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My gallery! Please view! Most are pokemon. Please be nice! :D I will also accept request. 3 at a time only! If you want :iconespeon-plz: Then you came to the right person! I draw anything that involves Espeon, Ditto and Goomy! I'll also do Dragon ball, but i can only draw a few of it's characters. :icondaawplz: If I could draw Shippo (from Inuyasha) I would too. :squee:

Daleks chasing Ash Brock and Misty by Animedalek1Inuyasha by FazzolettoBiancoSupernatural Changing Channels Gif by MageStilesVegetto: goku vegeta DBZ MSN avatar gif by vegetto-vegitoStarburst Stream by Kajis93


Commission: Reunited at Last by RainbowRose912

Daaaaw. This really caught my attention very well. I love how you have the memories of each pokemon, and this really matches the descri...

Fakemon GRASS Starter by Zwiezda
by Zwiezda

I have to say, this is really good. I honestly LOVE grass starters (But not all of them) but this is definitely a pokemon i would choos...

Hah, these are some amazing people folks.

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All my favs. Mostly Pokemon. Please be nice to those who made these! :D


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Me with some awesome Pokemon! by Espeon804 Espeon Jewel by Espeon804

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Hello and welcome to Espeon804's page! That's me! feel free to browse through my art!

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Why not watch me. by Espeon804 Team Dasher, Espeon and Ninetales. by Espeon804

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My name is Liana and I am 16 years old. I live in the United sates in the state of Georgia. I never moved out of Georgia before... really! I lived here my entire life! I am an 11th grader and this is my third year in high School and I draw art to express myself and I love to show my skills. I'm not a pro, but each and everyday i get a little better. I am a HUGE Pokemon fan and I love the Warriors book series. My favorite Pokemon is Espeon, and my favorite clan is Thunderclan. I also begun to REALLY like okay, i love Inuyasha, that show is very epic. And I certainly can't leave out my love for Dragon ball! I also had started watching Sword Art Online. I also draw animals and write stories. I've been here for quite some time and made great friends. I am very nice and easy to get along with. So enjoy visiting my page.

Age when I joined Wattpad: 15
Age when I joined Deviantart: 13
Age when I joined fanfiction: 13
Age when I joined fictionpress: 15
Age now: 16

Like my art? Be sure to :iconpikafavplz: and give me a :iconllama3dplz: And I'll pay you back! llamaroll badge by CookiemagiK

Sneak peek of my art: Fakemon: Katarazen 2 by Espeon804 Hikari in action (close up) by Espeon804 Team AquaSprout by Espeon804

Have a request? Let me know! But be on the lookout for my journal entries. They'll let you know if they'll close. So if i open them again, you better be fast, because I only accept 3 at a time! :D
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1 Espeon stamp by SilverLucario12 Neoshipping Stamp by KamisStamps STAMP: Go, Turtwig, GO by Graphrite Poke' Bitch Slap by MissLadyPokemon
2. Trainers Gonna Train by Fyi-Sus wikierrorshipping stamp by universalqueen Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-Nino Eeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter
3. Evolution Stamp by SquirtleStamps Pokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlex Pokemon by Daakukitsune Stamp - Pokemon: NotJustAGame by jennyrogue
4. Leafstorm Snivy_Tsutarja stamp by kiraradaisuki Girl Fight FAN stamp by kiraradaisuki Johto Starters by azianwolfdoll funny pokemon pachirisu by Xiahism
5. PKMN: Jun Stamp 2 by potato-stamps Pikachu - stamp by Tainted-DolL So Many Groups, So Little Time by Mintaka-TK Stamp: POKEMON BLACK WHITE 2 by Sitraxis
6. :Stamp: Animated N by EciiArisu PKM: Rival Trainers Stamp by Nozuki PKM: Female Trainers Stamp by Nozuki Pokemon Fo' Life Stamp by SweetDuke
7. -Epic Spongebob Stamp- by KnightofCandy What Really Happened in WW2 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me I support DEUEAUGH :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud
8. WishfulShipping stamp by SA948-Stamps Pokemon stamp by xselfdestructive Team Rocket stamp - commish by rainbeos
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11. champion lance stamp by sable-saro REQUEST: Gotta tame em' all by SimbaTheHuman STAMP: Suicune Fan by Graphrite STAMP-Pokemon 002 by NoNamepje
12. Latias and Latios stamp by DracoFox Giratina Origin Stamp by angelasamshi Giratina Altered Stamp by angelasamshi Zekrom stamp by angelasamshi
13. Soul Silver Stamp by Riiarei Mega-Absol Stamp by CKittyKat98 White Kyurem Stamp by ingart15 Pokemon Y stamp by ingart15
14. Pokemon X Y Stamp by GreedLin Stamp-Fennekin by lightvanille Pokemon Trainer Red stamp by LeatherRuffian Firestar Stamp by VampsStock
15. Sandstorm Stamp by VampsStock Graystripe Stamp by VampsStock Pichu HG SS stamp by HikariOkami Spongebob Stamp by OreoSpice
16. I Can't Explain This... by ImFeelingStampity The Ugly Barnacle Stamp by HikariKoboshi PMD Explorers of sky by Pharaonenfuchs Pokemon Stamp by WetWithRain
17. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Stamp by aquaharp 12/12/12 by DragneelGfx Shiny pokemon Stamp by Swamperts Pokemon: Axew vs. Scraggy by Kaze-yo
18. Espeon Stamp by SaintJoanofTheRoses Eevee vs Legendaries by leafeon-ex Get it right. by Monster-Boar Pokemon Stamp by SavannaH09
19. I love Pokemon: Stamp by Katze-Cat-KuroNeko llama llama llama by djSeragaki beyblade stamp by sakura02 stamp : fighting by DevilsClap
20. stamp : Ginga x Masamune by DevilsClap stamp : out of the waaaay /2nd by DevilsClap I hate op credits by DevilsClap MFB Ginga stamp by MFBeyblade-Fans
21. Lock Stamp by Tailwalker Monsuno Fan Stamp by Tailwalker Wumbo Stamp by Kataoi Chimney Chickens Stamp by TheStaticCling
22. Useless Cool-looking Stamp by X-wing9 Gimme more sleep by prosaix Llama love stamp by prosaix Slow interwebz by prosaix
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28. Dragon Ball Stamp by KRASH-ART Goku stamp by Sonike Left Or Right stamp by Dbzbabe Stamp - DragonBall KAI by NamekianKAI
29. You thought wrong by Dbzbabe WTF WORMS Stamp by Dbzbabe Wife by Dbzbabe Fusion Gogeta Stamp by Dbzbabe
30. Stamp: Bardock SSJ by wLadyB91 Vegeta .:Stamp01:. by PrinzVegeta VegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp11:. by PrinzVegeta VegetaAndKakarott .:Stamp10:. by PrinzVegeta
31. Oozaru Vegeta stamp by Dbzbabe Pan Stamp by Camilathemew Trunks Stamp by Camilathemew Briefs stamp by Allviran
32. Sword Art Online: Kirito Stamp by The-Nutkase Sword Art Online Stamp by LaraLeeL Sword Art Online Stamp by reyestsubasa18 KiritoxAsuna Stamp by Shiyui
33. -Stamp / Sword Art Online. by PrettyHappySTAMPS Kirito Vs Heathcliff|Sword Swing Stamp (SAO) by mooeybear2001 SAO: Embarrassed Kirito by TickleMeFrosty Stamp - Yui by Taorero

Aren't these stamps epic or not! Most are Pokemon! A popular Anime that i love to watch! :iconclapplz: nah... let's give it a better clap.. :iconepicclapplz:

Favorite Pokemon for each type (non-legendary)
Fire: :icontyphlosionplz:
Water: :iconswampertplz: (I liek Mudkipz)
Grass: :icontorterraplz:
Electric: :iconpikachuplz:
Ground: :iconflygonplz:
Dark: :iconhoundoomplz:
Fighting: :iconinfernapeplz:
Flying: :iconstaraptorplz:
Ice: :iconweavileplz:
Bug: :iconbeedrillplz:
Steel: :iconskarmoryplz:
Rock: :icononixplz:
Poison: :iconcrobatplz:
Ghost: :iconmismagiusplz:
Psychic: :iconespeon-plz: (duh)
Dragon: :iconhaxorusplz:
Fairy: :iconsylveonplz:
Normal: :iconeeveeplz:

Okay, so if it's possible, transfer a Pokemon from a pokemon game you have from the earliest generation to you most recent.


Let's say Sally has all pokemon games, here's how it works. (It's gonna be a pain in the neck)
Sally has a Charizard in her pokemon Red version. She trades it to her Green version, then Blue, then Yellow. She transfers it to her Gold version, then trades it to her Silver version, then Crystal. Then she trasferes it to her Ruby version, the Trades it to Saphire, then Emerald, then trades it into her FireRed, then LeafGreen, then trasnfers it to her Diamond version, then trades it to Pearl, then Platinum, then HeartGold, then SoulSilver, then Transfers it to her Black version, then trades it to White, then Black2, then White2, then Tranfers it to Pokemon X and trades it to Y.

Is that even possible? To put a Charizard from generation 8-bit games to generation 6 3D games? If you done something like that, let me know!
One thing for sure, this Charizard is gonna be time traveling.

Here are my pokemon teams for each poke-game!

1.)Pokemon trainer games:
*Pokemon platinum version:
My Sinnoh trainer card!  Pokemon Platinum! by Espeon804
Terra, the Torterra.
Batty, the Crobat.
Aqua, the Golduck.
Sunshine, the Espeon.
Darklia, the Houndoom.
Violet, the Weavile.

*Pokemon SoulSilver version:
My Johto trainer card! Pokemon SoulSilver! by Espeon804
Rita, the Meganium.
Feather, the Pidgeot.
Shocklia, the Ampheros.
Hornia, the Nidorqueen.
Golden, the Seaking.
Flarenia, the Ninetales.

*Pokemon White version:
My Pokemon White team! by Espeon804
Shelly the Samorott
Lilly the Stoutland
Zebrie the Zebstrika
Autumn the Leavanny
Archia the Archtops
Drillia the Excadrill.

*Pokemon White2 Version
My Unova trainer card! Pokemon White2! by Espeon804
Ivy, the Serperior.
Leopurrcia, the Liepard.
Barklia, the Arcanine.
Aireial, the Unfezant.
Spitricka, the Galvantula.
Artica, the Beartic.

*Pokemon Blue version:
My Friends (Me too) Pokemon Blue team!!! by Espeon804

Squirt the Blastoise
Gey the Pidgeot
Pie the Butterfree
Shrew the Sanshrew
Onyx (lol) the Onix
Eve the Jolteon

2.) Being a Pokemon games:
*Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky!
(Popular teams i often play)
Team Dasher: :iconespeon-plz: (leader) :iconninetalesplz: (Flarenia)
Team Kittyshock: :icondelcattyplz: (leader) :iconluxrayplz: (Shock)
Team Birdie: :iconblazikenplz: (leader) :iconempoleon-plz: (Leo)
Team Reptiles: :iconcharizardplz: (leader) :iconblastoiseplz: (Blast)
Team Sharpclaw: :icontyphlosionplz: (leader) :iconferaligatrplz: (Chomp)
Team Aquasprout: :iconswampertplz: (leader) :iconvenusaurplz: (Razor)

3.) Pokemon warrior games:
*Pokemon conquest:
Well the leader and a Espeon. :iconespeon-plz:

Favorite lines from Commander mars! :iconcommandermarsplz:
In the manga:
Mars: Hey!Hey! Give me those data files! *Gets them, looks at them.* Humidity? Temperature? Is all this even necessary?!

And another one:
Mars: The bomb will be launched! Next Saturday to be exact! (sigh) i hope i'll happen soon! *twirls around* It's B-O-M-B time!

And another

Mars: But Cyrus made ONE galactic bomb. And there are THREE lakes.

She's seems well planned.

And some lines from a game in platinum.
Mars: So you won't talk? Fine then! I'll bash you and make you talk!

And my most favorite one from the anime:

Mars: Sorry, I would love to chat, but as you can see, i'm a bit busy right now. So try not to stay in my way!
No. I don't like bombs nor violence. It's just that she's funny and crazy. Let's Dance! by Web5teR
More about me: :iconrollinglaplz:

Name: Liana! :heart:

Birthday: December 5! :iconyaayplz:

Age: 16 :faint:

Likes: Team Galactic, Pokemon, Espeon, Eevee, Drawing, reading, Painting, having friends, and having fun! :iconpokeballplz:

Dislikes: Team Rocket, mean people, school, and everyday suffer of my awful siblings! :iconcryforeverplz:

Favorite color: Green :squee:

Favorite warrior cats: :iconfirestar-plz: :iconsandstormplz: :icongreystripeplz: )
(Firestar) (Sandstorm) (Greystripe)
and :iconbluestarplz: :iconthunderclanplz: Go Thunderclan!
Submitts: Randomly. :iconexplodeplz:

Countdown until b-day! : 6 months! :iconcakeplz:

Requesting accepts: 3 at a time.
Online: often during school mornings: 5:30am to 6:30am eastern time. Rarely on afternoons! try to catch me if you can! :tears:

Lives: U.S.A, in Georgia. :D

Speaks: English! :)

:iconcommandermarsplz: :iconwashereplz:

Language learning currently: learning Spanish and only know a few French words. :X

Favorite animal: Cats. :meow:

Others: I dunno, just watch me! :eager:
:icongunplz: :iconteamrocketplz::iconexitplz: I REALLY hate them. :iconepicnuuplz:

:iconyaayplz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconteamgalacticplz: they are the BEST! :squee:

:iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon804: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz: :iconespeon-plz:

... I like pie.


Zircon A.K.A Nrock OC.Sketch (I'm back!) by Espeon804
Zircon A.K.A Nrock OC.Sketch (I'm back!)
I have returned! This is a character from my fanfiction "DragonBall Reunion!" Read please! Link --->…

This is just a quick sketch!

About this character: (Spoilers!!!)
Name: Nrock (Zircon, Zirconium, King Zirconium)
Race: Saiyan
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Dark brown

Nrock is the biological father of Cabba (Hikari). He is a decedent of the surviving Saiyan warriors of Planet Vegeta. He was born and raised in Planet Platinum in a royal family. However, he among Saiyans is a low-class warrior. He rules over a race known as Velorians. He is their king, "King Zirconium"
As an infant he was used as a "test monkey" (We know how often Saiyans are called monkeys) To turn him into a weapon. The mutations worked and he was the only survivor of the experiments out of the many who were attempted.
Many refer to him as an animal due to his behavior when enraged. He reaches a peak of sudden overwhelming power known as "Rage Mode" that makes him lose rationality and is fueled by instinct. The only known person to bring him back to reason in that state is Eclipsky, his wife.

Since he is a Saiyan, he is naturally aggressive and can be very rude. he has a strong hate towards Humans and a unusual fear of cats. Just like all Saiyans, his tail gives him the ability to transform into a "Giant Ape" or "Oozaru" when looking at a full moon. ---> :iconoozaruplz:

However, it is proven that he can actually be very gentle and kind. This side of him rarely ever comes out due to his hotheaded personality. Mostly it is shown around his wife when he is not bickering with him.

Strange but unique facts:
*He hates the idea of purging planets unlike other Saiyans unless there is a reasonable cause.
*He is afraid of cats. if one comes to him he would panic and run away from it.
*He can sing with the voice that anyone would fall in love with. Once again, this fact is unbelievable since he almost never shows it and is not open-minded.
*He cares for his family very much. If one is hurt he would hunt the one responsible down. If killed then... you get the point.
*He hates being called a monkey like all Saiyans. Ironically Saiyans have the monkey tail and can turn into a monster monkey.
*He has a sweet tooth and loves coffee.
*He fights with weapons too. he uses two swords.
*He is the king of his home world.
*He can be silly at times.

Made with DeviantArt muro
A/N: Espeon804 here with another great chapter. I am sooooo very sorry for not updating forever. I started hand writing this when I started 10th grade. I am now just starting 11th grade. I was mainly focused on "Pokemon: the Reunion of 8: Platinum" Then an idea hit me to make a fanfic about Goku joining his brother Raditz so I made; "The wrath of the Earthling Saiyan" That fanfic became my most popular so I had to make a sequel: "The retaliation of the Earthling Saiyan" Then another idea hit me to make a Sword Art Online fanfic;"Sealed away from Reality"

So yeah, I've been busy. To be honest, I forgot about this story because I was so into the others. I stop handwriting it due to writer's block for two months now. I have a lot of catching up to do. Five composition books, four of them are completed. Its a total of two sagas with a total of 40 chapters. Chapter 31 & 32 will be very interesting as soon as I get to that. Since it is handwritten I won't have to think but copy instead so updates should occur more often.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN DB, DBZ, DBGT, DBZKAI, OR DBS. All rights go to Akira Toriyama, Funimation, Toei Animation and whoever else is involved.

If I do own it then Dragon Ball Super wouldn't be so badly animated. Watch episode 5 and you will see what I mean... Come one Toei...

- Chapter 4: Beyond Saiyan Pride! -

Hikari finds herself flying for a while now. Hopefully, whatever danger Varity's facing doesn't involve dinosaurs. It took forever to clean that Sword after skating two Raptors and, that made her feel guilty. She is not found to killing at all. She only does so when necessary. She would've spared those two Raptors but, then she got hungry... Curse those Saiyan instincts! But then again, Varity was the one who rung the dinner bell.

"Danger down below!" Giru's voice interrupts the young warrior's thoughts. "Danger down below! Danger down below! Giru, Giru."

Hikari looks below her. They are hovering over a extremely small island. A white bageish house with a red roof and letters that spells out "Kame" sits right in the middle. The island has several pom trees. She slowly floats down towards the ground. The house looks awfully worn out. It's not her fault that she was born 150 years after her ancestor Goku.

Giru starts to shake horribly as he hides behind the young Saiyan hybrid who finally reaches the ground.

Hikari can feel it too. Four different kinds of power in the atmosphere. Her father taught her the basics in sensing energy. However, the ones she is sensing is giving her a chill to the spine. It reminds her if the overwhelming power that emanates from her father when he gets really angry. But four? Varity's gotta be dead!

But wait. Hikari still senses her friend's energy at that same area. They must be inside that house. Hold on... She feels another energy level but, it is pitifully weaker than the others. What is going on here?

Suddenly, a man appears out of thin air right in front of her. Hikari falls off her feet in surprise, almost giving her an heart attack. The man before her has his arms crossed looking unimpressed with her. He looks awfully like Vegeta. But... That can't be him! The prince died a long time ago! He lifts his chin, sizing her up. "Who are you brat?" Okay, at least his voice sounds different but similar. It's less rough.

Hikari feels threatened. There's no way she's going to let this guy scare her! She positioned her hands above in front of her shouting; "MASENKO...!" A huge yellow blast is launched from her hands. "HAAAA!"

It hits him directly and the young girl chuckles. Hikari feels accomplished that she showed him her power.

But a laugh breaks from the flying sand. It settles down revealing the man once more. To her surprise, the attack seems to have done nothing to him. He didn't flinch and he is laughing at her as if what she did is a joke. "You call that an attack? It didn't even sting!" He stops his laughter and walks towards her. The young girl backs away from him slowly as he draws back his hand. He slaps her off her feet and watches her fall in the sea water with a smirk.

"Giru! Giru! Giru! Giru!" Giru starts to panic as he flies around in circles.

The man seems to recognize it. "Giru? How did you get here?"

"Hey!" Another voice shouts over the commotion. "what's going on?"

"Nothing of your concern." The man huffs, annoyed as the other man approaches him. "I just took care of an intruder."

"What intruder?" The other man sounds puzzled.

On cue, Hikari's head shoots out the water, answering the question. Gasping for air, she climbs to shore shivering from being both cold and terrified. She looks up at the two and takes notice on his the new face looks almost like Goku! What is going on here?! Her mind tries to wrap around things as it goes down memory lane.

The Goku-looking guy looks at Hikari and back at the Vegeta-looking guy. "Why did you do that Vegeta?"

Vegeta? Okay, none of this is making any sense.

Vegeta replies coolly; "That brat fied a Masenko at me. What should I have done? Stand there and do nothing?" He glares at the man. "You are just like Kakarot Goku! You have sympathy for everyone!"

"Wait... Isn't " Kakarot " Ancestor Goku's real name? But this guy is named Goku..." Her head begins to spin as she tries to puzzle it all together.

"Well!" Goku-guy shot back, "You are just like your great-great-grandfather Vegeta! He's always throwing people around!"

"Your great-great-grandfather was too soft!"

Now the two are bickering like children.

"Well Giru seems to know this girl, that was why I held back!" Vegeta-guy says, defending his ideals after Goku-guy pointed out that Hikari is still conscious.

The Goku-guy looks at the robot. "You know her?" When Giru nodded he looks back at the girl. "How did you know my great-grandfather Gohan's technique?"

Now this is making sense. The two must be juniors. But she thought juniors work when the father gives the Son the same exact name as him, not generations later. But did she just heard the name "Gohan"? She couldn't help but ask. " Are you a descendant of Goku? "

Before Goku Jr. could answer, two teens fly out the house window with the faces that mean a upcoming fight. They aren't pleased with Hikari's presence. They both attempt to attack her but she shoots up into the air leaving everyone surprised. "Heh! How is it that she is able to fly like us?!"

Well, Hikari is a hybrid. She herself isn't surprised.

"Hey dad!" The two teens yelled, obviously twins... Fraternal actually since they are brother and sister. "Who is that girl?"

Vegeta Jr. glares at Hikari. "That is what I am trying to figure out."

Now she gets it. It's no wonder why their energy is so high. They are descendants from Saiyan warriors like she is, which means they have the blood of a Saiyan in them.

Hikari lands several feet away. So she's a relative of Goku Jr. She might as well tell them who she is and expect surprised filled expressions. She opens her mouth to speak but a scream comes out of it instead of words as sharp pain shoots up her spine. Some idiot grabbed her tail. She turns around spotting a brown sea turtle with the limb in his mouth. "Hey! Let go! That hurts!" The turtle frees her immediately. She grabs the tail and begins stroking it to make the pain go away.

Vegeta Jr. stares with a clenched fist in disbelief mixed with anger. "That whiny little brat! That has to be her! She has a tail, a trait that was lost due to my family heritage long ago!"

Goku Jr.'s face twist in confusion and curiosity. He asks the pre teen; "Your father?"

"His name is Nrock." Hikari answers. "But my mother told me he is more known as "Zircon" or "Zirconium". She takes note in Goku Jr.'s shocked expression. " My mother Eclipsky, she-"

"CABBA?!" Goku Jr. eyes go wide as he takes a big step closer to her to have a good look at her face. "Oh my Kami it is you! Man! What happened?! You have grown since I last seen you and your hair is a wild mess!" He laughs while rubbing the back of his head. "It looks like mine but with a wild pony tail! Any wilder and it will look like your father!" Be clears his throat. "I guess I should have stopped by more often but I just came back from saving another planet. Sorry about that." Now he has a bright smile on his face. "So how's your mom doing nowadays?"

This guy must've been gone far long to not know. Hikari can't lie to him. After all, he is her grandfather. "Sh-she's d-dead..."

"WHAT?!" Everyone yelled in surprise. Where have they been all these years?!

Hikari will have to give them a full explanation. "She died seven years ago." She just hopes that they won't ask how it happened. She will hate to explain anyway.

Unfortunately, the question came out of her grandfather's mouth. "How?!"

Her shoulders go limp. "A-a huge gorilla-ape monster killed her." She feels all eyes on her as she goes on. She explains how she looked at the full moon and heard the monster roar, it knocked her out by pulling out her tail, destroyed her house, chased away her father and killed her mother. She did not mention the part about waking up naked. She is a bit uncomfortable feeling Vegeta Jr.'s eyes burning in her and her grandfather Goku Jr. staring at her tail. Why does everyone hate her tail so much?!

Finally, Vegeta Jr. speaks. "You fool! As long as that tail of yours is present on your body, looking at a full moon is the worse mistake to make in your life! I will just remove it and make sure it will never grow back!"

"No!" Hikari jumps back into the air. "I like my tail! Plus, cutting it from my body makes me lose half of my power!" She reluctantly wraps it around her waist in a belt-like fashion.

"How could you not know that you were the one who killed your mother! You looked at the full moon and transformed into the Great Ape! The Almighty Oozaru! Whatever your father calls the beast!"

This only confuses the young Saiyan. Her? A Great Ape - that is what they call it? Impossible! She feel asleep or something! "But I feel asleep after looking! I heard the roar myself! The Great Ape monster knocked me out!"

Now Vegeta Jr. looks as if he is about to explode. "You know what?!" He starts to facepalm frequently. "ARRGH!"

Goku Jr. runs to his friend's side. "Just drop it Vegeta. I don't think it's a good idea for her to know this yet. It'll only break her heart." He pats the aggravated warrior's shoulder. "Besides, she couldn't have remembered. Her instincts took over, so it wasn't her doing." He made sure his granddaughter didn't pick that up.

But Vegeta Jr. won't give in. "She must know! What if the brat looks at the full moon again?! She should remember the beginning! From the stories I was told about the transformation a Saiyan shouldn't be able to move! All she must've heard was her heartbeat! She must had remembered getting buff or growing fangs! That road she heard was her own! Then she loses her awareness, not knowing that she was still turning into that brute!"

Hikari does remember that part. She couldn't take her eyes off the moon whenever she looked at it and it terrified her. Maybe her clothes ripped from her body as she grew into that monster which explains why she wakes up naked afterwards... with everything destroyed around her. She found her mother dead.

No... She refuses to believe it. She refuses to believe that she was the monster who did all this! Not until someone else sees at least. Then she will be convinced. But that someone else then was her father right? He has always been afraid of the full moon. Whenever there is one out her mother would give the warning and he would run inside dragging her along with him.

There was this one time Hikari heard commotion. She looked outside her window and saw a huge gorilla monster destroying everything. Her mother was outside crying and begging for the monster to stop. It was scary because its the only it's head somewhat resembled her father.

Maybe that time it was her father.

"Hikari! Snap out of it!" She remembered hearing her mother say to her on the night she died. "I am your mother!"

That feeling comes again. She remembers a strange feeling when she fell "asleep". She was fighting to " wake up."

Recently Diennay demanded for her tail to be removed just like Vegeta Jr. did earlier.

That night when Hikari saw that Great Ape monster and her crying mother... the next day her father's tail was missing.

Hikari woke up with no tail only to find her mother dead. After that - before her tail grew back - looking at the full moon had no effect! Her mom always looked and nothing happened. But when Hikari looked at a full moon with her tail, she falls "asleep".

Her father even once told her how a Saiyan's tail unlocks their true potential.

No! Hikari refuses to believe it! She couldn't have done it, but it makes sense!

But she still likes her tail…

Hikari couldn't take it. It's all too true. She killed her mother!

Wait a minute…

That lizard guy that night told her that looking at the full moon can make her fly. That lair! He tricked her! He set her up to have done that! How dare he! He ruined her life!

Hikari can feel her regret filling her. She breaks into tears. "That jerk!" She sobs. She repeats this several times.

"Uh... Vegeta? I think you took it too far." Goku Jr. mumbles.

Hikari's sobs turn into shouts and, those shouts become angry yells. Rocks around her start to rise in the air as if gravity has been lifted.

"Wish! Do you feel that?!" Goku Jr. shouts. He takes well notice of the rising rocks

Vegeta looks almost astonished by this. "H-her power! It's going off the charts!" He glares at his friend. With a hint of fear he adds. "She's not going to be set into Rage Mode like her father does is she?!"

They watch as the young Saiyan's Ki burst and flares. It surrounds her body and the power creates a gusty winds that prevents anyone from coming close to her.

"I think she did!" Goku Jr. points out. "At this rate, she may have the power to demolish the whole planet!" He rises he voice. "MASTER ROSHI!"

A very old man slams the door of the house open. "Where is this earthquake coming from?! It's shaking up my entire house!"

"You old buffoon! That Saiyan there is about to destroy herself with her anger! Do something old timer!" Vegeta Jr. shouts over Hikari's screams.

"I'm not that good!" Master Roshi protests. "What can I do against this Saiyan?! She's not even super yet dangerous!"

Hikari is in great pain, mentally and physically. She doesn't care. She wants to let it all out! She wants to prove to that selfish lizard that he's messing with the wrong girl! He may have destroyed her family bonds but never will he destroy her pride. What she doesn't know is that if she keeps this up she might kill everyone.


Was she hearing things or was that just Varity's voice she just heard now?

"Hikari! ENOUGH!"

The young Saiyan stops. Rage still burns in her eyes and her tail while behind her violently. She still floats in the air with her ki still activated. She spots Varity standing feet away from her with her hands together looking deep into her eyes.

"This is not like you Hikari." Varity says, almost whimpering. "You never let anger solve things! You don't like to hurt anyone! You are Hikari! A Human-Saiyan hybrid with a pure heart! Don't let your emotions control you! Do you think your parents would want that?!"

Hikari's eyes softens. "No." She thinks to herself as her Ki fades. She lands on the ground with guilt. "They wouldn't." She can tell that her parents must be disappointed with her for allowing this to happen. She suddenly feels weak. "I-I'm sorry mom and dad... I-I failed you..." She collapses to the ground and faints.

"Not good!" The boy teen helps, jumping to Hikari's side. "She's unconscious!"

Goku Jr. scoops his granddaughter into his arms. "She just lost most of her energy. A Senzu bean should do the trick." He heads for the house.

"On that note, I'll contact Dende." Varity announces following Goku Jr. and followed by everyone else except Vegeta Jr. who just stood there speechless.

"Impossible!" He thinks, still shaken up on what just happened."Th-that brat!" His teeth grinds together. "That little brat! Sh-she somehow surpassed my power as a Super Saiyan without transforming! She's dangerous! She somehow inherited her father's raging power!" He watches the others enter the house. "This shouldn't happen! She's a child! She's below me! I am a descendant of Prince Vegeta! I am the strongest around here!" His aura flares gold. His hair and eyebrows change into the same color as his eyes become a turquoise blue. His clothes become a lighter shade from the illuminating light.

He calms down still in his Super Saiyan form. A small smirk appears in his face. "I can promise you this child; if we ever see eye to eye again, I'll make sure that I don't go easy on you even if it kills you!"

The door opens and, Goku Jr.'s head popped out. "Jeez V.J, calm down. You don't have to be a sore loser about it."

"Shut up Goku! I never lost to her!" Vegeta Jr. snaps. "Why do you care?!"

"You lost in power." Goku Jr. points out.

"Shut the hell up."

Goku Jr. immediately went back inside with a slam. It's not good to mess with him in a mood like this.

A/N: Finally finish! Sorry for the long wait but I finally got this done. Like I said before I was busy working on other fanfics. This one has less detail than my other Dragon Ball fanfic because this one was handwritten a year ago. I get better over time so it will improve.


To be continued to Chapter 5!

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Raditz frowns. This isn't going anywhere. Here he is, standing around here like a idiot trying to talk his brother out of his weak side again. He really really hates Earth for what it has made him into. It causes a lot of drawbacks that affects how his brother behaves. If this fight doesn't cure him, they are doomed to Frieza... well, maybe just them. The elites might live. At least they have better chances. "You have gotten far. This is your last obstacle. Don't you enjoy hearing those beg for mercy? The sound of them screaming is music to your ears. You can turn into a Giant Ape and you enjoy it all. But here you are suffering over the blood that stained your hands?! Once again you are acting like a child!"

"Because sometimes I am afraid of what I could be turning into. Are we really monsters Raditz? You saw what I did to Recoome. It just took over me and I killed him in cold blood."

Raditz finally understands his little brother's views about his kind. Kakarot is use to an easy life and only fought to protect. He still spared and hardly ever killed anyone. When he does, it traumatizes him. He feels regretful. He gets disgusted seeing what he is able to do. His eyes are use to seeing knockouts. Seeing himself being responsible with all the blood made him sick to his stomach... Literally. Raditz has to make his brother understand. "When I was dying, our parents spoke of his we both are needed alive to avenge them. In order to do that, you have to forget about your old life. You are a Saiyan Kakarot. We defeat our enemies with any means necessary. What you did was no exception."

Kakarot never expected to hear this coming from Raditz. His big brother dreamed of his parents. So he does still care about his family after all. He would learn more but the memory of what he recently did makes him feel queasy. "Raditz..."

Raditz turns his back. "Come to me when you are ready."


"What now? I have a fight to finish! Stop stalling me!"

"I don't feel so good..."

"Well of course you don't! What's the matter?! Can't handle it? You have guts but no glory! What's the point of joining us when you can't even take pride on who you defeat and how?!"

"It's a bit too much... I don't feel so good..."

Raditz is about to punch him now. Just as he turns around he sees the compressed expression crossing Kakarot's face. "Oh no! No, no, no, no, nooooo! Don't you even let-" He is interrupted as vomit splatters all over his boots.

Vegeta can be heard laughing in the background.

Quickly Raditz lifts his foot up and tries to shake the mess away with a look of disgust. His face turns blue and then red as he gets angry. Now he feels as if he's about to get sick. "WHY YOU!" He punches Kakarot hard on the head. "I am not tolerating your sorry shit anymore! You have really crossed me for the last time! Pull yourself together or lie in agony and die in the future! Earth is done for! Tell your body that! You will deal with far more bloody things than this in the future so deal with it!"

Kakarot will probably never get use to the punches he receives from his brother countless times. It's not his fault. He would often rather spare his enemies rather than kill them like he did Recoome. It makes him feel disappointed with himself for allowing his anger to get the best of him. He is not Human so why does he still react to death like one? He thought that he got over many things but this is one problem that still remains. That punch really did something to him. Before he knew it, be is back on his feet and angrily uppercuts his brother.

The surprised Raditz regains his loss of balance. He rubs his lower jaw while huffing. "I see that you still got your strength but you lack in aggression. It only come out when you see someone fall, not under your will. You need to learn how to bring it out at anytime. If you don't then what use does Vegeta have for you? I can't watch your back forever!" He looks at his boots again. "You disgust me sometimes. Where is your Saiyan nature? Do you have it or not?!"

The young Saiyan rises to his feet. His breathing is unsteady as his eyes become narrow. For some reason his eyes seem to be sparking into a deep fire of passion to fight. His mouth parts into a devilish grin that Raditz never saw on Kakarot's face before. As he speaks, his voice sounds almost harsh. "You want me to prove it? Fine then! This time I won't feel so disgusted with myself if that is what you want? You're trying to turn me into a monster?"

"That is what the earthlings believes. If you believe that too then I don't even feel sorry for you! You can't avenge the Saiyans if you don't act like one!" Raditz replies.

"Huh. At least I wasn't the one who got barfed on." Kakarot points out ignoring the growl he is hearing from his brother. "Don't blame me. Like you said, my eyes used to seeing something so... graphic. This time I will prove to you that I am not Goku anymore!" His Ki flares as he lets out a long scream. This catches everyone's full attention. "Planet Earth has scared me for life! I hate it for that! I will not be turned down again! Today I will prove to Frieza who I really am!"

Raditz finds himself forgetting about the whole boot incident by watching his brother finding his path to becoming the true warrior that he had in him all along. Kakarot is very goofy but he knew that deep inside his brother his true Saiyan pride is in there somewhere. As of now, he is witnessing 80% if it.

Kakarot's grin is truly noticeable now. The images of his past play in his head again and it makes him realize something. He remembers who he is. It's no longer a locked away memory. When his brother told him how he dreamed of his parents speaking for him to live on, Kakarot knows that he has a destiny to fulfill. "I am not Son Goku! I am not an Earthling! My name is Kakarot, and I am a proud Saiyan warrior!" His feet leaves the ground and he is next to the Saiyan prince.

"Oh? So little sick Kakarot has found himself again?" Vegeta says almost teasingly.

Kakarot ignored the insult. "Prince Vegeta sir, I will fight with you!"

"What?! Are you requesting to join us when you had all the action earlier?!"

"That is not what I mean. Do you sense Ginyu's energy?" He sees Vegeta's face become straight of concentration. "He's by himself with powers lower than ours. Even the biggest power on this planet is somewhere else. Frieza is not at his ship. From what I believe, Ginyu could be in watch of the Dragon Balls."

Vegeta gets the idea. A noticeable smirk crosses his face. "So you're saying that Frieza is not over there?"

"Who knows? Frieza may be looking for the seventh Dragon Ball that we need." Nappa says. "Kakarot probably wants us to go over there and steal all seven as soon as we defeat these guys."

"My brother and I can help you handle these two. The sooner we take them down, the better chance we have in banding together and taking down Ginyu before Frieza gets back with the last Dragon Ball. He will lose his chance to get his wish!"

Vegeta smirks widely. "Well... I suppose if you say so. Sounds like a good plan..." He exchanged looks with the general. "Right Nappa?"

"Yeah..." Nappa returns the smirk.

Suddenly Vegeta's and Nappa's Ki flares to revealance and they both jump up to the sky. The Saiyan Prince laughs. "I hope you enjoy yourselves you two! Hahahahahaaaaa!" He and Nappa disappears from sight.

"Vegeta!" Kakarot calls. "Come back! That wasn't part of the plan!" He gets ready to fly after him but Burter appears from nowhere right in front of him. "Out of my way!"

"Sorry but letting two Saiyans escape did not please me. I don't want two more to leave my sights." Burter turns down the Saiyan's demand.

Raditz growls at the situation. "He abandoned us! What the hell was that about?!"

"My guess? He wants all three wishes to himself. I am not surprised." Kakarot sighs. He had a feeling Vegeta was going to be the kind of guy to only care much about himself to these kind of things. "Or he could be testing us." Either option is still not a good thought. His head tilts to one side as he folds his arms now staring at the ginyus with a frown. He'll have to end them both quickly if he wants to catch up.

"I suppose that you are right Kakarot. This shouldn't be as bad as a problem as before anyway. We both have gotten stronger." He shoved aside the ditch the elite Saiyans pulled off. He smiles mischievously. "How do we do this... I know! Let's play a game!"

"A game?" Kakarot says delightfully. "I love games! What are we playing?!"

"Let's play " Which ginyu can survive the longest" Rules are simple; First ginyu down is the looser." Raditz explains.

"Aye! Are ya makin' a game outta us pal?!" Jeice asks this in a way that sounds as if he is offended by this. "That's our job!"

"So the tables have turned. How unfortunate." Raditz simply says while shrugging his shoulders. "At least it won't be so boring. Vegeta clearly ditched us which is rather annoying but at least he will get the Dragon Balls and not you two fools... because you won't live much longer."

"You're bluffing! We were twice as powerful as you when Recoome took you down! The scouters must be glitching! You couldn't have gotten so strong in a short period of time!" Burter exclaims.

"I will be honest. I was as powerful as you two then. Now am am twice more powerful than you." Raditz points out.

"Lies!" Jeice takes off for them with his partner. "C'mon Burter! I have enough with their big talk! I saw we take them down and humiliate them!" He and Burter stop right in front of them. "Alright you two! It is time for you to-"

He is cut off by a punch on the nose delivered by Kakarot.

Jeice screams in a way that sounds too close to a girl. His hands cover his nose as he stands there almost whining for several seconds. He uncovers his nose and it is revealed to be bloody broken. "You... How dare you punch my fa-"

"Don't want to hear it!" Kakarot throws up his knee and it makes contact with Jeice's stomach. The enemy falls hunched over. "Uh... Are you going to fight back or are you just gonna sit there and cry like a little baby?"

"Shut up monkey!" Jeice sends a right hook on the Saiyan's face and smirks as the warrior stumbled back. "That is what you get for-" He is kicked away like a ball.

"You guys sure do leave yourselves in the open. Is that some sort of strategy or something?" Kakarot wonders aloud.

"Curse you!" Burter springs for the young Saiyan as such speed Kakarot never had the time to even realize it was Burter who spoke. He grabs the Saiyan's arms and throws him against the ground. Before he could do more the hand of the older Saiyan grabs his wrist.

"Forgot about me!" Raditz throws Burter up to the air. The enemy vanishes as expected. Raditz prepares to go after him now locked in to his energy but he is kicked on the back. He spins around in time to block Burter's next punch but fails to block the kick sent to his chest that forces him to nearly fall. Burter vanishes again and Raditz gets a series of random hits just a about anywhere. He can't keep up well with his speed. "This guy is really getting on my nerves!" If he can't block him, might as well somehow catch him since dodging is clearly not an option. He tries to think of a plan but a fist makes a hard punch on his face. Raditz's eyes trail from the arm to its owner who just snickers at him. Raditz swings his arm with attempt to swat the foe but he dodges quickly and kicks done his legs. Raditz falls hands fist and ducks in time to avoid a hard kick. Just as he jumps back up a Ki blast hits him right on the face. Raditz bites back a scream from the scalding sensation.

"Oops. Did I burn your face?" Burter teases.

The Saiyan bares his teeth and tries to punch him but it is avoided easily and he receives another punch. This occurs a couple more times until he had enough. His wrapped tail glows orange before it whips out and smacks Burter down. The furry limb catches the alien's arm before he could crash on the ground. Burter tries to pull free from the grip but his efforts are ineffective. "How about you just stand still!" Raditz gathers Ki on one hand. "And... Keep your eye on the birdie!"

"How about you watch how you handle ya enemies!" The Australian accent means alerts Raditz if Jeice being nearby. He is too slow to react. Something bright whizzes past him and explodes on the ground. It was a pitiful blast but Raditz's body did not like that. His whole body freezes.

Kakarot couldn't stop it in time. Jeice simply fired a blast that he thought was meant for him but, it was for Raditz instead. He failed so deflect it and, he witnessed it shoot right through his brother's tail near the base. The limb falls on the ground with a faint thud and only squirmed for a second before lying still.

A second after that a terrible scream is heard from the long haired Saiyan. His legs shake heavily suddenly becoming weak before he drops to his knees. His eyes stare at the tail that was part of his body seconds ago. Did that just happened?! How could he had let it happen?! His hands feel for it but it's true. All that remains is a stub attached to his lower back where his tail was. His pain fades away as his anger consumes him. "Why... You son of a-"

"I did not see that coming!" Jeice laughs. "This is hilarious! He's tailless! It's like playing " Pin the tail on the donkey" but the opposite! "

"You mean " cut the tail off the monkey." Right?" Burter corrects him. He turns to Kakarot. "Hey, lets do it to him too! Then it will be twice as funny!" He laughs hard seeing Kakarot's eyes go wide in fear with his hands covering his rear. "Yeah! Let's torture them a bit before we finish them off!"

"You... you cut of my tail..." Raditz's eyes fill with hate. This is humiliating. No, it's far from that. Cutting off a Saiyan's tail is as bad as a Human being spat on... No worse than that. They have done the most disrespectful thing to be done to a Saiyan like him! He feels ashamed to have lowered his guard. Being tailless makes him like a Human! A weak pathetic Human! The thought of it makes him really angry. They've done it now! His sudden increase if power is detected on the scouters and be has the ginyus attention.

He shakes his head slowly, a sign that they just made a big mistake. "You shouldn't have done that." His right hand builds up pink and orange like static more intense than his Saturday Crush. In fact, it sparks out occasionally and it can be well heard. "SHINING FRIDAY!" It bursts out as a huge purple and pink ball of energy and it is aimed foes at point blank range. Dirt flies in the air from the explosion. It settled down revealing the two still alive starring at the deep bottomless crater he left behind. "D-dammit... They dodged it..." Raditz drops to the point that his hands also have to support his weight. "This is bad. I forgot how a tailless Saiyan is not as powerful as one with a tail..." His glare hardens. He almost had them both. "And they knew this..."

For a second Kakarot's eyes meet with Raditz's. He understands the pain of losing a tail. It makes him feel empty and powerless at times. Jeice and Burter are taking it too far. He focuses on them now. "You have no idea what you've just done." He says coldly as if he is the one who lost the tail. He begins to walk to then with his serious look. He is not playing around.

"What? Ya want us to say sorry?" Jeice asks. "This is what happens when you try to make games outta us! If ya brother wasn't so stupid to pull out his tail, maybe he would still have it right now don't you agree?"

Kakarot's face hardens. "If you wasn't so stupid to mess with us, maybe your ridiculous poses wouldn't be messed up now don't you agree?"

The mentioning of their team pose sparks realization. The two members freeze.

Burter begins to throw his arms around until they both stick out to the left as he drops to one knee. "BURTER!"

Jeice swings his arms in circles before throwing his head down and back up and dropping to one knee as well. He arms stick up above his head and his hands bend down. "JEICE!"

They stay in their poses for a few seconds and shame is written on their faces. Jeice is the most displeased about this. "Ever since we lost Guldo and Recoome of feels much more empty!"

"The balance is still intact but still we will have to come up with a new pose!" Burter asks. He looks back at the Saiyan and finds that he is not there anymore. "Gah! Where did he go?!"

"Right behind you."

Burter turns around only to have a boot hit his face. He had no time to retaliate. The Saiyan warrior batters his body with countless punches and kicks. He manages to block a handful but is still in shock of what is happening. "How is this possible! He shouldn't be able to do this!" His is punched down and his back gets slammed on with a pair of feet.

Jeice flies in to save his teammate. He is easily elbowed on the side sending him flying back a bit before he resorts to several Ki blast. They are all dodged mostly while a few hit but seem to only anger the Saiyan more. "This guy! He's trying to outsmart us! That's it! Nobody makes a fool out of the Ginyu Force!" He charges at the Saiyan again and this time Burter is with him. They work together to take him down and it is working well. They land several successful hits.

Raditz almost loses his balance due to the odd feeling of being tailless. He knows that Kakarot is being overwhelmed by the two and it won't be long until they start to really give him a beating. He still has to give them the punishment for cutting off his tail. He goes for it as well by soaring through the action and sending a punch on the big purple alien's face.

All four warriors spar heavily. Neither side is giving in even the slightest. It breaks the second Kakarot has a firm grip on Burter's shoulders. The alien squirms trying to shake the Saiyan off but still he holds on.

"Do you know how it feels to lose a limb on your body?" Kakarot asks. His hands grip harder on his shoulders and now Burter is yelling. "If only you had a tail this wouldn't be as painful it will be as of now." He pulls his shoulders back trying to break his arms of but it proves to be very difficult. Losing patience he chops his left arm with his hand and it snaps. He chuckles and lets Burter go who holds his broken arm while trying to distance himself from him. "It hurts a lot. That is how it feels." A sudden shout comes from him as delivers a handful of punches of Burter's face. Jeice fires a blast to stop him but cleverly Kakarot throws Burter right into the blast so he takes it instead. Burter lands on the ground practically stunned and unable to move at the moment. Kakarot dives towards him and lands stomping on his neck, breaking it and killing the alien instantly. His gaze turns to Jeice now who hovers in the air staring at Kakarot in fear. "If I were you, I would be running away by now."

Jeice gulps and boosts his body to go straight into full powered flight. "I have to report Ginyu 'bout this! These Saiyans are like monsters!" He flies away and jumps into something not long after he started. Kakarot hovers in his way. "Move you stupid monkey!"

"Monkey, Ape, what's next? Chimp? You guys really annoying me by calling us those things. If anything you look like an albino Australian with a terribly bad case of sunburn." He laughs cruelly seeing the puzzled look on Jeice's face. "Of course you have no idea what I am taking about. You're not from the world I grew up in... Oh, that reminds me of something. Cutting off my brother's tail was not smart of you. He looks too close to a Human now. You won't be around for long."

"How dare you say that! I am still a member of the Ginyu Force, the most feared warriors in the universe! I will finish ya once and for all!" He begins his efforts to land hits on Kakarot but the Saiyan dodges or blocks each attack. He blocks the punches and kicks the Saiyan tries to give him back. It does not lighten up until Jeice lands a left hook on Kakarot's face.

Slowly Kakarot turns his head back at Jeice unfazed by the punch he received. He only laughs. "Is that all you have for me?"

"How could you just shrug that off like it was nothing?!" Jeice yelps.

"Well, I am a Saiyan. You guys should know about my kind at least to the basics." Kakarot explains. "We Saiyans get stronger after every battle. However when we come back recovered from the brink of death, we get so much more powerful we are unaware of just how much powerful. Check my power level of you want. I'm not concealing my power."

"Yeah, sure. I check your power level and I run away screaming like a little girl!" Jeice turns on his scouter and his mouth drops at the reading he sees. He snaches the divice off his face and crushes it in his hand. "Piece of junk!"

"I don't think it's lying." Kakarot says.

"Even if you are it doesn't mean that you will win!" Jeice fires several Ki blast and it explodes all over the Saiyan. He is surprised when Kakarot flies out and elbows his face. His hair is grabbed and he is thrown down towards the ground.

"Pay back time Raditz!" Kakarot calls out.

Jeice finds a pair of hands in front of his face. "Raditz... Please! Spare-" He is cut off with a blast of Double Sunday that vaporizes him instantly.

"Serves him right." Raditz huffs. He still isn't happy. His tail lays on the ground near him and he looks disgusted. He hates himself at the moment. "How am I supposed to explain this to Vegeta? He will just laugh at me."

Kakarot defense to the ground. The second his feet touches the ground he begins to walk to his brother's side. "Won't it just grow back?"

"It will... But it may take years. Saiyan children tends to grow back their quicker because they lack in fighting experience and are more likely to grow it back. It's a guarantee under a full moon because our tails are sometimes a manner of life or death. It happens to adults too but some never grow a new one in rare cases. It's not a pleasant thing to live through." Raditz explains.

Kakarot growls and fires a blast at Burter's body. It vaporizes in a cloud of dust. "We might need it. If Frieza is way too overwhelming our transformation could be necessary as much as I hate it." He then remembers something. "Perhaps Shenron could help you with that. Maybe he may come out on this planet. I will find out myself. Meanwhile you report to Vegeta... Unless you are coming with me."

Raditz turns down both offers. The sound of his grumbling stomach gave him different ideas. "You go while I find us something to eat. When you return I may have dinner ready, so don't have me waiting too long or you will hunt for yourself." Before his brother could even leave the ground he adds quickly, "My missing tail is not your problem. Do the prince a favor and grant his wish. Frieza may return before they could reclaim the Dragon Balls. He can't die if he has his immortality to fight Frieza if the cross paths."

"Then I'll go as fast as I can." Kakarot nods once and takes off. He is pleased to have hidden his collection inside his pod. No one would have thought of looking inside one since they don't want any business with them. He laughs in a goofy smile."Boy is Vegeta going to get a surprise of a lifetime!" On that note he boosts his flight to top speed.

He flies for a short while when suddenly the sky becomes dark. Its can't be unnoticed. "Huh. It's finally night time. It's been daylight for weeks that I lost track of time. I guess it's because this planet has so many suns." He spots the group of pods that belong to him and his comrades. The sight of the one belonging to his son makes him more determined to get this done. He lands in front of his pod and discovers his the door is still open. "Hm. I could have sworn I closed the door before I left. Then again, I'm not good with remembering things." He sticks his head aside and spots his Power Pole that he brought along, a small reminder of why he joined his kind in the first place. He straps the weapon to his back and crawls inside the pod to get the sack of Dragon Balls, only to discover that they have gone missing. "I don't get it. I know that I brought them with me... So why aren't they-" He pauses and his attention is back to the sky. "Wait a minute! The sky being dark could mean... But how is that possible-" A memory hits him.


"You know Bulma, Vegeta was really pissed when he found out you stole his pod." Kakarot points out.

"I've been told." Bulma mutters.

Kakarot tilts his head to the side, a sign of his curiosity. "You know, I am wondering on why you are roaming around here when you should be working. Didn't Raditz tell you to do something?"

Bulma stands while dusting herself off. She gives him a hate filled glare. "How about you go tell the jerk that it is ready for him! He can do whatever he wants with it! This is the last time I will do anything for anyone!"

"Really?" Kakarot takes notice on the strange lump under her shirt. "Why is your waist so lumpy?"

Bulma almost shrikes. No good. "Uhh... It's my makeup. You should know that I can't go a day without it! You've known me for 15 years!"

-*End of Flashback*-

"Whaah! Th-that wasn't her makeup! That was the Dragon Balls all along!" He punches himself in the head. "Man! I am such an idiot! I feel for that?!" He glances at the sky and he can feel the mighty power of the eternal Dragon.

Eternal Dragon?!

If anyone was watching in a distance they would see a figure rocketing off to the skies making the dirt explode from the pressure in a giant dirt cloud. Kakarot fears on himself of how Vegeta would react if he finds out that he lost the Earth Dragon Balls by the hands of an Earthling. A Earthling! One thing is clear; the Saiyan is pissed. His strong flight forces weak blunders that he shoots pass to crumble and collapse. "BULMA! YOU HAVE USED ME FOR THE LAST TIME!" Up ahead he can see the dark clouds that means Shenron is arriving. "IF YOU MAKE A WISH I WILL END YOUR LIFE!"

Many miles away Bulma is well aware that at least one if the Saiyans have figured it out. She watches nervously and scared out if her life knowing that Goku could be after her.

The seven Earth Dragon Balls glowing in front of her burst out a bright long yellow light that sprouts into the shape of a Chinese Dragon with antlers similar to a deer and one long whisker on each side of its face. The light fades into powerful glowing aura, revealing an endlessly long green Dragon with glowing red eyes. He stares down at her. As he speaks his deep strong voice shakes the ground. It makes anyone believe for him to be a god. "YOU HAVE GATHERED ALL SEVEN DRAGON BALLS. SPEAK YOUR WISH... NOW."

Bulma almost forgot how to speak. No matter how many times she sees this legendary Dragon she is always terrified of it. She has no time to stare in awe. "Shenron! I request for you to bring back all the Z-fighters who died fighting the Saiyans back to life! The ones who never died before I mean!"

Shenron growls for a second before narrowing his eyes. "IT CANNOT BE DONE."



Can this day get any more stressful? She thinks hard. Which one? Which one? She has no time to think! She blurts out the first name that comes to her mind. "Darn it Goku! I wish that Piccolo was here so that he can teach you a lesson!" She covers her mouth. She said her thoughts out loud and said the wrong name. She looks at Shenron.

Kakarot sees Shenron just as he speaks more.

"VERY WELL YOUNG ONE. IT SHALL BE DONE." The Eternal Dragon's eyes glow a very bright red and lightning powerfully strikes in the clouds followed by the loud sound of thunder. "YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED. I SHALL TAKE MY LEAVE BACK TO EARTH" His whole body glows again and he shrinks back in the Dragon Balls as they come together and float up in the sky. They fly off to the skies and out the planet.

"Ooh... I think I blew it." Bulma sighs.


Bulma spins around and screams seeing who hovers above her. "G-G-G! GOKU!"

Kakarot lands hard in front of her and snatches the collar of her shirt, pulling her to his face. "Do you realize what you've just done?!" She says nothing so he goes on. "This was the one chance for me to help Vegeta get his wish and you blew it! You tricked me and used them for your own desires! How could you?!" He throws her to his feet and he gathers Ki on one hand. "Grrr! I should kill you where you stand! That should be your punishment!"

Bulma shuts her eyes tight expecting the end of her life but many seconds pass and she opens them. Her former friend just stares at her with a look of hatred.

"But I can't. Prince's orders." He stomps on her stomach and is rewarded with a pain filled gasp. He steps back watching her suffer. "They are not going to happy about this. If anyone, Raditz would be the most disappointed since he came across you several times. He should have known that something suspicious was going on with you." He picks her up by her collar again and he begins to fly. "At least I will have a good reason and get a break!"

Not too far Raditz stabs a gigantic fish halfway through a large branch from one of the trees that now sticks out of the ground. He fires a small blast and the twigs underneath bursts into flames. He is just about to sit down until he senses his brother's energy.

"Put me down you jerk!"'

The voice sounds like a woman and is very recognizable from the nagging attitude he can hear from it. At the same time she sounds scared and in pain. The woman falls to his feet. He looks up and sees his little brother who looks very angry. "Is there a reason why you brought her here?"

"How about you ask her? I was about to kill her for what she has done!"

Raditz is a bit surprised by Kakarot's tone of voice but he decides to ask the woman what happened. "Care to explain?"

Bulma crosses her arms. "I am not saying anything!"

"Kakarot? What happened?" Raditz asks.

"She stole my Dragon Balls Raditz! Plus, she used them and summoned the dragon! The one good chance we had to wish Vegeta immortality without running into trouble is gone! Plus I was suppose to keep watch of those Dragon Balls! Man he's going to be pissed..." He sends another angry look at Bulma. "This is all your fault! I will send you to Vegeta so that he can have a word with you! I am not getting in trouble for something you did! So tell us what you wished for!"

"That is none of your business!"

"Tell me now Bulma!"

"Go to hell!"

"Ooh. She's a feisty one alright." Raditz chuckles at the tension he is seeing between the two. "She is so rebellious. I find that rather entertaining." He looks at her with a dark smirk. "So Earth woman, by using the Dragon Balls I believe that you have just signed a permanent contract to be our servant. Vegeta was planning to let you go. As soon as he hears this then he'll have second thoughts."

"If you think that I will do more for you then you are wrong! I've done enough! No more! I just hope you die to that Frieza guy!" She looks at Kakarot. "As for you Goku I just hope he knocks some sense into you. If not then must I say this - you deserve to suffer!"

Kakarot looked hurt for a second by the words. Then he begins to laugh. His laugh grows into the kind that is dark and almost wicked. Bulma's face lost its color from the sound of it and that makes him feel better. "Bulma, you never changed. Always have you been the same. You get mad when you don't have your way, and you have a really bad taste with boyfriends. Back then I was blind to it but now I realize that you are just a spoiled genius. Why did I decide to becomes friends with you back then? I really wish I hadn't." He crouches down to her level and he speaks in an almost quiet tone. His dark words sends chills down her spine. "If Vegeta decides to end you life, I will ask him to hand you to me and I will blast you to..." He turns to his brother. "What's the word?"

"Oblivion?" Raditz suggest with a tone that reads out his curiosity.

Kakarot looks back at Bulma. "Yeah! Obliveonin... Whatever that word he just said!" He hears his brother sigh with shame behind him. "But that is if I was nice enough. If by the time I am what you call "a heartless monster" then I guess I might pound you to death. My brother seems to have fun doing that. "

Bulma feels as if she is prey cornered by a vicious monster that is untamable. Every time she sees Goku, he is worse and more heartless every time. There will be a day when he would probably laugh on top a mountain of bodies he killed and everyone's helpless to stop it. She won't back down again. Quickly she draws back her hand and slaps the Saiyan with all her might.

Kakarot hops back with a yelp and falls down to his bottom with one hand covering his left cheek. "Damn! I forgot she can hit hard!" He hisses and rubs his face. He removes his hand and a red hand print is left on his slapped cheek. His brother begins to laugh until he gets slapped as well. Now both of them are on the ground.

"You freaks will not turn me into a servant! One way or another you guys will fail and realize the huge mistake you made!" Bulma shouts. "I see that you Raditz lost your tail! That is what you deserve for what you've done to us!"

Raditz growls and stands up with his face dangerously close to hers. Despite his action she manages to keep a straight face. She is not backing down without a fight. She would rather die than serve them. She attacks a Saiyan warrior without second thought. "You are just full of surprises aren't you? So am I." He lightly chops her neck, instantly knocking her out. "Hmph. Stupid Earth woman."

Kakarot finally puts himself together after the slap he received. He gives his brother an odd look. "You know, for a second there I thought you was going to kill her. I guess you remembered about Vegeta huh?" He huffs. "Talking to us like that. You should make her cook us dinner for that. Makes me wonder where ChiChi could be. She was missing for a while."

"Don't fret. Be glad that she has been quieted down." Raditz walks over to the fish and turns it over. "You still have a lot to learn. Your limit on vocabulary is ridiculous."

"What about Vegeta?" Kakarot asks. He is still concerned on how the prince will react to this.

"He might let you go. We still have a shoot on the Namek Dragon Balls, and plus he was outsmarted by your wife and the blue haired woman."

"You mean Bulma?"

"Right. Bulmoose."

"Bulma. Her name is-"

"Shut up." Raditz takes the branch out the ground and stabs it somewhere else away from the fire. "Eat. We will need our strength. This whale I caught should be big enough for the both of us."

Kakarot's eyes light at the sight of the caught meal. "Alright! Let's dig in!"

- Elsewhere... -

Someplace else on Planet Namek, a tall green skinned man wearing a white turban and cape stands ontop a cliff watching the landscape with his usual scowl. "I have no idea how I got here... But for some reason I feel as if I am at home." He frowns. "I sense alot of powerful Ki. One of them belongs to Goku. The other next to his is Raditz. I can sense those other Saiyans... And one power that makes them all seem tame. It's almost insane. But why do I feel so uneasy with Goku's? He has grown stronger but that is not the reason."

The Namekian thinks for a few seconds. "Maybe it's because I was so used to him being so pure of heart. Now he is almost as bad as Raditz. Whoever thought that out of all the people I came across, the one who was so disgustingly pure is the one to become a monster. Doesn't matter. I am still coming for you Goku."

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"Speaking another language/ Thoughts"


- Chapter 2: Brothers stick together, keep your tail out of trouble! -

Last time on "The retaliation of the Earthling Saiyan":

"Wow. Aren't you a tough one! After all that and you are still willing to fight me huh? You know, I've heard that your father is the same way. I guess they grow up stubborn on your world huh?" He laughs and shouts; "I should know! I am stubborn too!"

"You mock me and my father for the last time!" Raditz begins to run for him, ignoring every painful step as he gets closer. He growls loudly as he springs at Recoome and thrust his fist forward only to have his attempted punch to be dodged. Recoome has jumped over him and he is still going through from under, passing by between his legs.

"Haha!" Recoome slams his ankle against Raditz's neck. A loud snap is well heard followed by a half gasp half yelp from the Saiyan.

"NO!" Kakarot screams at what he just witnessed. Raditz's eyes go blank as he falls on the ground, this time lying motionless. Quickly he jumps into a short flight and lands next to his brother and begins to shake him. "Raditz! Raditz!"

Jeice's scouter stops beeping and just lets out a long sound before it turns itself off. "Well, look at that. Raditz's power level just feel to zero. He didn't last as long as I expected."

He takes a deep intake of breath realizing what exactly just happened. Raditz's pupils are colorless. His body twitches a few times before it goes still. "Raditz…" Kakarot places a hand under his neck and tries to lift his head but it awkwardly falls back further than normal, and turns over clumsily to the left. His brother's neck is broken. Kakarot can't sense his energy at all. Either Raditz is barely alive or dead. Still, this is strongly unforgivable. He can feel his blood boiling inside him hotter than before.

"Aw come on! None of these Saiyans even lasted a minute with me! That was boring! If I knew how weak they were I would had never challenged them! What's the point on being here?!" Recoome complains.

"Well, this is what they get for challenging Lord Frieza. They can share the same fate as their planet." Jeice says. "Look at the bright side Kakarot. As soon as you die you can be reunited with your brother. Doesn't that sound like a good deal?"

Kakarot gently places his brother's head back down on the ground. He stands and glares at Recoome with the same look he gave Raditz weeks ago when he believed that he killed his son. This time it's no test. This is real. "You…. how dare you…THAT WAS MY BROTHER!"

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't know!" Recoome apologizes sarcastically. "How about make it up to you by killing you so that you can see your family again! That way you won't ha-"

"Shut up."

The Ginyu's and the still conscious Prince Vegeta take notice on the normally more gentle and calm collected fighter Saiyan's change in attitude.

"Hey, what's your problem mate? It's a great bargain!" Jeice shouts. "Why would you turn it down?"

Kakarot doesn't answer. He simply stares at Recoome.

"Fine then! I will just do it for you! Say goodnight!" Recoome lunges at the Saiyans and punches him on the stomach. As the Saiyans falls to one knee Recoome rises and elbow to finish him off. "Say hi to your brother for us okay! Recoome… ELBOW!" He thrust it down but instead of hitting the warrior, the Saiyan's hand catches it. "HUH?!"

Kakarot's ki flares up in a golden like arua. His hair flows widely as his head rises slowly. he looks dead into Recoome's eyes as he bares his teeth with a collection of feral growls escaping his pupils has apparently faded leaving his eyes blank white.

"Wh-what… What is happening?!" Jeice's scouter beeps rapidly as it tries to get a clear reading. "P-power level… 30,000… 34,000… 40,000… 50,000?!" It stops beeping and straight fear covers his face. "I-impossible!"

Burter gulps. "His power level is at… 80,000! What the hell did that come from?! It was at 5,000 not too long ago! he had his true power suppressed all this time?!"

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Kakarot's arua sends Recoome skidding back a couple feet.

Vegeta cannot believe what he is witnessing. He wipes his eyes to be sure that what he sees is a lie but it proves to be true. "No… this cannot be happening… Has he finally done it? Kakarot... not him! He is a low-class! How could scum like him become… become a Super Saiyan?!" He watches as the enraged Saiyan sends a powerful uppercut on Recoome, sending the brute fying back. "Legends say that it happens only when Saiyan has the potential. I have to admit that Kakarot and even Raditz has exceeded the normal limitations of an average Saiyan but… these are just old stories. I never believed in them. Even if this is true, only an elite like myself and Nappa should be eligible achieve it! Not him!"

Kakarot can't think clearly. It is as if something has took complete control of him. All that he can think about is to kill Recoome and the others, and anyone else who dares to cross him. He lunges forward and headbutts Recoome hard and they both shoot through a boulder, taking it down like a wrecking ball. He gives no time for Recoome to even stand. He grabs him by the arm and punches him through the chest. The Saiyan pulls back out and Recoome falls dead.

"AH!" Jeice gasps and Burter takes a few steps back. "H-he's gone mad! It is as if he turned into some kind of vicious animal!"

"He killed Recoome without breaking a sweat! WHAT IS HE?!" Burter shouts.

Vegeta is shocked by what he just witnessed too. "Kakarot… has always been so stubborn on killing. He wouldn't even go far as breaking someone's neck unless he feels that he wants to! But this… He… he punched clean through Recoome's chest without second thought!" He watches Kakarot's head whip over to the two Ginyu's direction. "Wait a minute… legends say that a Saiyan does grow more aggressive when ascended, but the way Kakarot is acting does not match what I've heard." He begins to think. Once again his face shows shock but, even more than previously. "He has became what is known as… a False Super Saiyan… He's close to becoming the legend itself. That explains his brutal behavior! Still… he is too close to surpassing me… how does he get his power in outburst like that?!"

"He's coming for us Burter!" Jeice warns.

"I can see that! He won't last long! Let's go!" Burter says.

"Fools. They have no idea what just took place." Vegeta grumbles. "The real hell's about to begin…"

- Now -

The very moment he opens his eyes, he would have screamed with the agony he is feeling if he could.

Sharp, so very sharp and throbbing pain. He can't move. His whole body is just twitching. All that he can do is listen to the blood rushing in his ears, and the pounding of his heart, a sure sign that he is still alive. He wonders to himself; "What the hell happened?"

His fingers lift, grasping tightly on the grass as his throat bursts out a terrible sound. He feels something trying to escape from his chest. He coughs it out and is horrified to see a mouthful of thick red blood fly from his mouth. He shuts his eyes tight, groaning as the pain throbs even worse. He can barely breathe. His head won't even shift slightly. Every time he tries to move, only causes straight pain to go all towards his neck. Now he remembers.

Recoome broke his neck.

He would curse if he could. He can't even call for his brother that he needs right now. He can't speak. The most sound that comes out of him is his groaning and gasping. He gasps for air like a fish gasping for water. Still, he fights for his words to come out. "Kaa... K-kakaa... rrr...rrrrooo...urrrrr...GWAH!" He coughs out another mouthful of straight blood. He knows it won't be long. He regained consciousness but, he is still dying. His vision is irritability blurry and sound is distorted. He can see the foggy image of what could be his brother moving so quickly. His fingers stretch as if he is reaching for him... reaching for Kakarot.

"Why... No matter the situation you are always the last one standing... You fight without fear, even if you know that your enemy outclasses you many times over..." His fingers give in to gravity and lays still. Each passing second he can feel himself slipping away from reality. His vision starts to fill with black spots. The enraged cries he is hearing from his brother is becoming even more distorted. His body shakes with a ripple of pain.

Oh how badly he wishes he can't feel anything right now.

His throat begins to grow warmer until a hot sensation fills it. Another groan escapes from it only much more depressing. "Why am I so weak?! I am always shoved aside... to the brink of death. Now it is happening again. Kakarot, you have outshined me once more... and... here I am just laying helpless... while you unleash your wrath to avenge me. The pain of loss you call it... Is that the source of your power brother...?" He shuts his eyes and opens them. The block spots still linger and are growing bigger.

"Who am I to live on?"

Bardock... Gine... The two images of the Saiyans appear in his mind. "Father... Mother... I had you die in vain. Even though Kakarot was the one who forgotten everything about us... And befriended the race be was supposed to had killed... I am the one who brought great shame to you by not believing in him. As hard as I try, I can't even come close to seeing Frieza... Who am I to live on?"

The past plays in his head. This is it. His life.. flashing before his eyes. He sees his parents, his brother as an infant, his life as a soldier, him meeting his brother as an adult. The image of his little brother is replaced with his father for only a second. Then he hears laughter. Straight evil merciless laughter that can be recognizable as Frieza. The image of his parents appear. It gets engulfed with flames and burns away revealing the face of Frieza. He can see his home Planet exploding and the only sound that remains is that laughter.

"I was such a fool to have not listened sooner." The hot feeling inside his throat becomes unbearable. He exhales heavily and a hoarse sound bursts out from him. Another image appears. He sees himself as a child looking at his baby brother inside the pod that sent him to Earth. Then it begins to fade into darkness. As much as he tries to hang on to the last sight of his life, it continues to fade away. "Kakarot... Don't you dare fail them as I did... Otherwise... I will never forgive you again..."

The sensation in his throat is now burning. He knows that he can't hold it back anymore. He doesn't deserve to live. Vegeta and Nappa would agree. They would just let him die for being a weakling. His blurred sight is now distorted from the liquid building up in his eyes. A warrior should never cry. They should die with their honor intact.

What honor?

He has none. He has always been the weaker one. All his life he has been treated like trash. What kind of pride does he have right now? None. It was murdered in cold blood under Frieza's tyranny with a simple kick to the neck.

He is nothing.

Finally he lets it go. The salty tears flow down his face. As hard as he tried to suppress them, the emotion he is feeling has finally overwhelmed him. Despair, pity, anger, regret. He will forever be know as a failure to his kind.

So everything fades away.

"Who am I to live on?"

"You are my eldest son. That is who you are Raditz."

"What...?" A bright yellow light is blinding for a few seconds. It becomes almost dim, and in the light stands Bardock and Gine side by side. "Is that... Are you really here?"

"Today is not the day Raditz." The voice of his parents are said in sync as their eyes look well and deep inside his soul. "If you let yourself die... Kakarot would be doing this for nothing. He knows that you are still alive. He is fighting to protect you... the general... and our prince all together."

Raditz finds it easy to stand up in the mysterious void he is in. He stares at his parents who just stand there, not even attempting to come any closer to him. "How do you know this? I don't stand a chance! I am dying! Kakarot has long surpassed me! I lack in my own potential!"

"You are allowing the words you were told to get in your head. Your brother never lets anyone stand in his path, with his loss memories, he was still the same fighter. He fights for what he believes it. Look deep inside yourself. You have the power just like any other true Saiyan. It's Frieza who locked it away from you. He locked it away from all of us! You must find it and use it! Kakarot can't fight on his own forever." Slowly his parents are shrinking. They are shrinking from his sights.

"You know that I have always lacked with my own strength!"

"It is not your time. Your brother needs you. He needs you to avenge us all. You have grown more powerful than you were the past year. You wanted to prove everyone wrong. Don't miss the chance..." They are shrinking farther away.

He doesn't want them to go. Before he realizes it he blindly runs after them. It is as if he is a child again, running for his mother's arms when he needed her most. Running for his father when he needed motivation. Still they fade further away. He extends his arms and tries to reach for them but they are far out of reach. "Wait! Father! Mother! Wait!" They are mere dots now. "What do you mean...?"

They are gone. Raditz just stares into the deepness of the yellow void. It fades away and slowly, the blurred word returns. Black spots dance everywhere. He still can't move. Still, what his parents said sparked something powerful inside of him.

Something falls in front of him.

Raditz tries to make out what it is but the way his eyes are acting makes it impossible to make out.

'Eat it Raditz. Tell me that you are still alive... Eat it.'

The voice ringing inside his head is what sounds like his brother. He still can't make out whatever was dropped in front of him but his mind screams for him to eat it. Once again his fingers stretch and grips on the grass as if it is the only motivation to keep him moving. He feels his life slipping away and he fights it. The item is touching his nose. He can feel it. He tries to move his head but he fails to make it budge.

The ground shakes violently from what is recognizable as a powerful explosion. The item bounces from right on his nose and begins to roll away from him. He can't let it go away. He needs it.

Another explosion forces the item to bounce. Now it flies over his mouth…

... And in time he catches it, shutting his mouth tight. A loud noticeable crunch comes from what is obviously a small food item breaking in his teeth. He forces himself to chew and he swallows. For a few seconds he believes that what he heard is just a joke and he ate some random thing for no reason. Then a powerful sensation fills his body making him have second thoughts. His muscles strain for a few seconds causing great pain. The pain suddenly vanishes, along with all the pain he felt before. He blinks and his vision become clear. Sound is no longer distorted. His whole body is boiling as he gets on his knees and then, on his feet. He is shocked by this. His neck was broken before and now... He is completely healed.

He looks over to Vegeta who stands fine as well. He looks at Nappa. The general too is back on his feet. He is confused on how this happened. At least he's not the only one. The two elite warriors looked around just as puzzled. None of this is making any sense. His brother is fighting in the sidelines far off from their location. To make matters even more confusing he could have sworn that Kakarot spoke to him earlier but, the way things are looking from his angle... is it him or has his little brother gone berserk?

The Saiyan general flexes his arms for a handful of seconds. "Did any of you catch sight of who gave us those beans that healed us so quickly?"

"I thought Kakarot done it. Then again he is up there." Raditz points far ahead. His brother stands feet away from Jeice and Burter. The golden aura illuminates light all over him, making his skin have a yellowish color and his black hair looking almost brown.

"What the hell?! What is happening to Kakarot?!" Nappa is clueless on what change has happened to the brain damaged warrior. The normally the goofy fighter is currently acting the most brutal he has ever been. It's clear when Nappa watches him headbutt Jeice harshly.

Jeice stumbled hard and forces his feet to regain their hold on the ground. "His power level is unreal! Wasn't this low class under us earlier?!" He exclaims as he gets into a stance. "The scouter says that he is in 80,000! Mine is only 48,000! Surely it's acting up or something!"

"No better reason than to resort to the Purple Comet Crash!" Burter shouts at his comrade. "He may have gotten strong but he can't defeat us so easily!"

"It's been awhile since we came to that conclusion huh? Alrighty then!" The Australian sounding alien flies up to the skies with his partner. Red swirling aura surrounds him as a sphere.

Burter hovers a little far from him and does the same with unique purple energy.

The two fly at each other and the spheres collide, becoming a red and purple disk like swirl. "PURPLE COMET CRASH!" Many energy disk fly out of it and are aimed for the Saiyan warrior. Kakarot becomes even more reckless by flying right towards it in intention to attack the last two present members of the Ginyu Force.

"Is he blind or is he insane?!" Nappa is disapproving the way the low class is fighting. "What the hell is he thinking going for them like that?!"

"Kakarot's gone berserk." Raditz spreads his feet with his eyes locked on the disk heading for his brother. "He is not thinking rationally. He'll just get himself killed." He sees his brother making a sharp turn to dodge a handful of the deadly disk. They are raining down to the ground. It dawns to him that missing Kakarot means they are the next unplanned target. After hearing the message from his parents he knows what he has to do.

Instead of running away he plants his feet on the ground and crosses his arms over his face. The disks slams on an invisible shield that surrounds his body. They all bounce off as if they made contact with a unpoppable balloon and leave deep gashes on the ground around him.

"What?!" A scowl covers Vegeta's face. He just witnessed Raditz protecting himself in some kind of way without having to dodge. Whatever he did was not done before. It is almost unbelievable on how strong he is now. Any much further one if those brothers may be able to surpass him! It's unthinkable! A low class surpassing an elite! "How could this be? Has Raditz done it? No... Not him too! There is no way he could be a Super Saiyan!" His teeth are grinding so powerfully it can be heard. He isn't even aware of the attention he's getting.

Nappa taps the prince's shoulder. Vegeta's answer is a low growl. "Uh... Vegeta? Is everything okay over there? You don't look so good."

"I'm perfectly fine Nappa. Just keep your eyes on the battlefield." Vegeta grumbles. He is in no mood to explain what the problem is. "From the way things are going I will have to make some considerations to either slow them down or try to keep the gap growing. Kakarot is the main problem here. Raditz is right behind him. I won't let either of them come close to getting stronger than me!"

Raditz glances over his shoulder. Vegeta is not happy. The prince knows how close he is in becoming as strong as him, especially with the power boost they got from being close to death. Vegeta had his too but Raditz had the most of it. He speaks to himself in a volume low enough for Vegeta and Nappa to not hear. "I'll have to be careful to not show too much. Even I myself has no idea how much stronger I am now."

"Wh-whaaa?!" Jeice and Burter are apart. They both stare at Raditz with sweat coming down their faces. "How?! Wasn't he almost dead earlier?!"

"Recoome took them all down but they are back up on their feet!" Burter points out. His scouter suddenly beeps and he turns around in time to receive a uppercut that takes him off his feet.

"How did he?!" Jeice fires a blast at the engaged Saiyan but Kakarot side steps out the way and throws two fist at his chest and he is knocked down and skids on the grass leaving a long new dirt path. Just as Kakarot jumps and throws his foot down to kick his face, Jeice sends a frenzy of Ki attacks and it batters the Saiyan. He chuckles in relief as the warrior falls down. "Thought you had me for a minute. You underestimated me monkey."

Kakarot pushes himself back up as if nothing happened. His shoulder has a bloody gash and scratches cover his arms but he is unaffected by his injuries. If anything he looks even more pissed. His pupiless eyes lock on to Jeice. His feet springs from the ground and he pushes them for Jeice's chest. Before it could make contact his ankles are caught by Burter.

"You won't win so easily as long as I am around! I am the fastest in the universe remember?" Burter still holds on to the Saiyans ankle, not affected by the trashing the warrior is giving him to break free. "Hey Jeice! I got him! He can't move!"

"Ah, perfect! Time to end this madness!" Jeice walks over to Burter and presses his palm on the Saiyan's face. "How about it then? This outta hurt a lot! How disappointing! You won't have the chance to get your three wishes after all!"

"Three?!" Vegeta is unsure if he heard that right. Are these Namek Dragon Balls more powerful than the Earth Dragon Balls? Perhaps their limitations are not as narrow as Earth's. If this is true, he can get more than just immortality!

"I don't get it still. If this whole Dragon Ball wish granting thing is true, then why is Frieza only going for immortality? He would use up one and still have two left! Why not give the last two to us?" Jeice wonders.

Burter seems almost irritated by the question. "Maybe because immortality is just enough! Maybe he will put the other two aside for the future! The Namekians haven't been lying!" He looks back at Kakarot. "And so hasn't these pitiful monkeys who informed us with this information about the items... though it wasn't intentional."

Raditz growls knowing well on what is about to happen. "Curse them! I can't stay watching forever! I have no choice!" His feet leaves the ground quicker than Vegeta could react. He lands hands fist on the ground using his hands to spin his body in a full circle while kicking both legs out, sweeping both Burter and Jeice nearly off their feet and freeing his brother. Just as the two try to go for him he kicks his legs up to throw himself back on his feet. As soon as he is in the ground his arms cross and he throws his them out to the side. A powerful sudden force flings the two away as if they were hit by a speeding car. The wind from the fast thrust blows the dirt powerfully and keeps the two ginyus flying.

Jeice screams as he tries to stop himself. Another good full seconds of spinning uncontrollably and he is back in control. He is almost speechless on what just happened. "How did he... do that? Is it me or is he stronger all the sudden?!"

Burter reads what his scouter his showing him. "His power level is at 65,000! It was at 30,000 before wasn't it?!"

Vegeta's and Nappa's eyes remain wide. Vegeta is the one who speaks up. "Did he just blow them away by simply throwing his arms out?!" His eyes finally narrow. "Insane... Just what is his true power? He must be holding it back."

Raditz lowers his arms and turns to his brother who is back in his feet about to do more of his reckless fighting. It's almost scary. Kakarot is far from himself. He has to calm him down before he kills himself or the wrong person. "Kakarot! Snap out of it!"

Kakarot probably can't hear him. His eyes are still focused on the two enemies that can't seem to stand down. He jumps for them gain with a rising fist. He is oblivious to Butter's speed and his easily he can catch him again. It is as if his mind is set to kill mode. It is probably all he cares about right now. Butter's smirk appears as the Saiyan comes closer. Just as he punches the alien vanishes in thin air.

"Damn it! Get out the way!" Raditz kicks his brother on the back sending him crashing on the ground. He received the punch coming from Burter instead on his side and he almost falls down. Burter didn't find this satisfying so he kicks away Raditz like a ball. He crashes not far from his brother.

The moment he felt the punch from Raditz and saw him crashing down next to him, his mind wraps up on what happened. "Huh?!" The arua dies down and his pupils return. "Raditz? You're alive?" He crawls over to him. He sees that his big brother's eyes are close. He shakes him lightly. "Hey-"

He never expected a arm to thrust up and a fist to land a good hook on the right side of his jaw. It forces his mouth to close on his tongue. "Ahhhhhh! DAMMIT!" His face falls on the grass as his hands cover his mouth. He can taste the blood from his bitten tongue flowing out. He shoots an angry glare at Raditz. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" His tongue is throbbing. It feels worse than biting the tongue accidentally when eating.

Raditz gets into a sitting position. "To knock some sense into you... Or maybe I just felt like it!"

"That was not nice of you!" Kakarot growls. He is very close to his brother's face.

"Who the hell ever said that I have to be nice to you?!" Raditz growls back.

Now Kakarot and Raditz are nose to nose. For a moment they they that way and it looked as if they were about to fight each other until Kakarot rose his hand and sighs. "Best if we hold that back." He points a thumb at the two ginyus. "Take whatever frustration you have on them. Not on each other."

Raditz folds his arms. He is a bit surprised that Kakarot is oblivious to what he has done earlier. If he isn't informed he would probably freak out at the wrong time. Knowing his brother, Kakarot hates getting his hands dirty. "By the way, are you even aware of what you had done?"

"What have I done?" Kakarot's face twist, a sign that he is definitely oblivious of his previous actions. He takes the hint by looking at his surroundings. The grass at many places appears to be dug out from the constant running. Blood stains the grass here and there. Recoome lies dead in the ground. "H-how did this... Did... I do all this?"

"Wow. You really don't remember?" Raditz says with a small chuckle. He grabs his brother's wrist of his right hand and rises it up to face level so that the young Saiyan can see what he is mentioning.

Kakarot's eyes become wide at the sight of the blood covering his right hand. "I-is this m-my blood?" He gulps. He really hopes it is. If it isn't he wouldn't know how to react. He doesn't remember how it got there.

Raditz shook his head. He points at Recoome's dead body. "You were really pissed the moment he broke my neck. Then you weren't acting yourself. You punched right through his chest in one clean shot."

Kakarot's face turns pale as his eyes go round and widder. His hand trembles as his head slowly turns to look at the body of Recoome. "I...I-I..." He dashes off before his brother could react. He stops in front of a lake and sinks his hands in the water desperately trying to wash the blood off. It stains his hands. It won't come off! He scrubs harder in hopes that it will disappear but it doesn't.

"Well... I didn't see that coming." Nappa mutters. "Then again he isn't use to these kind of things. I was expecting him to-" He is cut off hearing the sound of the freaking out Saiyan regurgitating. "Oh, there it is."

Raditz facepalms. "Kakarot I could have sworn I got you use to this by now." Then again, his brother has always been disgusted by killing anyone so cruelly. He punched through an stomach. Punching through a chest is worse since that is the source of all the blood. His brother did mention to him one time that he only kills so cruelly if his hand has been forced. Now he has to fix that again. His brother can be just like any other Saiyan... until he has to kill someone. "Can you do anything right?" He looks at his comrades and sighs. This is probably the most embarrassing thing that is happening right now. Their prince simply huffs and turns his back not wanting to see whatever is happening.

Jeice and Burter sees this as an opportunity to ambush them. They both jump from their places and dive for the two Saiyans. Raditz prepares himself to get into more action and suddenly Vegeta jumps in front of him and kicks Jeice back against Burter who was behind. Can't say he never seen that coming.

The Saiyan Prince crosses his arms over his chest in his signature "I am the prince of all Saiyans!" Pose. Still his face has a slight scowl. Even his voice has a hint of it. "Help your shameful brother regain his composure before you both return to the battlefield." His feet leaves the ground and he turns his attention on his enemies. Nappa flies up to him, joining the fight.

"Yes... Sir..." Raditz's hand covers his face. "Why? Why does my brother have to be so stubborn?"

The earthling Saiyan wipes his mouth with his arm and looks at his brother with a sick face. "Apparently... I can't do anything right..." He glances at his hands. The faint red stains still are there. He groans and resumes to scrubbing his hands.

"Damn it Kakarot!" Raditz grabs the collar of his brother's uniform from behind and pulls him up to his feet. "Enough! Vegeta is not happy with you! You're not a kid, you're not an Earthling, and you're damn sure not a Human! If so much blood disgusts you then why did you punch through Recoome like that in the first place?! You are so soft!"

"I don't know why Raditz, it just came to me. Before I knew it your neck was broken, then I felt like I was in fire and the next thing I know my fist went through his heart and he was dead. I tried to stop myself but I just kept going..." He looks as if he is about to get sick again. His hand clutches on his stomach. "So... much... blood..." His body jerks.

"Don't you dare! You are not serious right now?! Is your stomach weak too?! A true Saiyan warrior shouldn't get sick at the sight of blood, not even gore!" Raditz holds his brother up and sees that his face is relaxing. "Tch. This must be my fault. I should had told you to look the Humans physically, not with simple blast like you dead. Don't you recall breaking my tail? Punching through Raspberry's and Zarbon's stomachs and killing them? Your hand were covered with blood then!"

"I know but... I saw how bad I punched Recoome..." Kakarot clenches in his stomach even harder. "Please... Don't mention any more gut punches right now..."

"This is pathetic! Was there ever a time that you done worse?! Surely in the past before you learned about your Saiyan heritage you must've killed somebody worse than what I've seen!" Raditz shouts. "Pull yourself together! If anything this is a good chance for those two fools to ambush us while I am sitting here giving you a stupid and pointless lecture!"

A memory hits him. He was 12 years old at the time when he fought King Piccolo. He finished him off by punching right through his guys and going right through his body. He has done worse... This is not helping. He has to admit to himself that he would rather kill anyone with blast and not with punches. It disgusts him to be covered with some other person's blood.

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Kakarot and Raditz hover in the air. Their heads shift left and right, trying to locate the alien. Guldo doesn't show, but his energy can still be sensed. He is still alive. The attack they fired earlier must had missed. They both resort to flying further across the field. A conversation starts to be exchanged between them.

"You have gotten a lot powerful I see." Raditz gives his little brother a friendly smirk with rivalry hidden behind it.

Kakarot returns the smirk. "Yeah. I guess that training really paid off. Still, I'm not as fast as that guy." He points his finger up ahead. Guldo stands watching them in the distance. "He finally showed himself up."

"He probably decided to do that stupid time thing. I assume that he is afraid of us. We are going to have to be clever with him." Raditz himself deeply hopes that his brother is as much as a genius with his skills in fighting as he claimed to be. He knows that his brother can pull things off better than he can pu together.

The Earth raised Saiyan's smirk deepens. "Alright. Let's make it happen!" Both his and Raditz's ki flares to revealance once more as they increase their speed of flight. They dive down like an airplane at the small alien. As it seems they were about to get any closer, they both vanish in a flash like appearance.

"Gwah! Where did they go?!" Guldo tries to locate them again. He is startled as the duo suddenly flash feet away from him. "There!" They vanish again. He has no idea what they are doing but the sneak tricks are making him very uneasy.

The first time they reappear just to know where Guldo is from their angle, the brothers are not next to each other as they were when flying before. They were several feet apart. They appear once more more further apart, but much closer to the for. They vanish yet again and Guldo's eyes spin in many directions trying to keep up with their movements. Kakarot appears and flies across Guldo's view before vanishing as before. Raditz appears on vanishes on the opposite side. They just pop up like popcorn, coming closer each time.

The alien begins to panic as they keep coming closer and vanishing. He throws his arms down while shutting his eyes. "TIME FREEZE!" Slowly, his eyes open again. He almost gasps seeing the two brothers right on top of him about to throw a are still like a photograph. "They are right in front of me! That was too close!" He spins around and begins to run for a safe distance but he pauses. "Wait a minute! This is my chance to kill them now since they are frozen in time! I'll start with that Saiyan Kakarot!" He faces his hands at the targeted Saiyan and he trips taking a bad step. He lands on his back, knocking the wind out of him.

Time is forced to go on again and the two Saiyan punch air. Once again Guldo has popped away. They both look around quickly until Kakarot points right below him. Guldo is just laying on the ground. "There!"

Raditz frowns and grunts as he rises his right hand above his head. Pink energy crackles in a form of electricity. His brother looks at him with some approval, identifying the static as a build up of his Saturday Crush. He throws his hand down and the Ki shoots down in an electrical blast like style. It misses and does damage to the ground instead.

Guldo scrambles to get back on his feet but he keeps losing his footing. Kakarot doesn't wait for him to recover. He says a quick chant of his Kamehameha Wave. It is the same result. It misses still almost hitting the target. It blasts a chunk of earth above Guldo and sends him falling on his stomach. "Man! He's so little! My aim is a bit off!" He is very upset on how he is not performing as great as he use to. It is probably because of the fact that he is fighting foes like no other.

Recoome and the others hover above. They are not so thrilled with the fact that the two brothers are still alive. "C'mon Guldo! Pull yourself together!"

"Your not doing a good job!" Burter adds.

"Yeah! You stink!" Recoome shouts. "From the way things are going we are going to have to make some serious consideration on kicking you off the team!"

Jeice throws a worse remark. "We will make you eat at the kiddie table for lunch!"

Guldo nearly chokes hearing what his teammates are saying. "No! Listen! I was just warming up! Now that I know what they can do I-I'll get them next time! Just give me a moment!"

Kakarot is a bit confused about the way the Ginyu Force talk to each other. It is as if they are a bunch of kids. "He stopped attacking. These guys are wired."

"No reason to stop! Keep going!" Raditz orders as he dives down towards Guldo once more. Kakarot is a bit unsure at first but he does the same, allowing gravity to give him the extra push down.

He can't take this anymore. Guldo is finally back on his feet and the Saiyans are very close! Eventually his time freeze won't work if they form some kind of strategy. "I have it! I will just use my secret weapon!" He raises both arms in the air and bends his hands down with a loud scream. A wide evil grin is noticeable on his face.

Something is wrong. Something is really wrong. His whole body feels numb. No... It as if his entire body feel asleep. Every limb is unresponsive, even his tail won't budge. He can only so slightly move his head. He glances at his brother and he is in the same situation. They are both stuck in the middle of flight in the air. They are both stuck in that position, and it is not comfortable to be laying on what appears to be an invisible bed when there is really nothing there but gravity trying to push them down. The more they try to fight it, the harder it is to break free from it. The fact alone truly most sacres the Saiyan from Earth. He never encountered anything like this. He does recall being trapped in a electrical trap as a child in the World Martial Arts Tournament but this is worse. He can't seem to move at all.

"What... What the...?..." Raditz's eyes squeeze tightly shut as he pushes every muscle in his body to move. They are stiff and feels almost numb to him. He is aware that his brother experiencing the same thing since his energy hasn't made any movement for a while. Whatever he got himself into,he has to get out of it quick.

Guldo is pleased with himself seeing that his plan worked. "Hahaha! Don't like that do you monkeys? You are both in my Paralysis Spell! I won't let you go until I feel like it! This is what happens when you mess with us! No let me show you what happens when you mess with me!" His hands seem to grip on the air and he seems to be rising it in a pulling motion. The reasoning behind it is seen as a chunk of rock breaks away from the ground. With a tearing motion it breaks into many pieces. He throws his hands forward and the rocks fly and batter on the Saiyans like bullets. Unable to defend themselves from the stun they take countless hits in the face.

Jeice keep an eye on everything his comrade has been doing. "Looks like he was out into a tight spot. Guldo rarely ever uses his secret weapon."

Kakarot groans as the rocks bruise cut his face. He is helpless to stop this from carrying on. He knows that he has to think of something.

The rock assault finally stops but this is just the beginning. Guldo once again throws his arms above him and a tree behind him is stripped clean from all leaves and branches. The trunk that remains is torn from the ground and breaks apart until the top of the trunk is pointed, strongly resembling a spear. Is floats in the air under his will, he begins to move his arm towards the Saiyans and the spear begins to move towards them. "Uh-oh! Here comes a sharp pointy spear! You better get out of the way or you will get sceward!"

"Sharp and pointy?!" Fear can be well heard inside the youngest pure-blooded Saiyan's voice. He fights his muscles to move but, every command he desperately gives them, they don't comply.

Vegeta watching in the sidelines mentally facepalms as the spear gains close on the two low class brothers. "I warned those two idiots to not underestimate the abilities that little punk has! This is ridiculous! I shouldn't have to step in!"

"What's the matter? Aren't you going to move? It's not even going that fast! It will be a shame if you let it get to you!" Guldo teases.

Raditz managed to look over to his brother. "Kakarot, this will be a good time to move!"

"Are you kidding?! I can't move a finger! What makes you think I can move?!"

"Oh well! Here it comes!" Guldo throws his arm forward and hard. The spear flies at the Saiyans at high speeds.

If they don't move, they will be a shishkabob! Raditz fights harder to move but the results are the same. As the spear comes closer it suddenly reminds him about the most pitiful thing about his little brother that will drive him mad everyday. He shouts it out as loud as he can. "KAKAROT LOOK AT WHAT HE IS DOING! IF YOU DON'T MOVE HE WILL GIVE YOU A SHOT!"

"A what?" Kakarot sees the spear coming fast. It is sharp on both ends. He is unsure in what his brother meant at first until the spear is replaced with a mental image of a flying needle. His eyes go wide and his tail fur rises and sticks up in fear along with his hair. The spear returns, then becomes a needle again... a big giant needle. His heart is pounding fast with his fear rising to the peak. "A... Ne-ddle! NOOOO! I... GOTTA...GET OUT OF HERE! AAAAAAHHHHHH!" The struggle can be seen all over him. His whole body is twitching, occasionally trashing.

"It's going to hurt really bad!" Raditz adds. "If you don't get out of here it will get you for sure! The size of the needle point is big enough to get well inside your stomach!"

Now he sees the big needle point. Now the Saiyan is screaming his lungs out. "AHHHHHH! NEDDLE! I DON'T WANT THE NEEDLE! NOOOOO!" Somehow in some way, Kakarot's fear got the best of him as he manages to break free from his paralysis. At the same time he fires a simple blast at the spear without even looking with his eyes shut. It explodes into thousands of splinters. He breathes heavily and his now free brother just hovers in the air behind him.

Vegeta just blinks once with eyes reading out his disbelief on what he just witnessed. "A Saiyan... And he's afraid of needles..." He shakes his head to snap out of his thoughts. "Great shame on you Kakarot!"

"You get the needle and you will not like it either! They hurt!" On that note his focus is back on Guldo who stood in his place in shock. His fears disappear, replaced with anger on what the alien tried to do to him. "You tried to give me a shot!" The palm of his hand is pointed directly at the enemy. "I hate shots!" A Ki blast is fired quicker than anyone could react. It shoots straight through Guldo's neck. The alien stood there in shock. A second later his head rolls off his body. His body falls down with his head. "And for that I shoot you! You have been decapitated Saiyan style!"

Raditz can be heard bursting into laughter as the Ginyus stare at the anti-needle Saiyan. The joke wasn't international. Kakarot just said the first insult that came in his head. Obviously, Raditz found it funny.

Suddenly Vegeta starts to laugh as well. This makes the Ginyus either angry or uncomfortable. The prince walks over to Guldo's head which is still alive for some reason. His arms are crossed as his laughter reduces to chuckles. "Well, it looks like you underestimated Kakarot as bad as I did. The only difference is that you have been decapitated..." He laughs again, annoying the body less alien. "... Saiyan style! I must admit, that was a good one for a low class! I never knew he had such humor!"

"Only... You brutes would find something like that funny..." Guldo's head gasps out. "I don't understand... I had them..."

"Obviously Raditz was using his head to give the extra push his brother needed. As stupid as it sounds, Kakarot's fear if needles gave them a pass to freedom from your little trap. I see now where his brat got his power from. The kid's power comes out best from either anger or fear. Like father, like son. But... I think you are done here." He thrust his hand down and it sends a close range blast that burns the ground and vaporizes the head.

As Vegeta walks to the the spot he watched the fight Nappa makes a statement of his own. "You know, those two are more alike than I originally thought. Kakarot is afraid of needles, I agree with you that it is pathetic. However, it's not as bad as Raditz's-"

"Don't you say any more!" Raditz shouts angrily at the general. Nappa just laughs as Raditz us really unable to stand up against the warrior who is above him.

"What's the matter?" Nappa smirks. "Oh I get it! You never told Kakarot about your fear of spiders didn't you?" He chuckles as Raditz glares at him. "Don't give me that look. Better watch yourself. You know very well that you can't fight me and win!"

"False fact Nappa! I am a warrior! I have no fear, unlike Kakarot!" Raditz refuses to look as bad as a wimp when it comes to simple things. He knows the his brother is looking at him, probably waiting for him to react differently. Why is he looking at him like that so eagerly?

"I don't wanna be in ya business mate but, looks like you got something crawling on your arm!" Jeice announces.

"You are trying so hard. I am not falling for that. If you think I am afraid of something weaker than a Human then you are-" Raditz stops talking as his eye catches sight if a big tarantula crawling up his arm. For a few seconds he is still. The creature rises its fangs as if it is threatening to bite him. Raditz shouts as he thrashes his arm in attempt to shake the spider off but it clings on. "What the hell?! Where did THIS come from?! Why won't this thing GET OFF OF ME?!" As the spider makes its way up towards his chest the Saiyan tries to smack it off of him.

"Here Raditz." Kakarot walks to the long haired Saiyan and picked up the tarantula by one of its hairy legs. He gently places it on the palm of his hand. "It's harmless. Not like a needle." He shows it to his brother.

Raditz's face twist in disgust. "Get that hideous creature away from me!" He slaps the hand away and the spider is sent flying inside Jeice's hair.

"Aye!" Jeice snaches the creature out and crushes with his hand. "Not cool mates! Throwing spiders inside people's hair! I don't want a web in it!" He glares at Vegeta. "And for you, why did you interfere?! Guldo should not have been killed, especially from the likes of you!"

"That was your rules. Who said that I had to follow them?" Vegeta raises an eyebrow. "Point proven. It is rather interesting." He glances at the low-classes. "Those two prove to be a great team. So different yet the same."

Kakarot wants to be sure that what he just learned about Raditz is a true fact. "So you are afraid of spiders huh?"

"You heard it wrong. They are disgusting." Raditz frowns. He hates to admit it to him but he can't stand spiders. They are sneaky creatures. Sometimes, you can't even feel their bites. If it were poisonous he would suffer a painful death and wouldn't even know the cause.

"That makes me wonder!" Recoome blurts out. "If we hand you over to Frieza, how would he torture you huh?"

"Why would he ask that? I thought we are fighting here." Kakarot scratches his head in thought. "Then again... What if that is the plan all along? I hate spikes next to needles. Imagine sleeping in a bed full of spikes."

"Or spiders..." Raditz's face turns towards disgust again.

"Spikey spiders...?" Kakarot questions him.

They exchange glances. "Spikers..." They both shiver at the idea. They may be soldiers but dealing with something like that is not what they are looking forward to.

"Alright you two. Are you finish yet because I am getting really bored!" Recoome calls from the distance. He was almost forgotten after the spider incident. Thank Kami he is not the ambush type. As soon as he has the Saiyan's attention he walks a bit later to them. "C'mon Vegeta! Let's play! You can bring your friends along too! All of you can come at me if you want! I don't care!" He laughs stupidly. To these Saiyans, he apparently has a lesser brain than Kakarot.

"Don't get carried away! The other Saiyans are meant for us remember?" Jeice reminds Recoome before things could go out of hand.

"Yeah. I hear you! I will just play with Vegeta a little more then!" Recoome begins to stretch his arms. He then gets into a pose. "Prepare...!" He puts his hands together. "For the nightmare...!" He lifts one leg in the air and means his body down, almost in a ballerina style. "... RECOOME!"

The Saiyan just stare blinking at the humanoid on steroids. The sudden silence is interrupted from the feral growl coming from the Saiyan prince as his whole body lights up from the strong outburst of Ki. His growl turns into a scream and, the second his jaw drops wide and the energy intensifies. It blows dirt and stray leaves in a gust, nearly blowing the Saiyans away.

"Whoa! Vegeta's power... It's crazy!" Kakarot announces. His arms shrikes his face from the flying dirt that stings his eyes occasionally.

Jeice's scouter is beeping almost endlessly. "Aye Burter! Are you readin' why I'm readin'? Looks like Vegeta's power level just skyrocketed!"

"Yes. Looks like he has gotten a lot stronger. He can hide his power too it seems." Burter replies.

Nappa seems to be somewhat concerned. "Do you think Vegeta is really angry with Recoome or something?"

Vegeta's feet pushes off the ground propelling him forward with a clenched fist. He swings and lands a direct punch on Recoome's face, knocking the scouter the alien wares out of his face. As Recoome flies Vegeta soars after him while locking his hands together. He throws them down on Recoome's head and as the foe falls heavily on his back Vegeta soars up high and back down, landing on Recoome's chest, heavily cracking the armor. He jumps off and snaches his leg. He begins to spin himself in a circle, bringing Recoome with him spinning in a style of a marry-go-round. He lets him go and sends him flying across the field and into the side of a cliff.

"Yep. He's pissed." Nappa says.

The ground seems to rumble as the intense power coming from the elite warrior still gets stronger by the second. Vegeta's hands crackles heavily with static and he places the wrist together. With almost all his effort he pushes the energy on his hands. "This... Ends... Now!" The energy almost explodes on his hands. "Final... CRUSH!" The collected energy fires off his hand and travels down the same road as Recoome was sent down. It brings down the cliff to ashes. Smoke rises from where it was. Slowly Vegeta lowers his arms as he breathes quickly and hard. He gave Recoome almost everything he has.

This was really something to watch. Kakarot has never really seen Vegeta fight like the way he did before. It is a reminder to not cross the prince's line. If Vegeta can do all that in a short period of time, Kakarot will have to make extra sure that he doesn't say anything that will surely miss the prince off.

"You think he got him?" Raditz takes one step forward as if it can make him see a bigger view of the place where Recoome fell. He turns to Vegeta and notices that the prince suddenly appears to be almost terrified.

"No... He is still alive..." Nappa mumbles in disbelief.

"What?!" Raditz and Kakarot watches the dust were Recoome fell settle down. There stands Recoome who has on nothing except the jumpsuit worn under his armor. It is torn at some places. He giggles stupidly. "Ha! Nice one Vegeta! Good job! You could have had me there!"

"How is he laughing after taking all that?! This guy is crazy! Or... Did all that did nothing to him?!" Kakarot wonders outloud.

"Alright! That was a nice warm up! Time to play!" Recoome lifts a leg from the ground. "Recoome... KICK!" He lunges forward and he kicks his leg up, striking Vegeta right under his chin. The Saiyan prince is sent back from the impact flung across the field and crashing on the ground.

"Vegeta!" The Saiyans shout in sync.

The prince refuses to let that hit slow him down. He stands quicker than expected and his Ki engulfs him once more. He lunges at Recoome back and throws a punch that is blocked. Recoome tries to retaliate with his own but his is blocked as well. Vegeta begins to throws some heavy punches. Each one is blocked effortlessly, making him look like a joke.

"Wow Vegeta, you got some good moves! But, now it's time to see how tough you really are!" His arms hovers above Vegeta's head. "Recoome... ELBOW!"

Vegeta only had time to look up and the elbow slams on his back, shoving him down crashing fast and hard stomach first. He forces his legs to kick himself from the ground in time to dodge a punch that could have went through his body. As he flies up to the skies Recoome chases after him. He forms a small energy like disk and throws it down like a frisbee.

"Too slow!" Recoome ducks and is right above the prince now. He lunches him down and watches him fall inside a lake. Seconds later the water spews out as Vegeta rockets back out and towards him. He is headbutted hard on the stomach. Recoome dangles at his spot unresponsive.

Vegeta believes to have him until a pair of giant hands grasp his body. His legs thrash as he attempts to break loose.

"That was really good Vegeta! Nice try! But...YOU LOSE!" Recoome holds on to him as he dives down and slams the prince's head on the ground. Half of the Saiyan's body is buried. Recoome pulls Vegeta out the ground with one of his legs that sticks out the ground. Vegeta dangles there with several injuries on his face. "Don't die on me yet! I'm not even finish!"

That's it. This giant brute has embarrassed him for the last time. With the strength he still has, Vegeta faces his hand at Recoome's face and he fires a blast. It hits the brute head on and Vegeta is dropped. He struggles to get back on his feet. He can't even stand up straight. His back is hunched over and his arms just dangles. He fights to stay conscious.

"He... he didn't even lasted a minute against him." Raditz stares at Recoome who lays on the ground. Hopefully, he is unconscious. If he has to fight him he will be done for in seconds.

Recoome twitches and his legs kick up. "Oopsy daisy!" He kicks himself back to his feet. Most of his hair has been burnt off from the attack he took. However he still appears to be unharmed despite the condition his uniform and face is in. He praises Vegeta. "Now you're playing dirty! Just the way I like it!"

"Uh-oh. He's about to go wild." Jeice chuckles.

Burter laughs slightly, agreeing with his comrade. "He always does. This could get really ugly."

"If you have any other good moves to show me now it's the time. Otherwise, I'll have to go ahead and kill you okay?" Recoome announces.

All that Vegeta can really do is just stand there. He thinks to himself; "Dammit! Is there any way of stopping him? I knew that he is strong but this is..." He groans as a wave of pain goes through his body. "All this time he has just been toying with me! If I don't think of something quick I will be dead for sure!"

"No... This cannot be happening. How could our prince possibly get beaten so quickly?!" Raditz mutters. He looks at his brother and his expression tells everyone that he is a bit uncomfortable on what look he sees on Kakarot's face. "You can't be serious! Don't get any ideas Kakarot because it will not work!"

"That is what you believe." Kakarot responds. "Look, if we lose Vegeta our chances of surviving will be thrown out the window. We have to step in and out a stop to this." He points a thumb to his chest. "I will do it regardless if you join me or not. Believe me Raditz when I say I won't let any other Saiyan die. So if you are too scared to come, stay out of my way so that you won't get hurt."

Did Kakarot just pushed him aside because of his doubts? Raditz frowns. If that is how things will operate he won't tolerate it. He wonders if Nappa is even aware of what Kakarot is planning.

Recoome claps his hands together above his head. "Now... Prepare to.." He bends his legs and his arms stick out. It's another of his crazy poses. "DIE!" He begins to wave. "Bye! Bye Vegeta! It was really nice knowing you! You put up a nice fight but now it's time for you to go!"

"Now it is the time!" Kakarot mutters to himself as he positions his feet to take him to the air.

Recoome's fingers dance from below his waist to above his head. His mouth opens wide. "Recoome's... Eraser... Gun!" A powerful pink and purplish blast is fired.

Kakarot jumps up in the air and flies at top speed towards Vegeta. At that second he realizes that from now fast the blast is traveling, he won't make it in time.

He hears a boot making contact with Recoome's skull. The brute falls forcing the blast coming out of his mouth to deform and slow down. Kakarot reaches for the prince. "Vegeta!" He grabs him and jumps out the way just as the blast fly pass the spot where Vegeta previously stood. It travels through a lake and into a cliff, taking it down. They both fall but both still alive. The powerful dust flies over them.

Vegeta isn't happy with the help he just received. "Fool! Did you think that I couldn't have got out the way myself?!" He is back on his feet with Kakarot's assistance. "What good will saving me do anyway?! You could have used that opening to attack him! Your lack of battle sense just makes me want to throw up!"

Kakarot isn't affected by the response he just received. He is more interested on how Recoome fell. He did hear the sound of a skull being hit.

Jeice wipes his face clean from the dirt with a handkerchief. "There he goes, being a show off. He is covering us with dirt!"

"I'm going to send him a cleaning bill!" Burter frowns.

Kakarot stands and finds Recoome once again on the ground. Standing not too far behind him is Raditz who lowers his right foot to the ground. Looks like his brother didn't want to be so left out after all.

Recoome begins to rises to everyone's disbelief. He is still laughing! "Wow! Nice sneak attack! I never expected any of you guys to do that! I have a feeling that the next time I look in the mirror, I'm going to be pretty upset!" He probably will be since he is missing a lot of teeth from the ambush he received. The guy looks to his teammates. "Hey! Jeice! Burter! Let me have them too! C'mon! Please! Can I?"

"Looks like we're screwed." Jeice sighs.

"Yeah." Burter nods and shouts. "Alright, you can have them. But after this you are treating me and Jeice to ice cream sundaes!"

"Awesome!" Recoome turns his attention back at the Saiyans. "Looks like I get to have some more fun! Who's first?"

Nappa glances at Vegeta and glares at Recoome. "You're going to be lying in agony when I am through with you! Doing that to Vegeta is the worse you will ever do!" Nappa opens his mouth wide and a huge yellow blat comes out in a similar fashion Recoome displayed on Vegeta. The overwhelming lethal power heading for him.

Raditz immediately jumps into the air knowing how much range the attack will hit. He never thought he would witness this attack being used from the start. "That's Nappa's Break Cannon. He must be outclassed by that guy to use it so soon!"

"Hey! Quite being a copy-cat!" As the attack gets dangerously close to Recoome, he blows it away forcing it to curve and head for Nappa instead.

Nappa jumps out the way in time but just barely. He can't believe how easily Recoome blew away that blast. "That was my... Ultimate attack and he... blew it away like it was nothing..." He is confused the second Recoome disappears. He looks around quickly to locate him.


Nappa finds him standing behind him. "How did he-"

"KICK!" Recoome kicks the general on the chest, cutting him off from finishing his sentence.

Raditz gasps seeing Nappa crash violently on the ground. He quickly runs over to him. "What the hell Nappa?! Did you not see him?!" He looks above him and Recoome is coming back down slowly with crossed arms. Raditz shakes then general. "Get back up!"

"Aw, I blew it!" Recoome complains about his own power. "I should have held back a little more!"

"Heh... I would but the bastard broke almost everything in my body. How... Pathetic. I can't even move." Nappa says. "Damn it all. He is just so powerful. He is making us look like a whole bunch of weaklings."

Raditz steps back. If Recoome can effortlessly put Vegeta and Nappa -two of the strongest Saiyans- in critical condition so fast, he sees no point in even trying to fight him. Then he thinks about his brother and his father. They never gave up. They kept fighting until death ends it. Bardock died in attempt to put an end to Frieza. Kakarot fought Zarbon with lethal wounds. As if now, Kakarot looks as if he is about to jump in.

This time however, Raditz won't let his brother make him look bad. He clenches a fist and pushes almost all his effort into that one spot. He can hear the energy gathering there and crackling powerfully. "If you think this is over... You are dead wrong!"

- Meanwhile -

"Ah... Good job Ginyu. Once again you have car exceeded my expectations. You easily received the Dragon Balls from Vegeta without even breaking a sweat. It almost makes me feel bad that I haven't called you sooner." Frieza stands over the six Dragon Balls with delight.

"Praise from you Lord Frieza is great praise indeed!" Ginyu says. "Now we can celebrate. Allow me to show you... The dance of joy!" Ginyu begins to dance by throwing his legs up and clapping his hands.

Once again Frieza just watches with embarrassment. "Uh... You can save that for later."

Ginyu stops instantly. "Whatever you say sir."

Frieza smiles as he resumes his staring at the Dragon Balls. "Still I can't believe how quickly you gave them back to me. I can't deny it! I'm pretty excited! All we need is one more Dragon Ball and immortality is mine!"

"Question is... Is there even any Namekians left?"

Frieza checks his scouter. It picks up a reading. "I just found Vegeta. He and his friends should know where the last one is located."

Ginyu turns on his scouter. "Well in that case I will contact my crew to inform them to bring the Saiyans back for questioning."

Frieza's scouter beeps again. He looks to his right. "No need. I sense two Namekian power levels over that way. Plus a third bonus is heading for them. They are unaffected by the damage done to this world so they must have the last Dragon Ball I need."

"Then I will head over there and receive it sir!"

"Oh, that won't be necessary Ginyu. I will head over there myself." Frieza climbs inside his flying throne. "Meanwhile I trust you to keep watch of the Dragon Balls while I pay them a visit." The throne takes off into the skies.

"You can count me in Frieza! I will guard them with my life!" Ginyu promises as he salutes his departing leader.

- The battle zone -

Recoome chuckles seeing the angry look in the Saiyan's face. "Oh! Is there something you want to show me too Raditz?"

Slowly Raditz opens back up his hand and a ball of blue energy grows on it. He draws his hand back as soon as the energy is twice the size of his head. "I've had enough of this!" It zaps almost painfully on his hand but he doesn't care. He thrusts his hand forward. "BEGOOOOOONE!"

Recoome's scouter beeps and his eyes go wide. "Huh?!"

The ball shoots out as a blast bigger than all the rest that was launched before. Raditz continues to push more power into the blast as it travels faster than a bullet towards Recoome. He hears it make impact on the brute and he doesn't end it here.

Kakarot is forced to shield his face with his arm as dirt flies more violently than before. The energy he is sending from his brother is the most he ever felt from him. "Whoa! Raditz is giving Recoome almost everything he has! I never knew that he got so powerful!"

Finally everything settles down. Raditz sighs in relief that be finished the guy off... Or so he thinks.

"That is more like it Raditz!" Recoome's voice is heard above. The moment Raditz spots him Recoome smirks evilly. "Recoome... BUMMER!" His arms fly down as blurs as he delivers countless blast raining down at the long haired Saiyan. Raditz hopes around in many places in effort to dodge what he can. The assaults don't end. Raditz makes the mistake of jumping towards Recoome's direction. The brute chops his on his lower neck. Raditz almost chokes and is sent down to the ground.

He almost forgot how to breathe from that painful chop. He stands back up and launched himself at the powerful alien with a raised fist. Instead of delivering the punch, he receives the punch on the face. He has time to cover it up to ease away the pain only to expose his stomach, and that is exactly the spot he gets kicked on. He hunched himself over with his arms pressed against bus stomach and takes a hit on the back, sending him down on the ground face first. Raditz pops a knee up and pushes his hands down to help him rise. He sees a boot and it kicks his head. His whole body body flips and he is on his back. Still he forces himself to stand. His legs are shaking badly. His whole body is about to collapse but his determination is still strong. He limps to confront Recoome with a hand placed on his wounded shoulder. His vision is blurring every now and then but still he walks.

"Wow. Aren't you a tough one! After all that and you are still willing to fight me huh? You know, I've heard that your father is the same way. I guess they grow up stubborn on your world huh?" He laughs and shouts; "I should know! I am stubborn too!"

"You mock me and my father for the last time!" Raditz begins to run for him, ignoring every painful step as he gets closer. He growls loudly as he springs at Recoome and thrust his fist forward only to have his attempted punch to be dodged. Recoome has jumped over him and he is still going through from under, passing by between his legs.

"Haha!" Recoome slams his ankle against Raditz's neck. A loud snap is well heard followed by a half gasp half yelp from the Saiyan.

"NO!" Kakarot screams at what he just witnessed. Raditz's eyes go blank as he falls on the ground, this time lying motionless. Quickly he jumps into a short flight and lands next to his brother and begins to shake him. "Raditz! Raditz!"

Jeice's scouter stops beeping and just lets out a long sound before it turns itself off. "Well, look at that. Raditz's power level just feel to zero. He didn't last as long as I expected."

He takes a deep intake of breath realizing what exactly just happened. Raditz's pupils are colorless. His body twitches a few times before it goes still. "Raditz…" Kakarot places a hand under his neck and tries to lift his head but it awkwardly falls back further than normal, and turns over clumsily to the left. His brother's neck is broken. Kakarot can't sense his energy at all. Either Raditz is barely alive or dead. Still, this is strongly unforgivable. He can feel his blood boiling inside him hotter than before.

"Aw come on! None of these Saiyans even lasted a minute with me! That was boring! If I knew how weak they were I would had never challenged them! What's the point on being here?!" Recoome complains.

"Well, this is what they get for challenging Lord Frieza. They can share the same fate as their planet." Jeice says. "Look at the bright side Kakarot. As soon as you die you can be reunited with your brother. Doesn't that sound like a good deal?"

Kakarot gently places his brother's head back down on the ground. He stands and glares at Recoome with the same look he gave Raditz weeks ago when he believed that he killed his son. This time it's no test. This is real. "You…. how dare you…THAT WAS MY BROTHER!"

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't know!" Recoome apologizes sarcastically. "How about make it up to you by killing you so that you can see your family again! That way you won't ha-"

"Shut up."

The Ginyu's and the still conscious Prince Vegeta take notice on the normally more gentle and calm collected fighter Saiyan's change in attitude.

"Hey, what's your problem mate? It's a great bargain!" Jeice shouts. "Why would you turn it down?"

Kakarot doesn't answer. He simply stares at Recoome.

"Fine then! I will just do it for you! Say goodnight!" Recoome lunges at the Saiyans and punches him on the stomach. As the Saiyans falls to one knee Recoome rises and elbow to finish him off. "Say hi to your brother for us okay! Recoome… ELBOW!" He thrust it down but instead of hitting the warrior, the Saiyan's hand catches it. "HUH?!"

Kakarot's ki flares up in a golden like arua. His hair flows widely as his head rises slowly. he looks dead into Recoome's eyes as he bares his teeth with a collection of feral growls escaping his pupils has apparently faded leaving his eyes blank white.

"Wh-what… What is happening?!" Jeice's scouter beeps rapidly as it tries to get a clear reading. "P-power level… 30,000… 34,000… 40,000… 50,000?!" It stops beeping and straight fear covers his face. "I-impossible!"

Burter gulps. "His power level is at… 80,000! What the hell did that come from?! It was at 5,000 not too long ago! he had his true power suppressed all this time?!"

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Kakarot's arua sends Recoome skidding back a couple feet.

Vegeta cannot believe what he is witnessing. He wipes his eyes to be sure that what he sees is a lie but it proves to be true. "No… this cannot be happening… Has he finally done it? Kakarot... not him! He is a low-class! How could scum like him become… become a Super Saiyan?!" He watches as the enraged Saiyan sends a powerful uppercut on Recoome, sending the brute fying back. "Legends say that it happens only when Saiyan has the potential. I have to admit that Kakarot and even Raditz has exceeded the normal limitations of an average Saiyan but… these are just old stories. I never believed in them. Even if this is true, only an elite like myself and Nappa should be eligible achieve it! Not him!"

Kakarot can't think clearly. It is as if something has took complete control of him. All that he can think about is to kill Recoome and the others, and anyone else who dares to cross him. He lunges forward and headbutts Recoome hard and they both shoot through a boulder, taking it down like a wrecking ball. He gives no time for Recoome to even stand. He grabs him by the arm and punches him through the chest. The Saiyan pulls back out and Recoome falls dead.

"AH!" Jeice gasps and Burter takes a few steps back. "H-he's gone mad! It is as if he turned into some kind of vicious animal!"

"He killed Recoome without breaking a sweat! WHAT IS HE?!" Burter shouts.

Vegeta is shocked by what he just witnessed too. "Kakarot… has always been so stubborn on killing. He wouldn't even go far as breaking someone's neck unless he feels that he wants to! But this… He… he punched clean through Recoome's chest without second thought!" He watches Kakarot's head whip over to the two Ginyu's direction. "Wait a minute… legends say that a Saiyan does grow more aggressive when ascended, but the way Kakarot is acting does not match what I've heard." He begins to think. Once again his face shows shock but, even more than previously. "He has became what is known as… a False Super Saiyan… He's close to becoming the legend itself. That explains his brutal behavior! Still… he is too close to surpassing me… how does he get his power in outburst like that?!"

"He's coming for us Burter!" Jeice warns.

"I can see that! He won't last long! Let's go!" Burter says.

"Fools. They have no idea what just took place." Vegeta grumbles. "The real hell's about to begin…"

A/N: Finally finish with chapter 1 of… "The retaliation of the Earthling Saiyan!"

I know, I know. I was requested for Raditz to become a False Super Saiyan instead. But look here, Raditz almost did the same thing on Chapter… 18 I think. Or was it 19 of "The wrath of the Earthling Saiyan"? I dunno, but at the end of one of those chapters he got really angry and almost went Super Saiyan. So? Now the big question: Who will be the one to become Super Saiyan on Namek? The answer is up to you readers! Vote on my Fanfiction account Espeon804! The poll should be displayed on the top of the bio. So cast your vote there!

I will do a new thing every chapter now. Q's and A's. You can ask me a question and I will answer. or you can simply review and I will respond to your review will be featured! Many other writers has done it before and I am not stealing ther idea. it just looks fun to do. So go ahead!


To be continued to Chapter 2!
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:star: Thanks for faving our Venusaur perler! =D

I love your webcame! Espeon is my favorite Pokemon :heart:
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