bolts as the tiny mouse Pokémon increased its pace. Its pace became a sprint as the electricity engulfed its body, and the Pichu looked like a sketch inside the electricity. He sprinted towards the Glameow and tackled it. The Glamoew was sent flying several feet and crashed to the ground in defeat. Richard landed with a smirk. Moments later, he cringed as static went through his body for a second.

"What a powerful move!" I exclaimed. "How on earth does your Pichu know that move?!"

My brother chuckled. "I found him that way. The downside is, even though volt tackle is a rare move, it deals with recoil. That's why you saw that static hurt him." He explained as the mouse Pokémon climbed to his shoulder.

"We won." I said as I watched the grunts recall their defeated Pokémon.

"I can't believe it!" The male grunts growled, squeezing the Pokeball. "How did those two brats beat us without a sweat?! That kids Pichu is no ordinary one, that's for sure." He looked at his partner. "How am I supposed to explain this to the commander?!"

"Commander?" I repeated in my mind. "They returned too? Impossible!"

"That girl isn't ordinary either. She defeated us twice! Let's get out of here!" The other grunt growled, and the two ran down Route 207.

"So that's Team Galactic huh?" My brother mumbled. "They disbanded two years ago, but apparently they are having a little reunion." He sighed and pointed down the direction the grunts ran in. "I'm sure you visited that route before right, but there was a rock in the way?"

I nodded.

"Rock smash can shatter that Rock out the way." He added. "You can visit Floaroma town from there." He began to take his leave. "This was no problem. Professor, you can thank me later. I'm about to catch some more Pokémon." He then ran, leaving me in the dust.

"Hm!" Professor Rowman came towards me with a pleased look. "You two seem to have a strong bond with your Pokémon. You left with a Turtwig who seem to not like you days ago and you obviously caught some more Pokémon to join you on your journey." He crossed his arms as if he was waiting for something. "If you may… please do show me your Pokémon."

Without hesitation, I unclipped the other 2 Pokeballs from my pokebelt and tossed them too. "Alright team! The professor wants to see you!" I found this a bit odd for him to request this, when moments ago, we were having problems with people that look like they are actors from star trek.

"Psy-yiii?" Aqua quaked as she tilted her head.

"Grrotle!" Razor leaf roared and Batty hover above them.

The Sinnoh professor observed my team. He then said, "You see, your effort on the battle recently was rather unusual for a new trainer like you. You and your brother apparently know the advantages of your Pokémon." He petted my Grotel. "That Team Galactic… they were after my research." He stood from petting and looked at me. "I research the evolution of Pokémon. According to my findings and studies, 90% of the current 721 Pokémon are tied to evolution. When they do evolve… these mysterious creatures give out some type of glowing energy." He turned halfway to my Grotle. "Your Grotle is an example. Grotle is the evolve form of Turtwig. I'll ask you this: When you saw your Grotle evolve, he was glowing if I am right?"

I nodded twice. "It happened in Oreburgh gym. I though he lost, but he got to his feet and begun to glow after I heard a 'paper ripping over a microphone' sound… then he changed form."

"Hm!" He nodded, closing his eyes and putting a finger under his chin. "What you witnesses then was evolution. Certain Pokémon evolve under certain conditions. Some for leveling up, others through exposure to certain stones. Sometimes, it is through friendship and happiness. Some do by being in an environment, while others evolve during trade. All this from my research."

"Is that why those grunts tried to get their hands on it?" I asked.

The professor nodded. "They are also trying to get answers from me. In a far-off region known as Kalos, there is a professor their studying 'Mega evolution'. I don't know much about it myself, except that it is only possible if the trainer and the Pokémon is connected. This interest some other professors, such as Professor Elm in Johto, who researches the friendship between people and Pokémon."

Well, I didn't really understand the entire process of evolution. I was trying to listen, but now my head is spinning. "Uh… u-um… Too much… information."

"You'll figure it out eventually." He said as he begun to take his leave. "I'll be in my lab if you need me. I'm counting on you to meet every Pokémon there is! It would defiantly help me with my research!"

As soon as he was out of sight, I recalled everyone into their pokeballs except Aqua. I knew that I needed her to smash rocks in the way in Ravaged path. I headed down route 204, keeping out a close eye in case more of those annoying grunts decide to show up again.

I headed into the entrance and looked around for a moment. "This is where I caught my first two Pokémon." I mumbled as I headed east. I spotted the boulder that blocks the path. It's about as tall as me. "Alright, use Rock smash on that rock to move it out the way!"

Aqua's hands glow red, and she punched the rock as hard as she could. The rock shattered to pieces.

"No one's goanna mess with this Psyduck!" I said in amusement. "C'mon." I waved my hand to my direction and the duck Pokémon followed. "Alright, let's move on" I sighed. "This is a bit too much in one day; I'm ready to move on." I saw the exit of the cave. Strange, it's right near the entrance. How odd that that one boulder was blocking the way. I guess trainers are supposed to get a gym badge before they can pass through. I made my way to the grassy fields ahead of me. I headed east, noticing a dead end. I also noticed that I was still in Route 207, because I'm practically standing on a cliff that is no higher than what looks like 10 feet, and below that cliff was where I was moments ago, the path that leads to the Ravaged path. How unique.

I looked around at my surroundings, and noticed up north, there is a large path of tall grass. To tell you the truth, after that battle between those grunts, I'm not in the mood to battle any wild Pokémon who thinks I'm a treat, so I carefully crossed the tall grass where it is said that they jump from. I groaned and stopped in my tracks. I saw a young lady across the patch who was planting flowers who was accompanied by a Bedew. She's obviously a trainer. So I once again, tried to sneak my way around her. That's it, almost there…

"Have you been attracted by the scent of flowers?"

Aww crap. I'm spotted. I hate that rule, if a trainer spots each other eyes, a battle must be done… well, that's optional, but the first trainer I met, which was a youngster, told me that.

Having no other choice, I stood up properly from my sneaking position and looked at the adult in the eye. 'Respect your elders' is what I've been told from time to time. I did notice the aroma just now. I sighed, and replied, "Well, now that you mention it, I actually do notice it." I paused, noticing the woman looking at her Bedew. 'Here we go.' I thought.

"You think that's sweet?" She said with a friendly smile. Her smile suddenly transformed into a face full of determination. "Take a whiff of this!" She swung her arm as a signal and pointed towards me, and her bedew quickly responded. The little guy ran to a spot in front of its trainer. At least I'm familiar with Bedew thanks to my Platinum version I played back on Earth.

"Well then, I hope you're not afraid of bats." I said with a mischievous smirk.

"A what?!" she looked frightened.

Bingo, a way to avoid a battle. I snatched the capsule that contains Batty from my pokébelt and tossed it. "Batty!"

The Pokéball opened and out she came.

"Oh Arceus! A Zubat!" The woman screamed and dashed away, dropping her gardening material on the way. This left Batty confused, she looked at me (she would had but she has no eyes) as I was laughing on the grass.

"And that folks is how to avoid a battle. Too bad I couldn't do that in the game though." I said with a smile. I recalled Aqua into her Pokéball and allowed Batty to stay out. I went further down the grassy route, but pause again. Another trainer. He looked like a bug catcher who was pacing back and forth, casing after a Kricket Pokémon who was apparently giving the boy a hard time. I pulled out my pokédex.

"Kricketot, the cricket pokemon. When its antennae hit each other, it sounds like the music of a xylophone."

I put the device away in my bag and let out another long sigh. I just realized that I sighed so many times, that I lost count. Pretty much explains how easily frustrated I can get.

"H-hey!" The boy exclaimed. He leaped at the Kricketot with another swoosh of his net. It missed, and he fell face first to the ground. The Kricketot saw the opportunity and slammed its antennae together. I was expecting a nice little song, but my ears received piercing pain. It hoped away into the tall grass.

My ears were ringing until I slammed my hands on them to make it stop. Enough of one day is all I ask! The day has just begun and this is my reward! Sure, just because I'm 12 means I can't get what I want huh? But my concern wasn't just about myself. I turned my attention to the boy who also was a victim to the Kricketot's attack. For a moment I thought he was unconscious, but he stirred, and shot back to his feet way faster than I expected.

"Oh no." he mumbled. He looked around, searching for the little bug… well, it's not really little. It's only 1 foot tall. "Darn it! I missed my chance again! If I could have two Kricketot, I could win a battle for a change!" He let out an irritated huff. He starred at the ground for a moment, then his eyes trailed to me, and he looked at me. "Ah… you saw the whole thing did you?"

I nodded. The ringing came back, and I banged on my ears again. "You're not the only one who was a victim."

The bug catcher looked a bit concerned. "So you must be a trainer too huh? And you have a Zubat?" He looked confused then. "how odd, and your not even afraid of bugs. If I recall correctly, a lady just ran passed me earlier, screaming out something about a Zubat."

"That was me."

He scratched his head. "Your odd for a girl aren't you."

"Bugs interest me. As long as there is not a whole bunch." I said. True. Back on earth, when a bug "visits" my room, I tend to study it instead of killing it. I also free it back outside. Now if were to be a spider, fly, or roach, that hour is their last.

"So…uh" His eyes shifted to the side as he said, "You won't mind if I battle you right?"

I groaned. "I already managed to avoid one battle." I grumbled. But, I looked at my Zubat anyway. "Okay, let's just get this over with."

His eyes lit up. "Awesome!" he tossed a Pokéball, and a Kricketot came out.

I quickly gave an order to my Zubat. "Astonish!"


Batty was faster. She flew swiftly towards her opponent and let out a screech which startled the bug. She attacked it, and it was knocked out instantly.

"See what I mean?!" the boy pouted as he recalled his defeated Pokémon. "I can never win anything!"

"Well." I said, giving advice. "You can't just give up. If you really want to win more often, go train your Kricketot by battling wild Pokémon instead of trying to catch them. Then when it's strong enough, I'm sure you can catch some more and then you can win for once." I found my little statement odd. I'm a rookie as well, but I guess I know more than him.

"Thanks." He said with a nod.

"No problem." I replied, and I continued down the route. I saw something shiny lying on between two gates. I ran to investigate and picked it up. "It's a TM." I said to myself, observing the disc inside the case. "TM Bullet seed. I guess somebody dropped it." I put it in my bag for safekeeping and saw that I was almost at the end. A town was nearby, so I headed towards it.

"Hold on trainer!" A voice actually two voices said.

I spun around and saw two little girls… twins to be the exact. "What…?"

"You can't beat us!" One teased.

"We are the best in our class!" The other one added.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I growled. "How many trainers do I have to fight?!"

"A lot" The shorter twin said.

"A lot, a whole lot." The taller one added. "A lot, lot, lot!"

I observed them for a moment. "Aren't you a little too young to battle with Pokémon?" I realized that they look a lot younger than 10. Kids can't train Pokémon until they are 10 years old. That's the law. "Do your parents know about this?" I even noticed that they are holding on to a Pokéball.

"How old are you?" The short one growled.

"12" I replied.

"Your 12 and you are a new trainer!" the taller one said in a sassy way. "You say we're too young, but you're too old!"

"What do you mean?! If you're over 10, you can train Pokémon!" I protested.

"You say that we can't train Pokémon!" Both of them said.

"Because you're too young." I pointed out.

"Humph! Well you can't tell me or my sister what to do!" the taller one shouted.

"I WANNA BATTLE!" the shorter one cried out.

That's when I dashed away passed them. I see no point of arguing with a bunch of little kids. Plus, their screaming is only going to attract attention.

"Come back you scardy-Meowth!" They yelled. "You stupid trainer!"

I just ignored them an carried on. I finally entered the town that I was aiming for. "Sheesh. These little kids have such an attitude." I mumbled.



A blue mouse like Pokémon walked passed me, and it looked like as if it was in a trance. It didn't look right either, so I begun to follow it. I followed the Pokémon to another route. I saw a sign that read "Welcome to Route 205!"

The Marill noticed me and begun to quicken its pace.

"Hey!" I called. "Where are you going?!" I began to run after it. The mouse noticed that I was chasing after it and begun to sprint, so I begun to sprint as well. "Slow down!" To tell you the truth, I have no clue on why I'm chasing after a Pokémon I just met.


The voice started me, and I did what was told.

"Hold your hands up!"

I spun around with my hands up, and saw a police officer with a Growlithe by her side. My body had a wave of a sharp cold feeling for a split second as I slowly raised my hands, which were shaking.

The officer walked towards me as she said. "So you're behind the missing water types are you?!"

I had no idea what she was talking about. I just looked at her in confusion.

"I'm not taking to myself for my health!"

I spoke. "M-ma'am, I j-just saw this Pokémon passing by. It was acting very strange, so I begun to follow it." I realized how horribly bad my voice was shaking. Heck, what else can I do? I'm standing in front of a police officer and in risk of being arrested!

The officer placed her hands on her hips. "Yeah, sure." She said statistically. Great, now she won't believe what I say.

"No!" I protested. "I really mean it! It's true!"

"Oh, really?" A girl about the same age as me walked next to the officer. My eyes widened. I have never in my life seen anyone with such ridiculously long hair. Her hair is black in two separate pigtails, one on each side. They reach down to her waist. Two free strands of hair, one on each side, lies there freely, and ends at her forehead. She's black in race, but it appears that she was born in this region, in fact, probably lives in Floaraoma town since she smells like flowers. She looked at me coldly. "You are obviously lying. I saw you chasing after that Marill!"

How could I possibly explain now? Oh wait! There's a way!

I began to reach for my Pokédex. I already knew what to expect next.

"Put your hands back in the air!" The officer demanded. She pointed her taser at me. "NOW!"

Yep, just as I thought. I quickly pulled out the device with my hands in the air. I know, you must be thinking that officers don't let you go into your pocket or whatever, but I did that anyway. It actually was a good help too. That is because the officer and the girl took a good look at the device.

"Is that… a pokédex?" The girl asked as she observed it. She then gasped. "Officer Jenny! She's indecent!"

The officer didn't look too convinced. She put away her taser and took my pokédex. "She could have stolen it. There is only one way to find out." She turned the machine on, the size of a Nintendo DS, and it showed an ID picture of me on the top screen with my information of the bottom screen.

"This pokédex belongs to the Pokémon trainer Liana, who began her journey recently. A 12 years old female. Obtained 4 Pokémon, seen 10." It explained.

Officer Jenny nodded. "Alright, maybe I should stop jumping to conclusions." She said as she gazed at the sky. "You're a rookie. You should be very careful since that Team Galactic came back."

The girl looked disappointed. "That gang is always up to no good. They are getting more dangerous too." She looked at me to the eyes and said. "2 years ago, I heard that they were arrested, but then, months ago, they broke out of prison. I have no clue how. They were put into Sinnoh's best one too." She shook her head rapidly and said, "Please! You two have to help me! My mother is trapped in that building over there!"

Jenny looked at the building that the girl pointed at. "The wind works?"

The girl nodded. "Me and my mom went there to learn how it works. We got inside, and there was a worker there. He was just beginning his lesson when these galactic goons barged in and demanded energy for something. They kicked me out too… literally." She rubbed her back, probably still feeling the pain.

Well, her grammar is somewhat similar to mine. 'me and my mom' is incorrect, but I can't say nothing. That's how I speak too.

"Well, how come you didn't try to do it yourself first? Did you try?" I asked. I then realized how rude that sounded, but she didn't seem to mind. But she looked disappointed, and shut her eyes as if trying to hold back tears. She grabbed one of her pigtails and messed around with it nervously.

"I tried." She answered. "There was too many of them. Also…" She opened her eyes and looked at me. "I didn't stand a chance. I lost immediately. I'm a rookie."

An idea hit me. "I have an idea." I announced. I looked at the wind works surrounded by windmills. "If we can work together, this might just work. Two rookies and an officer."

"So you want us to barge in there?" The girl asked.

"What else can we do?" I replied.

Officer Jenny sighed. "Well, this might work. You better-we better be careful."

We sneaked across the field and hid behind a honey scented tree. I peeked from ahead and saw a galactic grunt standing in front of the entrance. "Dang."



"Well darn."

"We're going to have to find another way inside." Jenny suggested. "If I call for back-up now, it'll give these criminals a chance to flee."

"By the way, my name is Lalinda." The girl said. How random. She apparently read my thoughts because she said after that. "Yeah, I know there is no time for that, but I wanted to get that out the way." She read my thoughts again. "I know, my name is ghetto. I named after my mother okay?"

I just nodded with a confused expression.

Moments later, we got to the other side of the building. All we saw was bricks.

"What kind of building doesn't have emergency exits?" Lalinda growled. "This place doesn't make any since!"


The demand startled the 12 year old. She gave us an annoyed look. "Okay, okay, sheesh."

"Well, looks like we'll have to sneak pass them." I said as I peeked around the corner where the guard stands. A Glameow stood next to him. "Dang."

"What now?" Lalinda said, almost whining.

"He has a Pokémon too." I replied. As I was just about to make a move, a shadow came lurking towards me. I pushed Lalinda from sight and hid myself. He shadow belonged to a female grunt. It was the one I met in Oreburgh city and battled against on Jubelife city. If she spotted me, I certainly wouldn't want to deal with her again. But then again, all the grunts look the same. Not exactly, but they look almost alike.

"Now what?" Lalinda growled. "We a practically surrounded by bowl headed spacemen freaks!"

"Well…" Officer Jenny said with a chuckle. "That organization is called Team Galactic."

"More like Team Statistic." I joked, even though I knew it was lame.

"Actually, it's Team Idiotic." Lalinda 'corrected'.

Officer Jenny gave us the 'Shut up or we'll get caught' look.

"Who are you calling an idiot idiot?"

We all spun around and saw the grunt I hid from earlier. She obviously recognized me immediately.

"How many times am I going to run into this kid?" She growled. She then shouted out, "Hey partner, look who decided to stick their nose into our business!"

The male grunt I met before in the same places came running. He looked annoyed as well. "Her again? With company?" He sighed, and then continued. "Hey kid, go bother some other grunts! There's hundreds more out there just like us!"

I smirked. "Well isn't it my two favorite grunts to bother. I brought you a new friend." I pointed at the officer.

The grunts didn't like my gift. They took several steps back. "The cops!"

"Well kid, you're very smart to bring her along, but here's one thing, we outsmarted you this time!" The grunts ran into the Wind works, and shut the door. I though I heard a lock.

"Come back!" officer jenny demanded. She ran to the door but tried to open it. "It's locked!"

"Do you think it's the time to call for backup?" I asked. I looked up at the officer, who didn't look so sure.

"I'm afraid it would scare them off." Jenny said. "When those grunts saw me, they ran to their building. What do you think would happen when they see more than one officer?"

"You got a point."

"So what should we do now?" Lalida asked. "We can't enter the wind works. They locked us out."

We were quite for a moment. We just stared at the building for a long moment. What can we do? Those grunts outsmarted us by doing the most simplest thing. But if i recall correctly. Floaroma town holds flowers and honey that lures rare pokemon. The grunts are most likely after it.

"I think i know what we can do." I announced as I stood from my hiding. I ran down back to the town, and the other two followed quickly. As I entered the field of flowers, I spotted two grunts, standing there among the flowers in a deep conversation.

"What are we doing here anyway?" The first Grunt growled. "Look at us! Standing here among the fields of flowers! I hate it!"

"Come on partner." The other grunt said, putting a hand on his partner's shoulder. They begun to walk towards a group of trees as he said, "It is our assignment to be here, but all these bug and grass type pokemon, i don't like it either."

I gasped when the disappeared in the trees.

"They walked through a passage way that takes them to a clearing on the other side." Lalinda announced. "I go there all the time. After, I was born and raised here." She took the lead, and the officer and I followed. Lalinda lead us to the spot where the grunts vanished. Several trees were just standing there, like a forest. How could there possibly be a clearing on the other side? "Here we are." She stomped on a patch of dirt that lays in front of the forest.

"Umm... i don't see how-!" I was interrupted when the girl grabbed my arm and she walked pass the patch of dirt. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THERE'S NOTHING THERE!" I was going to say more, but Lalinda closed my lips together as she continued. A white light surrounded us. Seconds later, I saw a clearing.

"I really need to know this world more." I said to myself. In my world, a group of trees won't take you to another place. You'll run into them unless you go around them. I looked ahead, and saw the two grunts talking to a man, who had his back on them. He looked terrified.

"Lend us all your honey!" The first grunt demanded. "We need it to lure hundreds of rare Pokemon!"

'If you don't co-operate, you'll regret it!" The second one warned as he took out a pokeball.

I knew that they were after honey. So, I took steps forward with the other two. "HEY!"

The grunts spun around and noticed me.

"Three witnesses?" The first one growled. "Oh man, she brought an officer? What can we do? They'll go around telling everyone what they seen!"

The second one growled. "Easy. We'll just shut them up!" He tossed a Pokeball, and I tossed mine.

Several minutes later, the two grunts were defeated.

"Not cool!" The first one growled. He looked at me coldly. "This is why I'm going to stay as a grunt forever!"

"Let's get outta here before the cop gets us!" The other one said. Before anyone could do anything, they were already gone.

"So much for that." Lalinda growled.

"Look at the bright side." I said, trying to really look at the bright side of things. "At least that man is safe."

When i mentioned that, the man came to us. "I must thank you for saving me from those horrible people." He said with relief. "They were after my sweet, sweet honey." He looked at us, and noticed Lalinda. "Why isn't it Lalinda! My good fellow helper, how's training so far?"

Lalinda said nothing. She just starred at the ground.

"Anything the matter?"

I decided to answer for her. "Team Galactic, those guys you saw earlier, they took her mother away. We are trying to save her, but we are getting nowhere since they locked us out the wind works."

"Lock?" The man apparently understood. He looked around for a moment, and grabbed something shining in the grass. It was a key. "Those two grunts left something. maybe it's the key to the wind works." he handed it to me. "It's better in your hands trainer. Go ahead and save your friend's mother."

I nodded once, and I ran towards the trees from where I came. I was taken back to the town. I waited until the other two caught up. "Now that we got the key, we can save your mother and the people who work there."

"Hurry!" Lalinda shouted. Let's go!"

We ran back to Route 205 and towards the wind works. I took the key and approached the building. I stuck the key in the lock, and unlocked the door. I turned to Lalinda and Officer Jenny. They nodded in agreement, and I opened the door. I came inside, and the male grunt i always run into looked surprised.

"How did you get in here?!" He yelped. He shook his head rapidly in regret. "Oh, I got no choice! I'll have to sacrifice my promotion to alert the commander!" he ran off again, and i stood there surprised. Did he just said commander? It can't be one of the commanders that was arrested two years ago could it?

Only one way to find out.

I signaled my companions to follow as I chased after the grunt, ignoring the other grunts shouting. I skidded to a stop when i saw a woman and a man terrified. Another woman had her back turned, as if she was talking to them. She looked familiar all right. With red Toxicroak head hair! "It can't be!" I gasped.

The woman turned around and walked towards me. Her red eyes studied me. "So? You decided to come crawling here huh? This should be interesting."

"Th-that's Commander Mars." I growled. "One of the commander who gotten arrested. How did she escape?"

To be continued to ch. 7!


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Let's say Sally has all pokemon games, here's how it works. (It's gonna be a pain in the neck)
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One thing for sure, this Charizard is gonna be time traveling.

Here are my pokemon teams for each poke-game!

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Batty, the Crobat.
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Sunshine, the Espeon.
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Violet, the Weavile.

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*Pokemon White version:
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Shelly the Samorott
Lilly the Stoutland
Zebrie the Zebstrika
Autumn the Leavanny
Archia the Archtops
Drillia the Excadrill.

*Pokemon White2 Version
My Unova trainer card! Pokemon White2! by Espeon804
Ivy, the Serperior.
Leopurrcia, the Liepard.
Barklia, the Arcanine.
Aireial, the Unfezant.
Spitricka, the Galvantula.
Artica, the Beartic.

*Pokemon Blue version:
My Friends (Me too) Pokemon Blue team!!! by Espeon804

Squirt the Blastoise
Gey the Pidgeot
Pie the Butterfree
Shrew the Sanshrew
Onyx (lol) the Onix
Eve the Jolteon

2.) Being a Pokemon games:
*Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky!
(Popular teams i often play)
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Team Kittyshock: :icondelcattyplz: (leader) :iconluxrayplz: (Shock)
Team Birdie: :iconblazikenplz: (leader) :iconempoleon-plz: (Leo)
Team Reptiles: :iconcharizardplz: (leader) :iconblastoiseplz: (Blast)
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3.) Pokemon warrior games:
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Favorite lines from Commander mars! :iconcommandermarsplz:
In the manga:
Mars: Hey!Hey! Give me those data files! *Gets them, looks at them.* Humidity? Temperature? Is all this even necessary?!

And another one:
Mars: The bomb will be launched! Next Saturday to be exact! (sigh) i hope i'll happen soon! *twirls around* It's B-O-M-B time!

And another

Mars: But Cyrus made ONE galactic bomb. And there are THREE lakes.

She's seems well planned.

And some lines from a game in platinum.
Mars: So you won't talk? Fine then! I'll bash you and make you talk!

And my most favorite one from the anime:

Mars: Sorry, I would love to chat, but as you can see, i'm a bit busy right now. So try not to stay in my way!
No. I don't like bombs nor violence. It's just that she's funny and crazy. Let's Dance! by Web5teR
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Yes, i still play Gen4 pkmn games. So what? It's my favorite generation.
So yeah, heres what happened.

Weeks ago:
Me: *goes to Lake of Rage, encounters Shiny Gyarados as always.* He has no value, everyone can get one. *sighs, catches it.* Whatever. I got a shiny anyway.

Days later:
*Desperately trying to get out of water in Dragon's Den after I ran out of repels.*
Me: God, god, GOD! Leave me alone stupid Pokemon! Ca't you se that I'm trying to see the dragon elder guy so that I can get my Rising Badge from Clair?!
*Almost makes it, wild Pokemon theme plays*
*Magikarp appears, escapes*
Me: Annoying...
*Takes two more tiles, theme plays again.*
Me: Grrr... If they don't leave me alone...
*Magikarp appears...*
Me: Wait a minute... is that...
Game: (Sparkle!)

So that was what happened folks. Yes, it's mine now.

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