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REALLY IMPORTANT A/N: Espeon804 here with another great chapter. Before we get to the praises, I first have a few messages.



I was told to spare ChiChi and Bulma, but another was like "please don't do that" and I'm over here thinking "WHYYYY?! I AM SO CONFUSED ON WHAT TO DO!"

So listen here. I'll have to debate over myself on what to do. Right now I'm just stuck on what to do with the two woman. Honestly I don't like ChiChi because of her over protection and nagging attitude. In my opinion, Bulma MUST be spared for being a genius and all. Still, I don't know what to do. Not mad, just so very confused. Wait! why am I upset about these woman?! I’m technically a young woman too! (No, I’m not one of those DBZ addict fan-girls if that is what you are thinking. I just love the show.)

Anyway, continue your reviews guys! I'm loving it. I ask for you guys to review every chapter so that I can know how well I am doing or how good the story is getting! I still need ideas. This time, they HAVE to be focused on Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta for future chapters!
Good news for you guys. I skipped a few more months so now, Tah-Dah for all you guys, Vegeta will be here!! I’m sure that some of you might be a little disappointed because I skipped the few months, but this fic is focused on Goku turning evil and such, so we do want to see the fight don’t we?

Fanfiction reviewers:
*Hugodrax: I love the reviews you are giving me! Thank you so much. I can clearly see your opinions and I hope that you keep up the motivation! There will be more surprises for you all!
*aleksej36: I guess you missed on on Chapter 6. If you read near the end then you’ll realize that Piccolo survived the attack. I wanted him to come back to make the battles more interesting. I know that if either Kami or Piccolo dies, the other will too.
*Simgr101: Yeah. I am so very confused on what to do because another reviewer wants them to live. There could be a sequel maybe. If there is, they’ll live, if not, they won’t.  I’m not good at planning how the next chapters will turn out. I type straight through imagination and the first ideas that strike my mind.

Wattpad followers:
*RaizenTheArcrosain: I’m doing my best! Thank you for your eagerness!
*eleazar3055: As usual, you are always helping me form ideas! keep them up!

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN DB, DBZ, DBGT, NOR DBZKai! All rights go to the official and original author Arika Toriyama! If I did own the series, Bulma would've killed Yamcha for chasing after woman by now!

You guys know your jobs! REVIEW!

-Espeon804, the teenager who is happy to be a Junior in Highschool now!
CLASS OF 2017!!!!

----Chapter 7: The Saiyans have arrived! Hang in there Yamcha!-----

Raditz's scouter beeps. It picked up a signal. A wide evil grin grows across his face. "Kakarot"
Kakarot didn't hear his brother's call. He is still fascinated about his newly grown tail that he has had for six months. He begged his brother all those months to test out his long lost powers, but he has been told to wait so many times. Radz wanted him to wait until the other two Saiyans touched down on Earth so that they can evaluate his strength. ChiChi and Bulma are still held as prisoners of course. The two Saiyan decided to hold them until the prince has decided on what to do with them.
"Kakarot. They are here."
This time he hears him. He quickly wraps his tail around his waist like he was taught. The younger Saiyan looks at his brother with excitement. He has been waiting a year for this. Finally, after 12 long months of training harder than he has even had in his life, he and his son has managed to increase his strength by 10 fold. It still may not be enough. "One question Raditz. What is my masked power level?"
Raditz checks his scouter and reads the reading he receives. A few seconds later, he almost chokes. "What the-?!"
"It's 1509! I must say Kakarot, if that is your masked power level, you have truly impressed me! All that training has grown you to the Saiyan I want to see! I think it's time brother. You know what I mean right?"
Kakarot shares the same grin as his brother. "Yeah. It's time that we have some fun!"
"They are coming. Prepare yourself. Don't you dare embarrass me." Raditz has his eyes locked on the sky now.
Kakarot nods once. "Right."
10 minutes pass and finally, two floating shadows appear in eyesight. They grow larger until it grows into the shape of one small man and a large man. Then they can see them. The shorter man has spiked hair that points upright. The bigger man is completely bald. They both chuckle as they touch the ground. A few seconds pass and Raditz lights elbows his brother.
"Oh yeah." Kakarot bows in a respectful manner with one arm across his chest like he was taught. "General Nappa and Prince Vegeta, It is a honor to meet you both. My name is Kakarot, Raditz's younger brother."
The shorter man turns out to be Vegeta. He chuckles again, which makes his voice recognizable. "You taught him well Raditz." The prince's eyes trail over to Karot who bows as well rather clumsily as if he's not use to the posture. "And... who is this?"
"His name is Karot sir. He is my nephew." Raditz replies.
"Nephew?" Vegeta takes a step forward and takes note on Karot's swinging tail. The boy wears identical armor as the two low-class warriors. Apparently, Raditz had extra things in stock. Normally it’s useless things but this time it paid off. "Kakarot had a brat? You never told me that?"
"His wife is a Human."
Vegeta's face twists as if the news fully disturbs him. "Kakarot, you disgust me." He snorts. "Your son is a hybrid.”
“Well, you see sir, I was found by a Human and he tried to raise me. One day I took a hard fall and forgotten everything about me being a Saiyan so I started living as a Human. I thought I was one of them…”
Vegeta crosses his arms looking very disappointed. “Amnesia. You have a very bad case Kakarot. I’ve heard several stories about infant warriors who were sent off to far-off planets and suffer head injuries that cause them to forget about everything. They become useless because half of them refuse to join us and well, they had to be killed for being a traitor. Consider yourself lucky for making the right choice.”
“Do you think that it could be possible that Kakarot can regain his lost memories?” Raditz asks the prince.
“Not that I know of. It is so rare for those to start to remember even hints of their past. But…” A small smirk appears on his face. “You still proved to your brother that you can be a Saiyan warrior through pride. That’s not very common to see. You… by far impressed me for a low-class.”
Nappa chuckles again as he bends down to reach Karot’s level. “Looks like you’ve been training as well. I see it in you! You have a strong fighting spirit kido!”
“You have no idea.” Raditz mumbles.
Karot nods then grins. “So, when will we start? You know, the fighting and such…”
The Saiyan general laughs. “Right… now! Take a look Vegeta!”
Vegeta turns on his scouter and his smirk deepens as he reads the readings flickering on the screen. “Looks like they’ve been waiting for us!”
The five Saiyans look up to the sky and see Krillin descending from the sky. He is the first to arrive. He gulps loudly, realizing the mess that he just got himself into. “Wait a minute… there’s more of you?!”
“Afraid now aren’t you short man?” Raditz snickers. “I forgot to tell you about these two. They a far stronger than I am. How does that sound?”
“That doesn’t scare me!” A voice shouts from the sky.
“Krillin!” A smaller voice calls.
Krillin looks above him and spots two of his friends landing next to him. “Chatzou! Tien! Hey! You made it just in time!” He glares at the Saiyans waiting patiently yards away from them. “Looks like we got a little more on our hands huh? It was 3, but now it’s 5.”
“3? 5? Makes no difference to me.” Tien says.
Next comes Yamcha who lands with his back on his friends. He does a heroic spin around to face the Saiyans. “What’s up? Sorry to keep you waiting.”
“Yamcha!” The tone in Krillin’s voice tells everyone that he is relieved to not be the only one.
“And don’t you dare forget about me!” The deep intimidating voice calls out from above. Everyone looks up, spotting the green man with a waving white cape.
“P-Piccolo!” They shout.
“You should have expected me to arrive here.” Piccolo’s eyes dart to Kakarot’s direction. “Especially after what that Saiyan has done to me a year ago. I won’t let that go unpunished. Don’t think that just because I am fighting alongside you fools does not mean I am your friend or any of that ignorance. I just don’t want these creeps to interfere-”
“With your conquest of Earth. We get it.” Kakarot interrupts him. This is rewarded with a few surprised looks from his former friends. “Can we just go straight to the fighting now?”
“I can’t believe what has become of you… why would you just turn against us like that Goku?”
“Why does everyone keep asking me that question? The answer is obvious.” Kakarot growls. “I’ve been waiting for a whole year for this chance. I don’t want to wait another second!”
“Patience Kakarot. Let them speak their minds out if they want. This could be their last words.” Vegeta says.
“Tch. Speak our minds out. You take me as a weak fool don’t you? Don’t feel so cocky because that goes for you too!” Piccolo grumbles with a clenched fist. It’s clear that he won’t tolerate anyone who has the same goal as him in mind.
“Oh? Cocky you say? That’s funny coming from someone like you green man.” Vegeta looks at his comrade Nappa. “Hey Nappa, I think our friend here is a Namekian. I recognize his voice from the transmissions I got from the scouter.” The prince tapped the screen a couple times as if they have no clue on what he is talking about. “I can see why Raditz had a little trouble from the likes of him”
“Okay… so… What’s a Namekian?” Piccolo wonders aloud.
“I’ve heard rumors that Namekian hold special talents. They can pull off a few tricks, almost like a magician. He must be the one who created these so-called “DragonBalls” I believe.”
The Z-Fighters gasp. How does he know about them?
---- Kami’s lookout---
“Oh, Kami…” Mr. Popo says with big concern. The guardian of the Earth is trembling somewhat.
“Mr. Popo… for the first time I’ve finally heard of my origin. It’s true… I am the one who created the Dragon Balls. For years I’ve attempted to make such a magnificent item. When I succeed, I finally felt as if I were home… or as if, a piece of home has found me.” Kami sighs and walks a few paces away from his spot. “I’m afraid that it won’t be long until Goku tells him everything he knows about them. The Saiyans will certainly use the balls to their advantage. Then again, there still could be hope for you all, but… not me unfortunately.”
“You mean…”
“This is the day that Piccolo or I will die. I can sense it strongly. Unless they spare him, the world is in sake. I pray that Goku will see reason and once again become our hero, but the chances of that happening is so slim. His heart is strongly clouded with hatred and is no longer pure. I can sense a great deal of evil emanating from him. It won’t be long until it fully consumes him…”
---The Warzone---
“I wonder if this fairy tale I’ve heard about such a magical item is true. We’ll soon get answers.” Vegeta says.
Piccolo snorts. “Well, you’re looking at the wrong guys. First, I never made the Dragon Balls. Second…” he gets into a stance. “I am no magician. as you can see, I am a warrior. All of you are wrong if you think you can defeat us with your Saiyan power!”
“But this here is interesting… one… two… three… four… and five. What do you see here?”
“Five of us each.” Karot points out quickly. “That mean we’re even.”
“Interesting.” Raditz says. “What do you think? How will we handle this situation?”
“I have the perfect idea.” Vegeta says this as if he’s a genius. “Each of you will fight one of us. Sound fair right? You know, like a game. It should be fun.”
As fair as the plan sounds, Piccolo isn’t up for it. He growls as his clenched fist tightens. “You are a fool if you think that we’re going to play your stupid little game! We’ll take all of you at once!”
“Whoa! Whoa! Let’s not rush things!” Krillin warns him before things can really go out of hand. “This game may just be the only chance we have on saving the Earth. Besides, you wanted to fight Goku for yourself right? This is your big chance after all.” After the Namik calms down, Krillin crosses his arms with a frown. “I can’t believe I had to say that to my enemy.”
“Sound good to me.” Tien stretches his arms as he walks into the center of the crowd. “I could use a little warm up.”
Nappa gives out a long hard laugh. “Good! Fresh meat for the grinder!” He grins at his comrades. “Warm up huh? I believe that the only ones who’ll suit that is the brat here. You’re up kid!”
Karot gulps as he points to himself. “You mean… me?”
“Isn’t that what I just said? C’mon!” He shoves him forward and Karot yelps. “Get in there and prove to me that you are Saiyan enough to handle some real combat! Or is it your Human half that’s clouding your judgement?”
Karot shakes his head. “No. I won’t back down. I know that I’m strong!” He walks forward until he’s a few paces away from Tien. “I’ll take him down right now!”
Tien doesn't look even a tiny interested about this. “Isn’t he Goku’s boy? He sure does talk big for such a young kid.”
“Hey! Don’t underestimate me! I can be scary and strong just like my dad! You’ll wish that you never messed with us!” Karot shouts.
“That’s the spirit boy!” Nappa cheers on.
“Remember the training Raditz gave you! Don’t hold nothing back!” Vegeta orders.
Karot takes a deep determined breathe. “Okay!”
“It’s sad that this kid is being raised on the wrong path. I think it’s time I teach him a lesson.” Tien cracks his knuckles and sprints at the kid with a battle cry. He thrust his hand forward that only has two fingers up. A powerful force blows Karot away. he doesn’t give the boy the chance to stand. He lunges at him and kicks the kid away. karot lands face-first on the ground which skids his crash to a stop.
“You’ve got to be kidding me! This isn't all you got!” Napps shouts angrily.
Karot breaths heavily as he rises to his feet. He wipes his mouth with his arm and glances at it. It is smeared with blood. He glares at Tien with a growl.
“Getting upset?” Tien asks. “You’re the one who decided to join these guys. I can’t imagine you - Gohan - being evil, but life is full of surprises.”
“Full of surprises huh?” Karot spits. He lunges at Tien and swiftly and kicks him hard on his chest. Tien falls to the ground stunned, not expecting such an ambush. Karot is satisfied. He has proven his point.
“How did I allow that to happen?” Tien huffs as he gets to his feet. He snaps his head at Kakarot’s direction as he laughs his silly laugh.
“This is too funny! The look on your face!” Kakarot laughs. “You just got kicked down effortlessly by my 4 year old son. It’s a shame.” His silly grin grows dark suddenly. “That makes you look weaker than you actually seem Tien. I feel sorry for you. If this is how it is for the rest of the earthlings then this is a waste of time!”
"He did not just say that!" Krillin yelps.
Raditz is just as surprised as the Humans. Did his little brother who once protected the earth just called them "weak"? Did the word "earthlings" actually came out of his mouth or was Raditz hearing things? He even mentioned how a waste of time it would be if the fight is a breeze. It's actually happening. The Saiyan who was called Goku is now showing his Saiyan pride. It's about time.
"Goku! You can't do this to us! You can still turn back! Fight alongside us so that we can protect the Earth and rescue your wife and Bulma!" Yamcha calls.
Kakarot waves away Yamcha's words. "I'm not going back. Sorry, but I'm with who I belong. I'm a Saiyan Yamcha, and I will do what I was destined to do, not the other way around. Not anymore. I'm disappointed with myself for believing all these years that I was the strongest boy on Earth and to think that I was a freak because I was the only one who had a tail. Now I know why." He takes a couple steps forward. "You guys removed my tail because you were afraid of the abilities that I held with it. I agreed with it then, but this time, I won't."
"What are you talking about? The last time you had a tail, you was 15!"
"Things are different now."
Raditz laughs for a second. "Kakarot. Would you kindly show these Humans the one thing that you received after they stole that power from you years ago?"
Tien's eyes widen. "You don't mean...?"
Kakarot gets into a stance. "Sure. Why not?" He glares at Piccolo. "I'll have to finish what I started anyway."
"It's about time you decided to show your face around me Goku!" Piccolo huffs.
Kakarot lunges himself towards Piccolo, taking his turn on the battlefield. His eyes catch a movement from the corner of his view.
"No you don't!"
The voice belongs to Krillin. Kakarot spins around and a foot strikes his lower jaw and he nearly falls back but he stays in flight. Then comes Yamcha who punched him on the chest. They are gaining in him to slow him down. Annoyed by this, he kicks the monk away. Yamcha grabs hold on to his arms and locks in but after a few struggling moments, he is simply whipped away. "What was that suppose to be?!" Kakarot shouts. “Wasn’t we all told that we are taking turns here?! You guys are being unfair!”
“He’s treating the fight like a game. I despise it.” Piccolo spits. He looks around him in notice that the Humans are either mouth dropped or shaking in great fear. “Now what’s the issue?”
“I-I don’t understand! How did he grow it back?! I thought Kami permanently removed it!” Krillin shouts in disbelief. “Goku’s tail! It grew back! How is that even possible?”
“Let’s just say that one of your former friend’s earthling friends was willing to create an antidote for it.” Raditz explains. “She was a bit stubborn at first, but after some convincing, she got the job done.”
Yamcha narrows his eyes. “How dare you do this to Bulma! I’m going to make you pay for that!”
“Alright! I’ll go!” Krillin gets ready to jump in there, but Yamcha puts an arm in front of him. “No Krillin, I’ll handle this. You’ve been wished back to life with the Dragon Balls before haven’t you? If something happens to me, then we know that there’s a chance that I’ll be coming back.”
“Really?” Raditz looks at his brother, then back at Yamcha. He bursts out in laughter. “You must be pulling my tail! According to my scouter, you won’t stand a chance against me!” He stops and grins. “But… I guess you can try.”
“Tell me where they are!” Yamcha demands.
“If you want to know, defeat me first.” Raditz accepts his challenge.
Yamcha doesn’t hesitate. He charges at the Saiyan with great speed, and Raditz does the same to Yamcha. It seems as if they disappeared in mid air.
Karot gasps. He looks around in hopes that his uncle would show around but he can’t see them anywhere. He can only hear the clashes of them fighting and their shouts. “Th-they're gone!”
“No they’re not Karot. They are just moving super fast.” Kakarot explains. He focuses his attention on the sky and his eyes dart in many directions as if he can clearly see them. “Try to sense their energy like I taught you. Let your body take your surroundings. You are the only one who can’t see them.”
“I am?” The young Demi-Saiyan realizes this when everyone else is turning their heads all in the same direction almost every second. He takes a deep breathe and tries to sense the two in combat. “See with my body, not my eyes.” The line was taught to him from his father so that he can remember what exactly to do. After a moment he can hear the clashes more clearly. Then he sees faint movement. Then, he finally sees them sparing heavily and violently as they try to land an attack on each other. “I-I can see them!”
Yamcha tries his best to land a hit, but occasionally, he’s the one who takes the damage. It bothers him so much that Raditz has resemblance to Goku. They are brothers after all, but it reminds him on how he can’t seem to ever beat him.
Raditz seems to be enjoying himself. He smiles every time the weak earthling shouts out in pain when he takes a hit. He punches him square on the face and as Yamcha covers it in pain, Raditz uses the opportunity and locks his hands together, slamming them both on the Human’s head and watches him fall towards the ground. Somehow, the Human springs back up with a raised fist. Raditz cleverly snatches his arm and throws him to the sky. As the Human descends, both hands are cupped to his sides. “Wait a minute…” Raditz is familiar with that posture.
Raditz’s scouter beeps and shows the increase of his opponent's power level. The blast is just about as huge as his brother’s when he first fought him. “So he knows that attack too! Same result!” He trusts his arms forward to shove away the blast like he has done a year ago. It explodes and instead, he is shoved to the ground.
“Yeah!” Chatzou rises both hands into the air.
“Great job Yamcha!” Krillin parishes.
Several yards away on a cliff, a news crew is broadcasting this live.
“Whoa! Did you see that?” One member shouts in awe.
Yamcha lands on the ground with a victor filled smirk on his face. “Well, I guess you Saiyans aren’t as strong as you think you are. I’ll gladly take all of you on.”
“Really? That would be interesting to see, but I’m afraid that we won’t have the chance.” Vegeta replies.
“What?” Yamcha is a bit confused, but that confusion is replaced with fear as Raditz jumps over him and lands right in front of him without a single scratch on him! “HUH?!”
Raditz laughs again. “So that was all you had in you I see. Pitiful!” He kicks the Human to the ground. “Even though, it was effective in kicking up dust.”
“So you’re bringing up that joke again?” Piccolo growls.
Yamcha quickly stands. “That’s it! I’m not tolerating this any longer! I’ll just get Bulma myself!” He takes off into the air and flies towards the direction she is in. “I’m coming Bulma!”
“No you idiot!” Piccolo shouts.
“Hey! He’s breaking the rules!” Kakarot points out. “I hate rule breakers!”
“And so do I.” Vegeta simply says. He points his first two fingers at the fleeing Human and they glow for a second and a blast is shot from it. It hits Yamcha directly and explodes.
“YAMCHA!” Krillin shouts.
The smoke clears, revealing the Human curled into a ball lying on the ground. He’s horribly wounded everywhere, and his gi is torn in many places. Krillin rushes over to him and gets to his knees. He presses his ears against his friend’s back and his face widened when he doesn’t even hear a heartbeat. “H-He’s gone…”
--- The Kame House ---
Everyone else is watching the fight on international television. They all stare in disbelief for they freid has fallen.
Puar latches on the screen crying as his little fist pound on it. “No, Yamcha! Please tell me that this is not true! Yamcha! Please don’t! Yamcha!” He continues to cry out his best friend’s name, refusing to believe that he is dead.
--- The warzone ---
“How disappointing. He just had to run off like that instead of fighting. So loyal to another earthling.” Vegeta sighs as he drops his hand to the side.
“That wasn’t what I wanted to see! I want to see him fight!” Nappa shouts.
“Easy Nappa.” Vegeta warns him to not cross his line. “Let’s just give them a moment to clear this trash from the battlefield.”
Hearing that, Krillin stands with a angry look on his face. “How dare you.” He bends his legs. “Okay everyone, stand back! I’m going to teach these jerks a lesson!” He glances back at Yamcha and says; “This is for you buddy.” He rises both hands into the air and yellow ki crackles there. He is determined to avenge his friend’s life, even if it means claiming Goku’s along with the other Saiyans.

A/N: Finally finish! I managed to publish ANOTHER chapter before school’s over! By the time I return, I shall be a junior! As you can see, I used a few lines from the anime and you guys’ ideas!


To be continued to Chapter 8!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
A/N: Espeon804 here with another great chapter! I must first thank you all for all the great reviews I have received from you! I don’t have much to say except that this chapter takes place six months later after all the drama from the previous chapter! Just like the anime almost! Let it begin!
You know what to do! Review, Review!

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN DB, DBZ, DBGT, nor DBZKai. All rights go to the original author Akira Toriyama! Why do you think this is called a fanfiction? It's a fan-made story, so no suing! I'm too young to be sued! I don't even know how to handle that stuff. The concept is confusing. O.o

-Espeon804, the teenage Pokemon, DragonBall, ThunderCats, and more fan!

-------Chapter 6: A lot can happen in 6 months!-------
It’s been six months. In six months, they’ve been battered and thrown around. In six months, they had to put the past behind them to help themselves on becoming stronger. In six months… it’s clear that, they have changed a lot or so the Z-Fighters believe, but the fact itself could be true. Both warriors; Saiyan and Demi-Saiyan, they both did grow stronger indeed. Their personalities did change. One became brave, the other became almost merciless.
Karot sleeps on his back. His body is covered with his yellow tunic, the outfit that Raditz made him take off before he was left behind. He had to put it back on, because running around naked isn’t something that he is comfortable about. He yawns loudly and sits up with a stretch of his arms. After sitting there lazy-eyed for a few moments, his stomach growls, reminding him that it needs to be feed. He smiles. “Food.” He snatched a wooden bowl he had for a while and he leaps to his feet and being a daredevil, he leaps off the cliff rocks he slept on one by one. He reaches the ground laughing as he sprints across the field. He spots a tree bearing small berries and with a shout, he lunges at it and gives it a good and hard kick. as the berries fall, he cleverly collects them with his bowl, laughing joyfully. They stop falling and now the bowl is full. he finds a rock and uses it as a chair and he begins to eat it by handfuls.
He doesn’t even get the chance to eat it halfway when heavy stomping starts. He ignores it and focuses on his meal. The low growl of a drooling dinosaur above him finally fully has his attention. “Oh. Hi.” He simply says. He swallows the berries in his mouth. “So, you’re back for more huh?” Honestly, he has no idea why this particular dino keeps coming back to try to catch him. Not like he doesn’t mind though.
The dino roars and dives his mouth towards the monkey-tailed boy. it misses since he leaped out the way in time. Another pursuit begins. It tries to chomp him down, but the boy keeps dodging.
“Heh-heh-heh-heh!” The Demi-Saiyan turns his head seeing that the dino is close behind. He sticks his tongue out. “You missed me!” He continues to run. Any longer and he’ll run right into a cliff, but this is his plan after all, because he makes a sharp turn and leaps up into the sky just as the dino runs into the cliff itself. Ki gathers in his hand. “Okay! I’m about to chop some meat off your tail now!” He fires it and it slices a good amount. He lands and hauls the meat over his shoulder. He takes note on how short the reptile's tail is now. “Hm. Looks like you’ll be out of tail pretty soon.”
It's only reply was a soft growl. It lays there dazed as a small rock bounces off its head.
Karot isn’t aware that his uncle is watching far above. “Good. He’s improving faster than I thought. Perhaps I should inform my brother about this hm?" He turns around and flies, using his Scouter to detect Kakarot's power level.

"KAAAA-MEEEE... HAAAA-MEEEE.... HAAAAAAAA!" Kakarot unleashes his signature attack and it shoots across the field. His target is a giant boulder, the biggest in the plains he is training at. It is way off in the other side. Surely, his attack will miss, but he knows better. He shifts his arms, forcing the blast to change direction like he did when he was fighting Raditz. It slams right into it, and the rock is shattered, but not vaporized. "Man... I need to do some more training for better results. At this rate, things won't seem so pretty in the future battlefield." He gets into his stance to deliver another Kamehameha, but he senses a strong familiar energy hovering right above him. Quickly, he turns around with a rises arm and blocks a punch that his brother tried to deliver.
"Good. Your reflexes has improved a lot." Raditz says as he touches the ground. "In fact, for these past six months, both of you have picked up a lot. I have to admit, you and your son have impressed me. The brat has gained a lot of courage and skill. The prince should be pleased." He pauses for a moment. "Oh, right. I forgot to tell you something. I've done you a small favor."
"Really? That's awesome! But... a favor? I never requested anything from you." Kakarot says oddly.
"I had a hunch that you might be pleased that I have decided to bring you two Earthlings that I believe we'll find useful at least. They should be grateful that I am sparing them for now." Raditz suddenly flies back into the air and dives into the crater. A few moments later, he leaps out with two bickering woman, one on each side. He carelessly tosses them to the ground to his brother's feet.
"Urrgh! This guy has no manners at all! Swooping down like that and kidnapping me like he's some kind of jerk! Doing that to a delicate flower like me!" One woman groans.
"And for kidnapping my Gohan!" Another growls.
Kakarot recognizes the two attitudes and voices instantly. "Bulma? ChiChi? How did you know about them?" He's a bit shocked. Raditz met Bulma, but never ChiChi. He wonders how Raditz knew that Chichi is his wife and all.
"Your son has your wife's looks, and I was told that the blue haired woman is the smartest in the world, so I brought them here. They'll live for now, unless the prince decides to let them live that is." Raditz explains.
Bulma and ChiChi rises their heads and first sees Raditz looking back at them with a frown, then Kakarot who gives them a puzzled look. Both woman almost choke at the sight of him.
"Y-you're wearing that?!" Bulma shrieks as her trembling hand points at the armor that her former friend wares.
"Why Goku? Why would you turn against us like that?!" ChiChi looks more angry than afraid. "You have a family to take care of! A planet to protect, and all the sudden this jerk shows up and you become the enemy!" He shoots to her feet and pokes her husband's chest, making him gulp. "How DARE you! Now my son is going to be a delinquent! He should be focused on his studying but you two just had to get in the way! What kind of father does that?!"
"This woman is getting on my nerves." Raditz grumbles. He glares at her, almost intimidating her. "Stop your annoying bickering woman! Ever since I found you all you've done is nag, nag, nag! I'm sick of it! Do you want me to knock you out again?!" He had to knock her out when he found her. Her ear-piercing speeches were making his ears bleed.
"Why you!"
PONG! Something hard knocks the warrior off his feet. He rubs his face from the stinging pain. "The hell-?!" He glares at her again and sees the source of pain; a frying pan. "How did you get that?!"
ChiChi frowns. "I keep it under my dress in case I need it thank you very much! You two need to be taught something!" She hits him again with it.
"Damn!" Raditz hisses. How can a simple item inflict so much pain?! "Stop it! I won't hesitate to blast you!"
"That's enough ChiChi! Leave him alone!" Kakarot warns her after finally finding some courage to speak up against her. His reward is a smack with the frying pan as well.
"You two need to learn some manners! I can handle my husband, but two is just overwhelming! If his brother is this way, then I see where the rudeness comes from! You Saiyans are just disrespectful among others! You better give me back my son!" She hits them both this time. "Where is he?!" She gets ready to do it again, as it comes down, Kakarot catches it in time. "Huh?"
"I said that's enough!" He snatches the "weapon" from her and simply snaps it in half, and tosses it aside.
"Goku!" ChiChi shouts. This is the first time he dared to cross her line.
"Stop calling me that! My name is Kakarot!" He rubs his swollen head. "Jeez. I wish I can go one day without someone hitting my head like that."
"Grr! I am tired of this! Every time I bring something around you, you always have to break it! I am going to-" Her nagging is cut off when surprisingly, Kakarot chops her on the throat.  She almost chokes as she falls to the ground. Her attitude disappears and is replaced with fear as she watches her husband give her the darkest grin she has ever seen.
"Like my brother said," Kakarot's dark grin grows wider as a ki ball is created on one had. He faces it at his wife from point blank rage right near her face. "Stop the attitude and he'll let you live. I know that he doesn't bluff and I certainly agree with what he says because to be honest, I'm sick of it." The ki ball grows bigger and ChiChi crawls back a bit. "Sounds like a good deal... right?"
"Wh-what has happened to the Goku we all once knew?" Bulma whispers.
"Oh, he's still here and there but, a lot has changed you see..." Kakarot answers. "I'm just Saiyan"
Raditz snickers at the show that his younger brother is showing. For the past six months, he has taught Kakarot more about his heritage. Slowly but finally, he embraced it. He noticed that one day when Kakarot started to talk rudely towards Raditz on how boring the training has became. Normally Kakarot would’ve been grateful and relieved when training becomes so easy. What Kakarot says next confirms it.
“I hope that your friends are training as hard as they can. I don’t want to fight a whole bunch of weaklings. That, would be boring.” Kakarot, satisfied that he finally has ChiChi in a leash, makes the ki ball fade away. He walks over to his brother. "Are you going to get Karot?"
"Karot? Who is Karot?" Bulma wondered out loud.
"The one you address as that stupid earthling name "Gohan"." Raditz answers. "Don't worry about him now Kakarot. What we should be looking at is your tail problem."
"My what?"
Raditz turns his attention back to Bulma. "Tell me earthling. Do you have it ready already or not?"
"It will take some time. You're going to have to be patient." Bulma growls.
"You've been working on it for over a month now woman! How long does this take?!" Raditz snaps.
"Wait. You never told me you had her for a while." Kakarot is a bit confused. How did his brother manage to keep the two hidden without him knowing? He could had detected their energy but Raditz had to hide them really well if even he couldn't sense that.
"There's a lot of things that you don't know what I have for you Kakarot." Raditz simply points out. He looks back at Bulma now who is shaking from fear. "You're hesitating to give it to me aren't you?" She shakes more rapidly now, and he rises a hand, threatening to hit her. "So that's it! You had it all along today! I suggest that you hand it over or this day will be your last!"
"Good! Because I would rather die than work for you and your monkey friends!" Bulma spits out with hatred mixed with fear.
The Saiyan's angry expression switches to what almost looks like amusement for a second. "I never thought that a few of you Humans would have so much courage against us Saiyans. I see why Kakarot is a bit of a coward around you two." He ignores Kakarot's protest. "I think the prince would find you very stubborn to take his orders. Your personality is similar to the Saiyan woman I've seen in my life." He extended his hand. "Now, hand it over."
Instead, Bulma slaps away his hand.
"Okay then. I'll have to convince you then!" He swiftly snatches her legs and shoots to the air in shocking speed. He laughs as the blue-haired woman screams.
"PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW! THIS ISN'T FUNNY!" Bulma screams as she pounds her fists on Raditz's legs. She knows that it won't have any effect, but it's the only defense she can come up with at this moment.
Raditz sneers. "Put you down? Fine with me!" He lets her go while shouting. "Kakarot! Catch!"
Kakarot extends his arms and catches her just when she was about to hit the ground. "Now wasn't that fun?" He chuckles.
Kakarot laughs as he throws her back to his brother. "Here Raditz!"
Raditz catches her. "Convinced yet?"
"NEVER!" Bulma shouts.
"Alright." Raditz lets her go again.
Kakarot catches her again. "C'mon Bulma. I know that Raditz will keep this up if you refuse. Eventually I'll miss and you'll die from your fall, so just give up." When she says nothing, he simply throws her back up and Raditz catches her once more. "Man. You're so stubborn."
"Make it easier for you. The more you cooperate with me, the better. Hand it over."
"Go to hell!" Bulma growls.
"Aren't you the feisty one? Go ahead and keep that up if you want. It only makes things more fun for me!" This time he throws her hard and she shoots towards the ground fast enough to make her go through it if she hits it.
As she hoped, Kakarot catches her in time. He chuckles again. "It's like a game of toss!" He gets ready to throw her again.
"See? It's not that hard!" Kakarot still has the cheerfulness in his voice. He puts her down. "There ya go!"
The moment Raditz lands on the ground, Bulma digs into her pocket and takes out a box that is the size of her hand. "Here! Take it!" She tosses it at him and crosses her arms. "If Gohan was involved in this "Throw the delicate flower around" game, then it'll be more like "monkey in the middle". I'm not looking forward to meeting more Saiyans."
Raditz peers inside the box. "Good. You seem to have more brains than I originally thought."
"I'll take that as a compliment." Bulma grumbles. "Can you at least put me back with ChiChi? I don't want to be around you two another second."
"Sure!" Kakarot picks her up and tosses her aside. Her screams fade away. Her turns his attention to his brother now. "What is that anyway? Why is it so important to you?"
"You actually." Raditz tells him. "She used your DNA from your hair to help you grow a new tail. They may have removed it to the point that it won't grow back naturally, but the roots of it still remains. Adding this will help your tail's cells regenerate and by time, it'll grow back good as new."
"Uh..." Kakarot tilts his head to the side.
"You didn't understand that did you?" Raditz sighs.
"Yeah, I'm afraid you lost me there." Kakarot replies while scratching his head. "Can you repeat that again?"
"Your cells will regenerate from the DNA and it'll grow back."
"You know, artificially."
"This will help your tail come back."
"Oh! I get it now!"
Raditz falls to the ground anime style.
"Hey Raditz? Are you okay? You just fell down!" Kakarot asks.
"I fell because of your stupidity." Raditz gets back to his feet and opens the box. "Now let's get this done quickly. I want to see how you'll look with a tail. Like a true Saiyan of course." He takes out a container containing a green liquid and a needle. He fills it up with the substance. "Now..." He pauses. Kakarot is no where in sight. "KAKAROT!"
"Ayiee!" Kakarot flies away faster than he ever thought he could fly. He looks behind him and sees his older brother chasing him.
"AHHH! NEEDLE! NEEDLE, NEEDLE, NEEDLE!" Kakarot tries to outrun him but he is so close. He makes the wrong turns and bumps right into his brother. "AHHH!"
"Stay still!" He grabs the squirming Saiyan firmly and points the needle at his tailbone area.
"You are pathetic! A warrior should not be afraid of needles!" Raditz is struggling to keep Kakarot still. "Keep squirming like that and it'll inject you in your eyes!"
"NOOOOOO!" Kakarot tries to kick him away but still, his power does not surpass his brother's. He knows that he is doomed to the needle. He screams when the needle jabs him.
"There you go." Raditz says as he catches his breathe. "I had to fight you to get that done. Such a shame!" He punches him on the head. "Learn to stay still idiot!"
"Ow!" He covers his head and shoots a death glare at Raditz. "Stop punching my head!"
"Then stop acting so stupid!" He growls. "Do something useful and keep an eye on the two earthlings while I go get your son!" He flies off, leaving his little brother alone.
Kakarot groans while rubbing his shot tailbone. "Man. It's going to be sore for days." He finally descends to the ground where his wife and former friend sits. He would sit down too, but the pain makes it impossible. He hopes that whatever planet his brother came from doesn't have a hospital with needles.
---- Z-Fighters ----
"I have gathered you all today because our world is in sake." The guardian of Earth, Kami, addresses the fighters who are lined up in two neat rows: Krillin, Yamcha and Yajirobe in one, Tein and Chatzou in another. “How much you train here will determine the fate of our world.”
“Man. With all of us training here together like this, there is no way that we’ll lose. Those Saiyan don’t stand a chance!” Yamcha says.
Krillin eyes narrow in the ‘you’re kidding me right?’ fashion. “Must I remind you that Goku is a Saiyan too. That means 3 we’ll have to deal with if you add Gohan to the equation. Goku’s brother is crazy strong you know.”
“All the more reason to train harder.” Tien adds. “If we go on the battlefield, let me go against Goku. It’ll be like old times.” He punches his hand with a fist. “Only it’ll be different this time.”
Chatzou nods once in agreement.
Mr. Popo looks at the elder. “But Kami, what about Goku?”
“He may be powerful, but not one must always win with strength alone.” Kami says.
Yajirobe seems to be not interested. He scratches his head, still a bit confused. “Now uh how is it that you are still alive when Goku killed Piccolo? Aren’t you suppose to be dead too?”
Though the question is rude, Kami decides to answer it anyway. “I believe that Goku didn’t attack in the one spot that cannot regenerate. Piccolo survived just barely.”
“Do you think that he’ll become our ally to fight against the Saiyans?” Chazou asks.
“Most likely.” Yamcha guesses. “If I know him well, I’ll say that he would. He wants Goku dead 100%.”
Tien cracks his knuckles. “Alright. I think we had enough talk. How about we get started?”
Yamcha nods once and lunges at Tien to attack. Immediately, the two start to spar. It doesn’t take long and everyone’s sparing among each other.
---- Goku ----
Kakarot rapidly punches and kicks the air to give him some small training and to pass time. It’s been half an hour since Raditz left to find Karot. he can since their energy growing closer which is a good sign. Any longer and he probably would’ve went off to look for himself, but he knows better. Raditz would’ve punched him for that.
“You know Goku, it would be kind for you to stop training for a second and give us something to eat here!” Bulma shouts.
Kakarot stops his sparing and looks at the woman. He’s annoyed that she had to interrupt him, but he can’t argue. They do need food. “With an attitude like that, I’m not sure if Raditz would buge to do that for you.”
She sighs and plops back to the ground. “I would say more, but I feel like I’m about to hurl.”
Kakarot smirks. Looks like she learned from her being tossed around. Too bad it ended so soon. he was having fun getting even with her from all the times she punched him in the past. He looks at his wife who finally fell asleep on the ground. He doesn’t find her much of a problem anymore either. After what he did earlier, she didn’t dare to go up against him like that again. he feels accomplished. If he never joined Raditz, then he would still be miserable in his own home.
He winches when sudden pain stabs him on his lower back. This is the third time he felt it for the passing 30 minutes and it gets worse each time. He swears that if Raditz ever tries to stick another needle into him, he’ll make sure that his brother will feel the pain first.
Kakarot quickly looks at the sky and sees his son flying at him with open arms. Flying! The scene makes him happy. Raditz must’ve came by once a while to give Karot a few tips. “Hi there!” He catches his son and hold him in his arms. “Wow. I barely recognized you there for a second. Looks like that survival stuff made you a lot tougher than you was before.”
Karot smiles. “Uncle Raditz told me that I have a new name. It’s Karot right?”
“That’s right. You like it?”
“Yeah! It sounds almost like yours daddy! See, Raditz visited me sometimes and trained me a bit. I can fight, but it’s not enough he said. I need more training…” His eyes dart over to where his mother lies. “Is that mommy?”
The moment she was mentioned, ChiChi shot up awake instantly. “G-Gohan? Is that really you?!” Without thinking, she dashes towards him. “Gohan!”
Karot surprisingly turns away from her. “Leave me alone.”
“What? I am your mother Gohan! Come here! Do you realize how behind you are in studying and you are hanging out with a bunch of disrespectful men?!”
“They are my dad and uncle mom. You turned me into a baby which is why I am not strong yet. Dinosaurs tried to eat me and I didn’t know what to do because it’s all your fault. I would rather train than study! My name isn’t Gohan, it’s Karot now! just leave me alone!”
ChiChi’s face grows pale and is full of shock. meanwhile, Raditz is laughing hard in the sidelines.
“That’s the spirit!” Raditz says.
ChiChi’s face turns red from anger as she was about to yell again but the redness fades away quickly as she and Bulama screams. All three Saiyans flinch from the ear-piercing sound. “G-Goku!”
“What now? And stop calling me that for the last time!” Kakarot says.
“Daddy? You have one too?” Karot asks with a smile.
“It actually worked…” Bulma whispered.
“What did?” Okay, this is very confusing. He has no idea on what they are talking about.
Raditz answers his question. “You’re looking like a true Saiyan now. Look down behind you brother.”
He does so and is greeted by a brown furry tail.

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-------Chapter 3: A prehistoric getaway!-------

"Why were they staring at you like that?" Varity asks an hour later in her advanced tent, combing her hair in the bathroom. "I mean, they were afraid of your tail."
Hikari glances at her tail. Before they left, Diennay highly recommended for her tail to get removed permanently. "But I like my tail." She mumbles. She had it cut off before, and she hated the fact that she couldn't swing on the trees until it grew back a year later. They seemed to be afraid of the fact that her father has one too.
"And then they mentioned something about the full moon." Varity walks out the bathroom, slipping on a hair band. "So... You are forbidden from looking at the moon, because it puts you to sleep?"
"Seems that way." The half Saiyan replies. "It's the same with my dad. He's afraid of it. When I asked why, he didn't want to tell me."
"Maybe the moon and your tail are connected."
Hikari fell between them. It's no wonder why Zircon always wants her to keep her tail around her waist. People seem to fear the Saiyan tail more than the Saiyan itself.
"That was cool what you did back there." Varity says to ease the tension. "You fought really well." But seeing no progress, she decided to try to cheer the girl up. "I can teach you how to fly."
Hikari looks up at her teenage friend. "You can really do that for me?"
"Can? I will." She promised with a wink and a nod. "It really isn't hard at all. All Saiyans can do that right? I did a little research just now." She takes out her Samsung Galaxy phone and has a good look at it. "Saiyans are born fighters. Flight is rather easy with them, in fact, I believe some already know how to fly after they are born, but that was from a myth I heard about. But it is true that Saiyan halfbreeds have less of a passion for fighting than pure blooded Saiyans.
The term 'halfbreed' was what she was called her entire life from other people. Hikari is aware that her friend has no intention on using the word as an insult, but what she says is true. That explains why her father can't seem to relax. When he tries to, he becomes cranky and moody, and can't seem to understand on how her mother could do it. As for Hikari, she's somewhere in between.
Varity gives her the signal to stand. "Come outside." She goes towards the door, and Hikari follows. As soon as they step foot into the field, Varity turns to face the half Saiyan. "First, spread your feet."
Hikari does so.
"Good. Now, just focus your energy evenly around your body. Believe in yourself. Then, give your legs a small push.
Hikari isn't sure if it is going to be that easy. "How are you sure?"
"You'll know when you're ready." Varity announces, heading for her tent. "I'll be behind the tent when you need me. I have to check on my traps." She sighs as her friend makes a puppy face, most likely begging for her to stay. "C'mon Giru!" She shoots into the air and flies away. Dang, she makes it look so easy!
Knowing that standing around won't help, Hikari does what she was told. "Just focus your energy Cabba." She tells herself. She closes her eyes, trying to focus her ki in her body. All her worries starts to fade away. She feels like she can just float away any second...
"CABBA!" That doesn't sound good. "HELP ME! HURRY!"
Well, if someone calls her by her name and not by her nickname, it must be urgent. Of course, she's not in the mood to stop her piloting practice. "Aw man!" The young half Saiyan dashes towards the direction of the voice. She first spots a Raptor two to be the exact. Then she notices Varity cornered to a tree as the hungry carnivores approach her.
Some idiot must've used the Dragon Balls to wish dinosaurs to existence. Well, that was what her father use to always say When he brought home a dinosaur carcass to have for dinner, which strongly displeases her mother. The first time he did that, she screamed and threw the dead reptile towards the horizon. It was one of those moments that her mother displayed just how powerful she could become. But then they had nothing to eat.
Hikari was never found to carnivores. Those Raptors can leap out in any given moment. One of them took a step, and what Varity says makes Hikari have second thoughts about them.
"IT'S LUNCH TIME CABBA!" She wanted to hear that all day!
At that moment, two juicy stakes took place of the Raptors in the young warrior's point of view. "Yum, yum!" She draws out her sword, and runs for the predators who are now her prey. One of them tries to attack, but she laughs at the face of danger and jumps into the air, kicking it away. The other makes its own attempt. She jabs her weapon right through it, then sliced right through its tail. When the other one tries again, it's reward is being sliced in half. "YEAH!" She slides the sword back on the case strapped to her back.
She turns to her friend, who just won't stop screaming about what she just witnessed. Varity obviously doesn't not want to celebrate because, she just witnessed a 12-year-old turn two Raptors into pork chops! 'W-well, at least you're flying."
"What? Hikari looks below herself, realizing that she's hovering several feet from the ground. "Hey! I did it!" She starts to laugh again. "I did it! I did it!" She repeats the sentence several times while flying in circles.
"Uh, hello?!" Varity shouts in aggravation. "I understand that you are excited and all but, what are you going to do with  these dinosaur remains?!" She gets no answer Ashe Saiyan flies away. "Come back here you idiot!" She growls and slowly rises to her feet. "Why even bother?" She starts to float from the ground and flies towards the tent. When she arrived inside, she sits down to watch T.V., and it isn't long. A knock sheared coming from the door. "About time." She opens it, and Hilari stands at the entrance. "Where did you run off to?"
"You mean, fly off to?" She smiles and steps aside, revealing chunks of the meat cooking over a campfire. She continued as Varity's face went pale. "I'm preparing lunch!"
"Ew! You're actually about to eat that?!" She went back inside and slammed the door in the girl's face. "No way!"
Hikari just shrugs. "More for me then." She went back to the fire to flip the chunks over to fully cook. "I can't see why she doesn't want it. She's missing out." She takes a apple from her basket hand bites it. "I guess that all pure Humans are like that. My father and I would be enjoying this." She takes another bite of the fruit, looking at the sky. "When will you come back anyway?"
Meanwhile, back inside the tent, Varity is preparing a bath for the young warrior. "She'll defeniatly need one after slaying those Raptors. Probably some new clothes too." She returns to the living room to pick up some trash lying around. She then comes across Hikari's sack. "When will she ever learn about hygiene?" She tosses it to the couch, but a picture flew out and flutters to the ground. "What's this?" She picks it up to observe it. "Oh."
It is a photograph of Hikari in a dark man’s arms with a woman standing next to them. Varity observes the picture, paying close attention to the man. His hair seems well braided, perhaps perfectly braided. He doesn’t smile at all, but he doesn’t seem to mind that the young Hikari lays in his arms being carried. She then notices the odd furry brown belt around his waist.... “No wait… isn’t that a tail?” Certainly it is. She recognizes it because Hikari sometimes has hers in the same fashion. In the photograph, her tail is exposed, resting on her lap. She smiles brightly as she held on to a trophy. She wore a yellow tunic with her nickname symbol displayed on it. Her mother holds on to a certificate that reads “top student”. Her eyes were in an unnatural color of violet, and her hair is held back with a hairband. She wore a Z-fighter tunic. It dawns to Varity who she is. “That’s G.J’s daughter Eclipsky! She announced on T.V. that she had a husband for 14 years but, she never said that her husband is a Saiyan!” Her face suddenly grows pale when another thing dawned to her on what Hikari said recently.
She remembers how Hikari wasn’t so happy either;
“A full moon?” She repeats the word with a lot of guilt, and it catches their attention. “My parents always had told me to never look at a full moon. They said that if I do, I fall asleep for a very long time. Plus, during that time of the month, a huge gorilla monster comes out in a rampage. Five years ago, it destroyed my house, pulled my tail out, chased away my father and killed my mother…”
“Oh my Kami.” Varity gaps. “Eclipsky’s dead… she’s my inspiration...she inspired me to keep going no matter what… and she’s dead because of that terrible monster… poor Cabba…” She glances at the photo one more time. Not only does Hikari have to go through the pain of being treated differently because she’s half alien, but also because she has biracial parents. Two of those combined together, if the wrong group of people find out....
Varity shakes the thought out of her head. She makes a silent pledge that she’ll make sure that no one will find out about her Saiyan heritage, and who she is. If both of her parents are Z-fighters, Hikari plays a very huge role at such a young age. It's no wonder why she’s so well trained with martial arts already.
She flips the picture over. Something was written on the back; “Our wonderful daughter, being the best fighter in town.” The handwritten looks like something to expect from a woman so, it’s clear that Eclipsky wrote this. A part of Varity wants to keep the picture because of the writing, but she ignores the urge and takes note on more writing. It doesn't look like English, definitely not Japanese… no language that  she has ever seen.
The front door swings open, almost slamming against the wall. Varity’s first impulse is to hide the picture behind her back.
“That was delicious!” Hikari announces, patting her full belly. “Too bad you missed out!”
"Ew! Gross!" Varity yelps. She points to the direction of the bathroom. "Go take a bath! I can't believe you actually ate that!" As the young half-Saiyan makes her way towards the house to go to the bathroom, the teen adds; "After that, brush your teeth!"
Hikari walks into the bathroom, and started to take off her clothes. She notices that the tub is already filled with warm water. Was it really that bad? Varity's acting like the Saiyan went through the dinosaurs' body. She steps into the water, and starts to bathe.
Varity sighs in relief. Finally, some time alone. She glanced at the bathroom door to be sure that the girl is bathing away. She then took another look at the strange writing on the back of the photo. "Hey Giru!" When the small robot flies over to her side, she handed it the picture. "Can you translate the strange writing?"
Giru's robot eye scans the writing. A few seconds later, a question mark appeared on the eye. "Giru can't translate. Not language on Earth. Giru, Giru."
"Not on Earth?!" She growls, slouching down to her seat. She thinks over it. "Then it must be the Saiyan language."
"What is?"
Varity jumps to her feet.  "I thought that you are taking a bath!" She turns around, only to see her naked. "Oh Kami! Put a towel around you! You can't walk around here naked! That's not lady like!"
"I don't see what's wrong with that. I don't mind being naked at all." She turns around and swings her tail around for her friend to see. "See? Now you really know that my tail is 100% real!"
"Okay, okay. Sheesh." She runs back to the bathroom and returns with a towel covering her body. "I back because I forgot to bring a fresh change of clothes." Her eyes shift, locking on her friend's hand. "Why do you have my picture in your possession?!" She snatches it from the Human, staring at it. "That's all I have left from my parents!"
"I'm sorry Hikari!" Varity panics. She puts her hands up in surrender. " I was just wondering what those Strange markings say." She walks over to her friend's side and points it out to make it clear. Silence fills the room for a few seconds. Then Hikari starts to read out unfamiliar words out loud. Varity's face twisted in confusion. "Y-you can read that?"
Hikari nods.
"Can you translate it if you will?"
Hikari hesitates but, she does so anyway. "You are a true warrior. You have a destiny to meet. Upon the Saiyan race and your ancestor Kakarot, you hold a true power within you..."
"Kakarot?" Varity asks.
"Goku's real name. His Saiyan name, birth name. Whatever you want to call it." She walks back towards the bathroom, taking the picture with her, muttering something in the same language she read earlier.
"Poor Hikari" Varity sighs, now feeling guilt. "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to mess around with her things."
"Varity mean!" Giru shouts. "Varity goes into people's stuff!" This only aggravates the teenager. She slams her fist on his head. "Danger! Danger!" He crashes to the ground.
Hikari growls, stepping back into the water and start to scrub the dirt from her body. She continues to mutter in her native tongue. Now and then her words would switch back to English or Japanese., saying things like “Selfish Humans”. She’s ashamed to not be a pure Saiyan and only a hybrid. Normally when she starts to have hate towards her “weak” half, her mother would step in. Sometimes she has hate towards her “strong” half and, that would be her father’s cue to step in. It’s always been this way. She can never decide which she truly wants to be. Her parents say that she should be grateful to be both, but how can she now? Her mother Eclipsky is dead. Her father Nrock left.
Now she’s stuck with a Human who can’t seem to accept Hikari’s ways. Nrock use to always say that hunting is in a Sayain’s blood. She would’ve ate the dinosaurs raw but, her Human half would probably get sick, unable to stomach it. She wouldn’t chance it anyway because it seems to disgusting. Heck, Nrock did it once, and Eclipsky wasn’t too pleased.
She shouts in her language again. “Why are Humans so weak?! Why are Saiyans so brutal?!”  She focuses on her tail now, allowing the small shedding fur to float away. She gets to her feet, unhooks the back scrubber and wraps her tail around the handle to get a grip and wash her back. Her mother’s voice rings in her head.
“Don’t blame Humans upon their judgements and actions. It’s their nature. They’ll probably never understand you nor your father. They don’t understand because they are not a warrior race like Saiyans. Humans do different things compared to Saiyans. Your abilities is a miracle, but it can also be a disaster.”
“If you don’t control your anger towards your heritage, it’ll interfere with your pure heart.” Her father once told her. “You’re not taking pride about your Saiyan half. I’m worried that one day, your rage will only kill you and those around you. You hold special talents, but you must keep them in check.”
She decides to calm down. Her emotions earlier only got her to learn two techniques without being taught. However, it was unlocked through fear. She can’t imagine what would’ve happened if she gotten angry. Heck, just looking at the full moon makes her angry.
Some people say that Saiyans are like animals because of their violent nature and their behavior in combat. She's against the idea, but who else would scream their lungs out when summoning their true power? Not Humans, that's for sure. But the idea still hurts her. She still thinks that people say so because saiyans are known to possess a tail.
Her parents had told her about her superior power that can be unlocked. If it only comes out through emotions, then there’s no use of it.
it then hits her. She’ll need all the training in order to gather all seven red Star Dragon Balls!
With that thought, she unplugged the tub and puts all the cleaning material where they belong. She wrings her tail out before stepping out and drying herself with a towel. She securely wraps it around her body and opens the bathroom door. She immediately notices a small rectangular box sitting at the door step. She crouches down and picks it up, carrying it down the hallway. “Varity!” She calls, approaching the living room. “This is for me right?” No one replies. She just shrugs and opens the box.
Inside is a lavender outfit. It came with shorts, gloves, and boots. A small silk-like cape is to be worn around the waist. She puts them on and ties the cape with the red long silk provided. She noticed a familiar symbol on the collar of the cape. It reads “light”, but it is written in Japanese. It’s her nickname.
She gave the silk another good tuck. Her poor tail is trapped inside the shorts. It moves around, searching for a hole. It finally sticks out. It has obviously been custom made! How did they know where her tail would be at? A note answers that question. She reads it.
“You must be feeling homesick. So, Diennay and I decided to make you your own unique warrior uniform. It may not seem like much, but it can reflect small attacks. It’ll give you some protection. This is our apology for being selfish back there.
Your mother had a uniform similar to this one, so you should feel closer to her now that she’s gone.
We also found something that will help you days to come. We have no use for it. You deserve it. Looks familiar?
• From Zero and the Z-fighters.”

She looks inside the box again. Something round is protected inside newspaper. She tares it off and gasp at the sight of the mythical item. “It’s the One Star Dragon Ball!” She smiles, knowing that she’s only three Dragon Balls away from seeing her mother again. It glows in a bright aura of orange. She goes to the couch that the rest sits. She slowly opens it and sighs in relief. The Four, Three, and Five star balls are still safe and sound. She stuffs the One Star ball inside and closes the sack. She hauls it over her shoulder. Varity seems to be nowhere. She slips the sack on her back and walk to the front door. She looks outside, then into the air.
She’s starting to get use to this flying thing. She floats higher into the air until she was sure that she sees half of the forest. There’s still no sight of her anywhere. This worries Hikari. She didn’t mean to make her friend feel guilty. She shouts her name several times, but no answer. She’s half hoping that the Human is only playing a prank. She clears away all bad thoughts, and pushes herself through the air with her eyes carefully scanning the ground.
“Danger! Danger! Giru! Giru!”
She yelps in surprise about the voice that broke out from behind. She clenches her fist, ready to strike at the intruder, but the speaker's no threat. Turns out to be Giru. “Giru!” She loves that little robot but, something’s still not right. “Shouldn’t varity be with you?”
“Danger! Danger! Varity in Danger!”
Again? Shouldn’t she know how to defend herself by now? “Okay Giru, show me the way and fast!” She follows it as fast as the could with her hair waving wildly against the wind and her tail swinging ruffly as if it is about to be blown away. ‘You better be safe Varity!’

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To be continued to chapter 4! You might like that one!
A/N: Espeon804 here for another great chapter! In this chapter, our heroes come face to face with not only Team Galactic, but the really dangerous man that would arrive in the city! Who knows? They might clash.

I honestly have nothing much to say today, so let's just go straight to the chapter.

~Espeon804, the teenage pkmn fan.


"Regular speech"




-Chapter 10: Lurking into the shadows.-

I took the badge off her hands. Up close, the green came from the three triangular trees that managed to stay as a square. "Alright!" I laughed and rose the badge into the air. "Look at me! I just got the - Forest Badge!"

"Congrats!" I heard Marlen shout from the gym window. I turned around and saw him staring dead at me. "So what if you have Sinnoh's second badge?! That doesn't change anything! The only reason why you won because you were lucky!" He frowned. "Scratch that. The gym leader was weak!"

"Marlen Flare!" Gardenia snapped.

"Bye!" The jerk face took off instantly. That was the fastest I ever seen him run. His last name was Flare huh? A few seconds later, I heard clapping from one person. When I pinpointed the sound direction, I spotted Cynthia. She was watching the entire time, and she looked amused.

"Hey Cynthia." I greeted her, a bit surprised on how well hidden she was. Either that, or I was way into the battle. "What brings you here?"

"I was just watching you to see how well you battle." She leaped off the bleachers she sat in and landed yards away from me. Her epic Garchomp quickly followed. "You seem to be good at it already for a newcomer. Perhaps it's the strong bond you already have with your Pokemon. They seem to trust you already." She came over to me and glanced at my necklace. "What do you have there?"

"My necklace. It's very valuable to me." I explained.

"I'm sure it is. Take good care of it for me." She made her leave. Just when Garchomp was at the door, the dragon gave me a toothy smirk and went away. What was all that about?

Gardenia scratched her head. "Hm. She seems to have some interest in you. Not common for rookies. My guess is that you are a gifted trainer."

Gifted indeed, but in the most unexpected way.

She stretched her arms to loosen to tension from the previous battle. "Well, who'll be my next challenger?" Lalinda rose her hand quickly, but she jumped when Richard crashed down from the bleachers and landed in front of the gym leader. He rose his paw helplessly with a cute worn out smile. "Okay then. You first."

"Not fair!" Lalinda growled. She crossed her arms as Gardenia started to laugh. Me? I just smiled. I just won my second badge, so it seems that the future is bright. But after a while the smile disappeared when I put together today's events and realized something. The vision I had... It was Gardenia's warning. She didn't intent to tell me, but when she had contact with me, it just spilled over to me. Even Cynthia seems to be interested into me like Gardenia said before…

They both know who I really am. And if what my vision showed me was true, then…

Eterna city's in danger.

I sprinted out of the door, hearing the commotion already. That was the moment my happy bubble got popped. I completely forgot that I just received my second badge already, because I was terrified and hoping that my visions were invalid.

"People of Eterna! Your time has come!" I froze. That's a strong British accent I just heard. I was already dealing with Team Galactic, and now I have to deal with a demon freak with my most favorite accent in the world. That's nice. But when I looked at the area from where the voice was coming from, I nearly fainted. It's him alright. The odd man in a tuxedo with a cape. Who wears capes on tuxedos?! "You must hand over your Pokemon to me, or face your fate! Like the people of Oreburgh!"

Oh no... Roark... I have to do something... And fast. I turned around, noticing Lalinda and my brother catching up to me. They seem to realize how bad the situation was. The look on their faces made it clear.

"Who's the creepy man in the tux?" Lalinda whispered in my ear. "He interrupted my gym battle, and it hasn't even started yet!"

"I don't know." I replied. "But he's dangerous... I had a vision about him. If the people in this city don't comply, he'll slaughter everyone."

"You get those too?" My brother asked as Lalinda gave me a surprised look. "Must be the charms telling us something." He shook his head, rather confused. "I don't remember Pokemon ever having demons in the games or shows."

"They don't" I pointed out. "I guess that our job is to turn this world into the Pokemon world that we are familiar with." It took some time, but I finally had the idea on why I was dragged here in the first place.

The city's inhabitants only protested, throwing objects at the mysterious man. One of them shouted, "You won't do what you please Shadowman! Leave this city now!"

The one they called "Shadowman" only laughed. "Ah, temper, temper. Must it all end this way. I was trying to spare you, but as usual, Humans just have to be so stubborn. Then they wonder why they have to die." When the people started to panic, he added, "Don't fret over it. It's your fault." He removed the purple feather from his hat, and it grew into a sword of shadows.

That was when I felt a familiar sensation…

"Now you die!"

"STOP!" The word came out of my mouth before I could stop it. The city people and the man turned to my direction. "Leave these people alone!"

Shadowman laughs lightly as he holds the weapon over his shoulder. "And what courage such children have these days. Who are you exactly child?" Before I could answer, he continued. "Oh, don't tell me. You are... Oh, that's very nice. More Pokemon trainers I have to deal with. But from the looks of you child... The one who stood up for these people, and the boy here with you. You both don't look nor sound like you're from around here. You accent, sounds familiar. Everyone else here has an unusual accent."

I ignore the city peoples' comments. "Yeah, sure. Go ahead and think I'm crazy for speaking out, but you better leave now! I know who you are - a half-demon!" That was what made everyone gasp.

"Oh, now I know." He glared at me, and that time, I was scared, realizing the big mistake I just made. "You're accent is foreign alright. I was thinking that you was from Unova, but it sounds a bit south..." His expression instantly switched to fear when he spotted my charm. "By Giratina's spikes... She's from a whole other domain... You have an American accent."

"H-how did you-" I slowly backed away as the man approached me. The he just met me, and he already had hatred burning in his blue eyes. I could've sworn they flashed red for a moment.

"Because, I was born on your planet." He said quietly enough for only me to hear. "You seem to know a lot about me so soon? Maybe because I already know you. Maybe because I've witnessed the moment when Palkia took you away from your home. Maybe because that very same dragon banished me from Earth to this world so that the creatures here can kill me!" He pauses with a smirk. "Well, they tried. Poor you. You just begun your journey, and some people already know about you. You make enemies fast too. But perhaps that's because you are a guardian. You hold the Power of X... You're a threat, you and your brother, and your friend. Don't lie. I know everything." He rose his sword above me.


Shadowman was tackled to the ground by a Turtwig. I was relieved, the voice belonged to Gardenia. But what he said about me was terrifying. He was spying on me all that time. I watched him quickly rise to his feet. His sword was yards away from him, reduced to a feather once more. "Damn these gym leaders for getting in my way!" He drew out a Pokeball from his cape, and a black, sleek, red-striped, nine tailed fox was summoned from black dark energy, something tells me that this Pokemon isn't normal. "Get rid of her!"

Quickly the fox first knocked out Turtwig. He then looked at Gardenia dead on. He sprinted with teeth bared, ready to sink then into her.

"NOOOO!" What Lalinda did left me speechless. She ran after the fox and tackled him down. They wrestle for a moment, until she managed to pin him down. She turned towards Gardenia. "Get Cynthia!" She cried out. Gardenia hesitated, but she sprinted off in one direction.

Shadowman was surprised by this action as well. "She has courage. That means she can uncover the truth as well. Dammit!" Well, he sure does like to swear a lot. He quickly rose to his feet and ran towards the direction to regain his sword.

But I had second thoughts.

Batty zipped past the guy and picked up the feather with her feet before he could reach it. She screeched in a way that sounds like laughter.

"You hand it over before I turn you into a decor on my wall!" Shadowman warned. He noticed my look I gave to Batty, a signal to keep it away, so he looked back at his fox. "Ninetails! Get the child of and retrieve my weapon!"

"Ninetails?!" Lalinda shouted, still trying to keep the Ninetails pinned down with all her might. "That Pokemon is very rare in Sinnoh! You can't even find a Vulpix here!" She grunted, still fighting. "But this one isn't normal at all! It's evil isn't it?!" She questioned the man. She yelped when the fox finally freed itself and knocked her away. "Watch out!"

I didn't need a warning. I spotted the Ninetails coming my way. If he was able to knock out Gardenia's Turtwig without even trying, then I knew that I was screwed if I don't run away or something. But I was paralyzed with fear. I couldn't move. 'This is it' I thought. 'And he says that I'm a guardian. I'm a simple girl about to die.'

A blast of blue fire slamming into the fox changed my mind. I quickly took my chance. "Supersonic now!" The Ninetails was already hurt. Taking in those waves of confusion only made the situation worse for him and his master.

"Garchomp! Do it again!"

That was Cynthia alright. I watched the Ninetails fall back after taking the attack again. The Garchomp jumped over to him and slashed him, knocking him out. Then she jumped and landed in front of my official new enemy. He certainly wasn't pleased.

"You win this one." Was all he said before recalling the Ninetails and disappearing into a shadow. I watched it lurk away into the forest. I just stood there stunned by what just happened. I knew that it won't be the last time he'll show his face.


"Hm, hm... It seems that those pesky kids drove away that freak. Less trouble for me. I wasn't looking forward to dying in a time like this." The voice was feminine. "I still don't understand how Mars lost to them. They are just a bunch of annoying brats."

"Yes. But the brats they are, you shouldn't be lying around here. It's most likely that they will try to foil our plans here too." The other voice sounds much like a elderly man. "I agree with you that it's puzzling on how Commander Mars lost to them. But then again, she's always focused on blowing up anything! Yeh-heh-heh-yeh-heh-heh!"

"Shut up with that stupid laugh Charon! Do something useful and get the grunts ready! If they are really eager to come here, then we'll just have a bit of fun with them..."

"Ho-ly crap. I - almost - died! I - did - it! I - did - it!" I tried to catch my breathe, completely exhausted. I noticed the looks that I was receiving. "Okay. We did it. Happy?"

Cynthia chuckled at my small attitude. "I understand why you are upset. You did manage to hold him off though."

"I wanted to defeat him." I grumbled.

"Are you kidding?!" Once citizen cried out. "No one in this world has even got close to beating him! What you just did… holding him off like that.. no one has ever done that before! Normally, whoever stands in his way would die in seconds! You got some gift kid!"

'You have no idea' I thought.

My brother pointed to the tall spiky building blocked by those annoying small trees that had invisible walls around them. "Team Galactic Eterna Building. We need to go there now."

"How? We can't just waltz around the trees!" I said to him.

He pulled out a disk sealed inside what looked like a CD case. It was labeled as "HM CUT" and the case itself was designed in a fancy way. "Duh."

"Still, I need to heal up my team." I reminded them. I go for the Pokemon Center right in the middle of the city after walking for a while. Here's what's not like the game, how small the cities and towns are. They seem to be so small, you can pace around it in a circle in seconds, but here, it's as big as any regular city on earth. It's a 10 minute walk from the gym to the PC, which was rather annoying, but I couldn't argue with that fact. A walk through the double automatic doors and walk inside. It's almost empty with just a few trainers. I notice a school boy who looked so gloomy. I couldn't just ignore that.

"What's the matter?" I asked him.

His eyes lit up as if he recognized me. "Hey! You're that girl who stood up for us against Shadowman!"

"I don't want to be famous okay? I'm just wondering why you look so down today? Did he do something to you?"

The boy shook his head. So it wasn't him. Something told me that It had to be either Team Rocket or Team Galactic behind whatever happened to him. I was about to ask what, but he almost broke into tears. "They took my Buneary!"

"Who did?"

"Those Team Galactic guys! They came in and just took it away! I didn't do anything to deserve it!" He pointed out the window to a bicycle shop that was nearby. "The man who runs that shop had his Clefairy taken from him too. He stood up to defend it but they took him as well! He has been gone for hours! I can't stand those guys!"

Man. I already had so much on my hands already. Guardian to the rescue. Yay me. "Don't worry about it. I'll teach those jerks a lesson. Just like I proved how strong I can be back at the WindWorks. I'll win this time."

"You did that too? I heared about two trainers standing up against them! You must have guts!"

I was blushing when he said that. Thank Arceus it's not noticeable. "Well, I wouldn't say that, but I guess that could be it." Perhaps I would run into Dumb and Dummy as well. I found myself actually looking forward to that. "You just stay here. It'll take a long while."

I approached the counter and called for the nurse.

She appears on cue too.

"Hello and welcome to the Pokemon Center!"

Oh no. Not this again. I could've sworn the nurse in Oreburgh said the very exact thing.

"We can heal your Pokemon to full health. Would you like me to heal your Pokemon?"

A part of me wanted to scream "Just shut up and do your job!" But, I wasn't the rude type then. I just nodded though I was practically on a rush.

"Okay, let me see your Pokemon for a few seconds…"

I unclipped all 4 Pokeballs from my pokebelt and handed them to her. She places them on the machine quickly. Then the jingle you hear when your Pokemon is healed plays. She hands the capsules back to me. "Your Pokemon has been restored to full health! We hope to see you again!"

I paused. "Wait, what?" She didn't hear me since she went back into whatever room is behind that counter. I pondered that moment. She made it sound like she wanted my Pokemon to get hurt. What's wrong with these people?!

I just brushed that aside and headed back out. My friend and my brother were waiting patiently for me outside. "Hey.' I greeted them. "Didn't expect you to wait."

"Actually your brother was about to leave you. You just happened to arrive in time." Lalinda said.

"Jerk." I huff at him.

Richard - riding on my brother's shoulder - stuck his tiny tongue at me. I would've gotten angry but he was too cute to get mad at. I just shrugged as my brother said. "I went into the bicycle shop earlier. A kid there said that-"

"He wasn't there. I know. A school boy told me back in the center. They took his Buneary along with the bicycle man's Clefairy." I interrupted him before he got to finish. The look on his face meant that he wasn't happy that I knew before him.

"I smell space nerds." Lalinda sung in a way.

"Hand me that Hm." I told William. He doesn't hesitate. He hands it to me right away. I learned recently by simply allowing the pokedex to scan the disc, any selected Pokemon able to use the attack can learn the move. I turn the device on and allowed it to scan.

"Activated HM. Who would you like to teach this move to?" It asked.

I strolled down to Razorleaf's sprite and selected him.

"Razorleaf is trying to learn Cut, but it already know four moves. Do you want it to forget a move?"

Dang. I was hoping that it would allow him to have five because that would be so cool. You can't get what you always want. Besides, this world is very much like the game. How many times do I have to remind myself about that? Anyway, I selected "Forget!" and selected "Tackle" since cut is stronger than it.

"1...2… and… Poof! Razorleaf forgot how to use Tackle! Razorleaf learned Cut!" It even played the jingle you hear when a pokemon levels up or learns a move. Was all that really necessary?

I handed the HM back to my brother and put my pokedex back inside my bag. We all started to walk back to the building. Within the same amount of time it took me to arrive at the Pokemon Center, we are face to face with three-stupid-invisible-wall-surrounded-trees. I came up with that name myself. "Ready guys?"

"Nope." Lalinda said.

"Too bad! Razorleaf! Use Cut!" I tossed the Pokeball into the air, ready for whatever drama will occur.

A/N: Yes! Another end to a chapter! I have nothing to say except how short it was, but sorry!

To be continued to Chapter 11!


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My name is Liana and I am 16 years old. I live in the United sates in the state of Georgia. I never moved out of Georgia before... really! I lived here my entire life! I am an 10th grader and this is my second year in high School and I draw art to express myself and I love to show my skills. I'm not a pro, but each and everyday i get a little better. I am a HUGE Pokemon fan and I love the Warriors book series. My favorite Pokemon is Espeon, and my favorite clan is Thunderclan. I also begun to REALLY like okay, i love Inuyasha, that show is very epic. And i certainly can't leave out my love for Dragon ball! I just started watching it recently. (lol) I also draw animals and write stories. I've been here for quite some time and made great friends. I am very nice and easy to get along with. So enjoy visiting my page.

Age when I joined Wattpad: 15
Age when I joined Deviantart: 13
Age when I joined fanfiction: 13
Age when I joined fictionpress: 15
Age now: 16

Like my art? Be sure to :iconpikafavplz: and give me a :iconllama3dplz: And I'll pay you back! llamaroll badge by CookiemagiK

Sneak peek of my art: Fakemon: Katarazen 2 by Espeon804 Hikari in action (close up) by Espeon804 Team AquaSprout by Espeon804

Have a request? Let me know! But be on the lookout for my journal entries. They'll let you know if they'll close. So if i open them again, you better be fast, because I only accept 3 at a time! :D
Epic stamps: :iconlaplz: :iconepiclaplz: :iconlawooplz:
1 Espeon stamp by SilverLucario12 Neoshipping Stamp by KamisStamps STAMP: Go, Turtwig, GO by Graphrite Poke' Bitch Slap by MissLadyPokemon
2. Trainers Gonna Train by Fyi-Sus wikierrorshipping stamp by universalqueen Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-Nino Eeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter
3. Evolution Stamp by SquirtleStamps Pokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlex Pokemon by Daakukitsune Stamp - Pokemon: NotJustAGame by jennyrogue
4. Leafstorm Snivy_Tsutarja stamp by kiraradaisuki Girl Fight FAN stamp by kiraradaisuki Johto Starters by azianwolfdoll funny pokemon pachirisu by Xiahism
5. PKMN: Jun Stamp 2 by potato-stamps Pikachu - stamp by Tainted-DolL So Many Groups, So Little Time by Mintaka-TK Stamp: POKEMON BLACK WHITE 2 by Sitraxis
6. :Stamp: Animated N by EciiArisu PKM: Rival Trainers Stamp by Nozuki PKM: Female Trainers Stamp by Nozuki Pokemon Fo' Life Stamp by SweetDuke
7. -Epic Spongebob Stamp- by KnightofCandy What Really Happened in WW2 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me I support DEUEAUGH :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud
8. Epic Sax Guy - Stamp by Zuzzzz WishfulShipping stamp by SA948-Stamps Pokemon stamp by xselfdestructive Team Rocket stamp - commish by rainbeos
9. Jessie x James stamp - commish by rainbeos Anti Rocket by LadyCharizard Team Rocket through time by chili19 Team Galactic stamp by VanessaGiratina
10. Ash DP stamp by SA948-Stamps Dawn stamp by SA948-Stamps Iris stamp by SA948-Stamps Cynthia Stamp Revamp by littiot
11. champion lance stamp by sable-saro REQUEST: Gotta tame em' all by SimbaTheHuman STAMP: Suicune Fan by Graphrite STAMP-Pokemon 002 by NoNamepje
12. Latias and Latios stamp by DracoFox Giratina Origin Stamp by angelasamshi Giratina Altered Stamp by angelasamshi Zekrom stamp by angelasamshi
13. Soul Silver Stamp by Riiarei :thumb138431296: White Kyurem Stamp by ingart15 Pokemon Y stamp by ingart15
14. Pokemon X Y Stamp by GreedLin Stamp-Fennekin by lightvanille Pokemon Trainer Red stamp by LeatherRuffian Firestar Stamp by VampsStock
15. Sandstorm Stamp by VampsStock Graystripe Stamp by VampsStock Pichu HG SS stamp by HikariOkami Spongebob Stamp by OreoSpice
16. I Can't Explain This... by ImFeelingStampity The Ugly Barnacle Stamp by HikariKoboshi PMD Explorers of sky by Pharaonenfuchs Pokemon Stamp by WetWithRain
17. :thumb314118355: 12/12/12 by DragneelGfx Shiny pokemon Stamp by Swamperts Pokemon: Axew vs. Scraggy by Kaze-yo
18. Espeon Stamp by SaintJoanofTheRoses Eevee vs Legendaries by leafeon-ex Get it right. by Monster-Boar :thumb152790290:
19. :thumb69861666: llama llama llama by djSeragaki beyblade stamp by sakura02 stamp : fighting by DevilsClap
20. stamp : Ginga x Masamune by DevilsClap stamp : out of the waaaay /2nd by DevilsClap I hate op credits by DevilsClap MFB Ginga stamp by MFBeyblade-Fans
21. Lock Stamp by Tailwalker Monsuno Fan Stamp by Tailwalker Wumbo Stamp by Kataoi Chimney Chickens Stamp by TheStaticCling
22. Useless Cool-looking Stamp by X-wing9 Gimme more sleep by prosaix Llama love stamp by prosaix Slow interwebz by prosaix
23. Yu-Gi-Oh: Atem by st-stamps Yugi Atem Stamp by TigerShinigami YuGiOh stamp by prosaix Dragon Ball Stamp by Toni-the-Mink
24. Ill Fight, no I will by Dbzbabe Dragon Soul Stamp by Dbzbabe Team Four Star Abridge Stamp by Dbzbabe Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan
25. Cartoons Stamp by GreenFeline777 I Love Poof Stamp by DP-Stamps Cosmo and Wanda stamp by raldski5050 InuYasha Stamp - Animated by Astanine
26. Inuyasha acting like a wierdo by o0OInuyashaO0o +++Inuyasha stamp ++++ by Inuyashafanforever12 Kirara Stamp by KiRAWRa Sesshomaru Stamp by crezebart
27. InuYasha SIT Stamp by Megophone InuYasha Fan .:Stamp:. by Wolven-Sorceress Kagome Fan Stamp by Chibi-Gazimon :thumb191376373:
28. Dragon Ball Stamp by KRASH-ART Goku stamp by Sonike Left Or Right stamp by Dbzbabe Stamp - DragonBall KAI by NamekianKAI
29. You thought wrong by Dbzbabe WTF WORMS Stamp by Dbzbabe Wife by Dbzbabe Fusion Gogeta Stamp by Dbzbabe
30. Stamp: Bardock SSJ by wLadyB91 Vegeta .:Stamp01:. by PrinzVegeta VegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp11:. by PrinzVegeta VegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp10:. by PrinzVegeta
31. Oozaru Vegeta stamp by Dbzbabe Pan Stamp by Camilathemew Trunks Stamp by Camilathemew Briefs stamp by Allviran

Aren't these stamps epic or not! Most are Pokemon! A popular Anime that i love to watch! :iconclapplz: nah... let's give it a better clap.. :iconepicclapplz:

Favorite Pokemon for each type (non-legendary)
Fire: :icontyphlosionplz:
Water: :iconswampertplz: (I liek Mudkipz)
Grass: :icontorterraplz:
Electric: :iconpikachuplz:
Ground: :iconflygonplz:
Dark: :iconhoundoomplz:
Fighting: :iconinfernapeplz:
Flying: :iconstaraptorplz:
Ice: :iconweavileplz:
Bug: :iconbeedrillplz:
Steel: :iconskarmoryplz:
Rock: :icononixplz:
Poison: :iconcrobatplz:
Ghost: :iconmismagiusplz:
Psychic: :iconespeon-plz: (duh)
Dragon: :iconhaxorusplz:
Fairy: :iconsylveonplz:
Normal: :iconeeveeplz:

Okay, so if it's possible, transfer a Pokemon from a pokemon game you have from the earliest generation to you most recent.


Let's say Sally has all pokemon games, here's how it works. (It's gonna be a pain in the neck)
Sally has a Charizard in her pokemon Red version. She trades it to her Green version, then Blue, then Yellow. She transfers it to her Gold version, then trades it to her Silver version, then Crystal. Then she trasferes it to her Ruby version, the Trades it to Saphire, then Emerald, then trades it into her FireRed, then LeafGreen, then trasnfers it to her Diamond version, then trades it to Pearl, then Platinum, then HeartGold, then SoulSilver, then Transfers it to her Black version, then trades it to White, then Black2, then White2, then Tranfers it to Pokemon X and trades it to Y.

Is that even possible? To put a Charizard from generation 8-bit games to generation 6 3D games? If you done something like that, let me know!
One thing for sure, this Charizard is gonna be time traveling.

Here are my pokemon teams for each poke-game!

1.)Pokemon trainer games:
*Pokemon platinum version:
My Sinnoh trainer card!  Pokemon Platinum! by Espeon804
Terra, the Torterra.
Batty, the Crobat.
Aqua, the Golduck.
Sunshine, the Espeon.
Darklia, the Houndoom.
Violet, the Weavile.

*Pokemon SoulSilver version:
My Johto trainer card! Pokemon SoulSilver! by Espeon804
Rita, the Meganium.
Feather, the Pidgeot.
Shocklia, the Ampheros.
Hornia, the Nidorqueen.
Golden, the Seaking.
Flarenia, the Ninetales.

*Pokemon White version:
My Pokemon White team! by Espeon804
Shelly the Samorott
Lilly the Stoutland
Zebrie the Zebstrika
Autumn the Leavanny
Archia the Archtops
Drillia the Excadrill.

*Pokemon White2 Version
My Unova trainer card! Pokemon White2! by Espeon804
Ivy, the Serperior.
Leopurrcia, the Liepard.
Barklia, the Arcanine.
Aireial, the Unfezant.
Spitricka, the Galvantula.
Artica, the Beartic.

*Pokemon Blue version:
My Friends (Me too) Pokemon Blue team!!! by Espeon804

Squirt the Blastoise
Gey the Pidgeot
Pie the Butterfree
Shrew the Sanshrew
Onyx (lol) the Onix
Eve the Jolteon

2.) Being a Pokemon games:
*Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky!
(Popular teams i often play)
Team Dasher: :iconespeon-plz: (leader) :iconninetalesplz: (Flarenia)
Team Kittyshock: :icondelcattyplz: (leader) :iconluxrayplz: (Shock)
Team Birdie: :iconblazikenplz: (leader) :iconempoleon-plz: (Leo)
Team Reptiles: :iconcharizardplz: (leader) :iconblastoiseplz: (Blast)
Team Sharpclaw: :icontyphlosionplz: (leader) :iconferaligatrplz: (Chomp)
Team Aquasprout: :iconswampertplz: (leader) :iconvenusaurplz: (Razor)

3.) Pokemon warrior games:
*Pokemon conquest:
Well the leader and a Espeon. :iconespeon-plz:

Favorite lines from Commander mars! :iconcommandermarsplz:
In the manga:
Mars: Hey!Hey! Give me those data files! *Gets them, looks at them.* Humidity? Temperature? Is all this even necessary?!

And another one:
Mars: The bomb will be launched! Next Saturday to be exact! (sigh) i hope i'll happen soon! *twirls around* It's B-O-M-B time!

And another

Mars: But Cyrus made ONE galactic bomb. And there are THREE lakes.

She's seems well planned.

And some lines from a game in platinum.
Mars: So you won't talk? Fine then! I'll bash you and make you talk!

And my most favorite one from the anime:

Mars: Sorry, I would love to chat, but as you can see, i'm a bit busy right now. So try not to stay in my way!
No. I don't like bombs nor violence. It's just that she's funny and crazy. Let's Dance! by Web5teR
More about me: :iconrollinglaplz:

Name: Liana! :heart:

Birthday: December 5! :iconyaayplz:

Age: 15 :faint:

Likes: Team Galactic, Pokemon, Espeon, Eevee, Drawing, reading, Painting, having friends, and having fun! :iconpokeballplz:

Dislikes: Team Rocket, mean people, school, and everyday suffer of my awful siblings! :iconcryforeverplz:

Favorite color: Green :squee:

Favorite warrior cats: :iconfirestar-plz: :iconsandstormplz: :icongreystripeplz: )
(Firestar) (Sandstorm) (Greystripe)
and :iconbluestarplz: :iconthunderclanplz: Go Thunderclan!
Submitts: Randomly. :iconexplodeplz:

Countdown until b-day! : at least year :iconcakeplz:

Requesting accepts: 3 at a time.
Online: often during school mornings: 5:30am to 6:30am eastern time. Rarely on afternoons! try to catch me if you can! :tears:

Lives: U.S.A, in Georgia. :D

Speaks: English! :)

:iconcommandermarsplz: :iconwashereplz:

Language learning currently: learning Spanish and only know a few French words. :X

Favorite animal: Cats. :meow:

Others: I dunno, just watch me! :eager:
:icongunplz: :iconteamrocketplz::iconexitplz: I REALLY hate them. :iconepicnuuplz:

:iconyaayplz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconteamgalacticplz: they are the BEST! :squee:

:iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon804: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz:

... I like pie.
Aren't ya gald to hear from me? I hope so, because you won't hear from me for a while again. :(


Read my stories please! I'll try to publish new pics soon! :(

Journal History


Espeon804 has started a donation pool!
61 / 1,000
I hope to get a Premium membership one day. So i'll need some points. This will be the start. Hope you'll help!

:icondaawplz: plz?

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